((Hmm...let's do that Recap.

When did we blame Lord Reven's character for this? And what bullets? Vrook was killed with a Vibroblade.))

"You can call me Rekk," He answered, drawing himself up to his full height, trying to look intimidating. "Her name is Utath." He lowared his voice. "Keep your distance from her."

"Now, why are you here?" His voice rose to its normal tone, eyes narrowed.

((Jealous...if he gets too bad, someone smack him in the head tongue ))

((I don't care if he joins smile ))

Rekk shook his head, standing up. "He's gone," He sighed, feeling that empty spot in the Force that signaled a death. "Sorry, but there wasn't anything I could do."

He looked over at Zar, getting inbetween him and Utath. "No, let him say who he is first Utath," He said, waiting for an answer.

"Sith Spit! He's quick to run off isn't he?" Rekk cursed. "C'mon Utath, let's go and make sure he doesn't get himself killed."


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Name: Thrasher

Species: Droid

Personality: Protective and friendly with other Droids, but single minded when it comes to Bounties. Doesn't get along with Humans very well.

Appearance: Feminine shape, six feet tall, armor is in shades of grey, helmet has "horns" over the eyes and is shaped like a spiky hair style in the back, black eyes.

Hunter type: Freelance

Main Weapon: Blaster Pistols

Backup/hidden weapons: Energy blade, whipcord, and Flamethrower

Main ship: Whatever ship she can Hijack.

Backup ship (if u have one): See Main Ship.

"Not paranoid, just suspicious. It pays to be in my shoes," Rekk said.

"Hmm. It sounds legit to me." He leaned in closer. "Also, you're not the only one who did things they aren't proud of."

"Vrook wait!" Rekk called after him, rising from his seat. Vrook ignored him, continuing walking.

Rek sighed, sitting back down. "Oh well, he'll be fine." He turned to Kain. "As for you, I need some more information. I don't like the way you paused while talking."


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I like the sound of that Bounty Hunting one.

Rekk hesitated, then shut off his lightsaber. Smiling like a cat who just cornered a mouse, he moved aside.

"One thing before you come in." He grabbed Kain's arm, lowering his voice so that no one else heard him. "Stay away from her," He growled into his ear, letting go of his arm.

"Now, explain to us why you're here," Rekk said, making himself comfortable on the couch, draping an arm casually over the back and propping his feet up in front of him.

((Yeah, Vrook can just run off when a fight is going down or something.))

Rekk narrowed his eyes, giving the newcomer a hard look. "If you're not here to kill us, why are you here?" He asked supiciously, keeping his steely gaze on the man at all times.

"Oh, hey HK. I thought you got dismantled," Rekk greeted the droid, grinning slighty as he moved out the way, allowing HK to make his way across the room without runing the risk of tripping over him. He stood by Utath, fighting off the urge to yawn. He felt drained, but didn't want to say anything, just in case he was needed.

"Oh sorry. Didn't hear the door," Rekk said, rubbing his eyes. "Who is it?"

"Me? Nah...I mean, nothing too bad." He shifted, laying the side of his head on his knees, turned away from Utath. "How about you?" He asked, a tinge of jealosy tainting his voice. "Did you get healed okay?"

Rekk was watching them closely, jealousy welling up in him. It took all his will to convince himself that he was just healing her...nothing else....

"You're damn right you're not doing that again," He mumbled, resting his chin on his drawn up knees and wrapping his arms around his shins. "That's my job."

((Jealous boy...:P ))

"I get the double bed!" Rekk teased, smiling as he jumped on the bed. Utath and Vrook just glared at him. "Okay fine, we'll take turns," He pouted, climbing off the bed.

"Oh great, we were made public. The one thing we were trying to avoid," Rekk said, looking over Vrook's shoulder. "To add insult to injury, they didn't capture my good side either."

"Looks like we may have to hide here, until everything calms down. I give it at least ten years." Rekk said, sitting down on the floor by the Holo.


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"I do not think it will be good to be seen by...moisture farmers." H'rri said, not liking the fact that they ever ran into one in the first place. "They may try to attack on sight."

((Yeah, she has an ingrained hatred for Moisture Farmers. She controls it, but sometimes it gets the better of her.))

((Maybe we should kick the Utath/Rekk thing up a notch? tongue 

Actually, I think a "rival" of sort, someone that tries to get between the two, would be interesting. Overdone, but at least it'll add some drama to the RP, you know?))

((Ah, okay then...))

Rekk froze momentarily, gasping quietly in shock as he felt a familiar vibration through the Force.

"Hey, looks like one of our fans...Gahl was it?...has become "one with the Force" so to say," Rekk said, making quotes with his fingers.

((Wait a minuet, did Gahl die? I need to know so I know how to respond...))


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

( ithought Talos was in there because he helped you get Raj'el in there right?)

((Oh my bad. I assumed he just went off after he helped...))


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"My patient is my main priority," Solus snapped back. "Not your poor driving skills or the threat of turning into space debris." She was getting aggrivated.  "If that happened...Well, I have no control over that."

"This isn't Talos, it's Raj'el. Talos is...somewhere. Probably in the Weapons hold." She hooked up a few IV lines and monitors.

"Dock the ship CAREFULLY somewhere then. Or launch a Tractor beam. Whichever is more handy at the moment."


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"Hey! You mind keeping it steady!" Solus yelled from Medbay, trying to keep Raj'el on the table and stabalize him at the same time. "I'm not particulary fond of the idea of a patient dying right about now!"

"We better haul it to that Sub. I have the worst feeling right now that something horrible is going to happen," Rekk mumbled to the others, pausing momentarily.


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LordZimthetall wrote:

(Can I still join?)

((Go ahead. smile ))

"Wait." H'rri pulled on her Bantha's reigns, urging her to stop. "Moisture farm. Jawa run. Right ahead." She pointed off in the distance.

"I'll do it," Rekk volunteered a little too quickly, before noticing the look Utath was giving him. "Hey, my intentions were clean. I just...feel better doing it myself." The truth was he just didn't feel comfortable having another man touching a potential interest's legs before he did.

((Yeah, he's weird like that...Sorry if that seemed perverted *sweatdrop*))