Orange and blue would be my choice. Orange being the main color and blue the secondary like the t visor.


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It seems to me like Daniel has completely forgotten about him. I also want to know what happened to the aliens from foothold. That was a cool enemy and could have paid off if they had chosen to follow up that episode. Just because that planet has been locked out of the dialing computer does not mean some team wont run into them somewhere.


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Just a question, what ever happened to the giant aliens from the crystal skull episode. The Guauld are defeated pretty much, werent they there enemy? That would be a better duex ex machina than the holy grail.


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I would have liked to see him survive until the clones arived and then there would be that awkward moment before jango started killing them. I think he should have died fighting off a contingent of clones. That would have been a Mandalorian death, being overwhelmed by superior numbers, not outskilled.

The OT unremastered was a piece of art. When porkins died that was a real explosion filmed somewhere. Not a CGI rendering. Something actually exploded.


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Happy belated birthday


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I am bummed about the cancellation. I just hope that they will make another movie or something to finish it off.  And to RC-3222 it was just last season. I am not sure what the number is but I will try to find out.

I first saw ANH when the special editions came out and then empire and then jedi. From the first scene in Jedi with fett till his supposed death in Jedi, he was my favorite.


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I like atlantis but sg1 is really my favorite. My favorite episode of SGA would hav to be the one where Shepard pulls a Han/Kenobi and lands his 302 on the wraith ship. That was great.


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I am 14 and will be 15 next week. I feel a new age dawning. But then agian from what i have heard its kinda like climbing up to the top of a big hill to see whats on the other side and finding another, even bigger hill.

My friend had one of those way back in the 5th grade, his dad had given it to him. I had almost convinced him to sell it to me for 20 dollars when he moved away. Its been a long time but i still remember

I saw the OT for the first time when they rereleased them and I thought that Darth Vader was Dart Vader, of course the lifesavers thing, and i thought that Luke didnt destroy all of the Death Star and that the second Death star was what was left of the original.