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If that were 2-1B, I'd stay far away from Sickbay, lol.

Yeah, this is the best picture I could find of HK. The other pictures I saw looked too...weird. The full body shot of the original picture is undeniably HK though.

http://www.starwars.com/databank/droid/ … /eu_bg.jpg


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I like BalanceSheet's Avatar. The blurriness and white eyes kind of make it creepy, yet awesome at the same time.

I like Draco Fett's Avatar as well. Gotta love the Old School Mandalores.

Now, what does everyone think of mine? It's HK-47 from KOTOR. I think it turned out cool, but I think it needs a border or something around the edges.


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That's good.


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Identification: HK-55
Model: HK Class Assassin Driod
W-O-C: Mandalorian Assult Rifle
2nd weapon: Flame thrower and Grenades (Ion and Thermal)
Tech: Advanced Targeting program and Stealth abilities.


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This sounds like a promising Fanfic. I'm looking forward to seeing how your going to portray teenage Boba and how Cahira's going to turn out.

Just make sure she doesn't turn into a Mary-Sue (Here's a link just in case you need to know more about Mary-Sue: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Sue ) and that Boba isn't whiny or anything like that and you'll be fine. smile

The first time I saw ANH was when the Special Editions came out in theaters.  So I couldn't have been older than 11. I was kind of forced to see it, at the time not liking Star Wars *grins sheepishly* but after I saw it, I found out I liked it...and here I am.

Revan of course is the leader, so he/she is automatically added by default.

HK-47, Mandalore and Calo for their skills with blasters and various other guns.

Bastila, Visas, and Juhani for an extra lightsaber or three, plus the added Force powers.

Mission for her hacking/slicing skills and Cassus just because he's a Fett tongue

That would be my ideal group for KOTOR 3.

He's the Ferengi Bartender from Deep Space Nine.

Here's an article, because I can't explain things very well.



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This time, I looked a little harder before posting this. I didn't see anything exactly like this up yet so I decided it was safe to post.


Aurra was the best Bounty Hunter in her time and Boba was the best in his time, so I was just wondering, who'd win in a fight, either hand to hand or one of wits.

I think Aurra would probably win a hand to hand fight, only because she could use the Force and that'll probably give her the upper hand against someone who can't use the Force. Plus, she was trained in five different forms of combat.

On the other hand Boba could probably outsmart her if they were having a Battle of the wits, as long as Aurra didn't use any Force powers or anything. Boba seems more talented when it comes too outwitting people than Aurra does.


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Excellent. Thanks for the site.

I used to be afraid of Tusken Raiders(Sand People) when I was younger. Whenever I misbehaved or didn't listen, my mom would say "The Sand People are going to get you if you don't listen." I used to start bawling and run off to hide. I also refused to watch Episode IV because of that part where Luke got attacked by one. Now, they're one of my favorite things in the Star Wars universe.

I also had a crush on Luke Skywalker when I was like 12. I had this picture of him that I used to kiss every night before I went to bed. *embarassed* It's a good thing that passed rather quickly.

draco fett wrote:

Really? I have a large weapon collection. I have fifty nine knives of all types (survival, combat, hunting, etc. Not culinary knives). I have thirteen hare-sheruken, a Mideval flail, a bullwhip, a double bladed fold out weapon that is about four feet unfolded a .22, and a 243 super short magnum. I also have six swords. Three are fantasy blades, one is a hook sword, one is a tanto, and one is a kitana (it has hidden dagger in the handle). I also have three daggers, two weapons that are rather hard to describe, and a darenger(spelling?) that does not work.

O_O Wow...How you get all those?

The only reason mine's so small is that I just started collecting a couple months ago. Plus, my salary doesn't pay me enough to buy anything too expensive.

I got a Boba Fett themed Desktop and mouse pointer, a million shirts with him or the Mandalorian Skull on it, a really pathetic collection of action figures that I keep on my dresser (Along with another obsession of mine, a Tusken Raider), a bunch of books, and some unposted Fanfiction and Fanart. He's even one of my main muses when I'm writing or drawing.


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draco fett wrote:

No offense to you at all, my thoughts on Boba and Jango are completely oppisite of your signiture.

None taken smile I respect the fact that your thoughts/opinions/ect. are different than mine.

Now about the Mandalorians. I haven't read Mandalorian Armor. I have to see if I can find it and do some comparing of my own. I don't know if these would be considered Old Madalorians or not, but I really like Canderous/Mandalore and the Mandalorians on Dxun from KOTOR I and II.

Oh, and I like your Avatar.

Hmmmm, what do I have in common with Boba?

I don't talk much in real life, unless I have something important to say. My voice is emotionless as well. (Not on purpose though, it just comes out like that.)

I can be stubborn, paranoid, and cunning when I need to be.

I don't have very many friends. I also prefere to work and be alone.

No one knows my true identity (Mainly on the Internet)

I love armor. If I owned any, I'd wear it all the time. I also like weapons, but I only have a couple of REALLY small hunting knifes at the moment.

That's about it...

A Thylacine is a Tasmanian Tiger, which is a marsupial that lived in Tasmania before becoming extinced in 1936.  It's also one of my favorite animals.

My avatar is HK-47 from KOTOR I and II. He's my all time favorite game character and droid.

Quark from Deep Space Nine could beat Boba no problem tongue

But seriously, most of the characters on Star Trek don't stand a chance against Greedo, let alone Boba. The only two things that would probably give Boba a run for his money is the Borg and perhaps the Cardassians, but that's only if Boba's having an off day.


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Mine started about six years ago. It all really started from reading fanfiction *blush* I read some stories, got intrigued, and it all went on from there. Now I'm borderline obsessed with anything that involves the Fetts and/ or other Mandalorians.