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draco fett wrote:

At least they're not in thongs.

They're both wearing thongs under their robes. Trust me on this. I know these things.

I was wondering, could I be Cerebus and guard Hades from attacking forces? I know it's not listed, but I'm just curious.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
Thylacine wrote:

I'm going to be the weirdo and say neither. My heart all ready belongs to another droid. tongue

Yup, HK-47     


Awwwww, how'd you guess? *pouts* lol


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I'm going to be the weirdo and say neither. My heart all ready belongs to another droid. tongue


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Masterchief wrote:

What are Ficas?

Are they other Cacti?

I love my Cactus. It is currently sitting on my Mum's Bookshelf. smile

A Ficas is a tree. smile

And I spelled it wrong. It's Ficus.


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Yep, I love plants. I had a cactus once when I was really little (it was one of those little ones with the circular red tops. I can't explain it well) but I accidently overwatered it and it died.

I now have ferns, various flowers, herbs, vegetables, and a Ficas.  I want to get another cactus and maybe even another Ficas.


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revan07 wrote:

why, he is incredibly short and evil

What? I like them short and evil tongue

Seriously though, he's all right because at least he gives you a challenge. It's not all when you find him, you can kill him in one shot, you know?


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He's all right. He's a pain in the *** to kill, but he's okay.


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I love Moths. I think they're beautiful.

I usually just leave them be if they get in my house. If they get too annoying, I'll shoo them out, or catch them and put them outside.

Masterchief wrote:

Thylacine, it would be nice, to put F3TT and The Fox on, because there such nice dudes.......

And, also, Thylacine, I am Green btw, if you don't remember. I am just on a different computer. smile

Well, when I get to know them better I will. I don't know them well enough to say anything about them yet.

I remember who you are smile  You gotten better since the beginning.


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I'm an Individual/Non-conformst type. You know, like I'll wear Rainbow patterns when everyone else is wearing black. I'd dye my hair pink if everyone else has purple.

I also have a bit of Nerd, Goth and Art Geek in me as well.


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I don't know you, so I can't say anything.

Besides, all this thread's going to lead to do is fan the hatred flames, so even if I did know you, I wouldn't say anything.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

Even if it is, I'm still waiting for the PERFECT lizard-man species.  The image in my mind is a humaniod form and legs, with a head much like a Komodo Dragon's, and alligator-like ridge line down the back, and alligator like tail, but narrower, and of course powerful talon'ed hands big_smile

I was going to suggest a Falleen, but then I remembered they don't have tails, or reptilian heads. They have everything else though tongue 

Anyway, Trandoshans are okay, not my favorite though. I tend to go more towards the Falleen when it comes to Reptoids. Although Trandoshans do make excellent Bounty Hunters.

Well, I really can't name any "Best Friends"  but I can name some people that I like:

Karson Fett
Devil Girl
Alo Fett

and of course Aaron for making this site in the first place.


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English is my main language.

I also know a few words/phrases is Spanish, German, Mando'a, Huttese, Japanese, French, Italian, and Chinese.

cujo wrote:

10. r there any mellow sand people, or do they all have rage issues...and easily excitable?

Well, Sand People are naturally aggressive, xenophibic, and extremely territorial. They also hate Settlers because they feel they invaded their land.


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GTA 4, KOTOR I and II, and Halo.

I also enjoy Max Payne, Monkey Island and Hitman.

Forgot to say Medal of Honor.

I love Star Wars Sundays. It gives me something to look forward to at the end of the week.

I just hope it isn't one of those "Only for this month" type things.

Well, I love The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine (Both Star Trek of course) and Star Wars. I'm still in the closet with Star Trek though, seeing as I'm more of a Die hard Star Wars fan than a Trekkie.

So yeah, it's possible to enjoy both.


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I got a blood disorder called TTP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thrombotic … ic_purpura) Horrible thing really. I almost died because of it. I also had mystery bloody fluid around my heart (I think it was caused from the TTP, but no one's sure)  and get pains in my chest and shoulders every so often.

Other that that, I'm allergic to one of my cats. Just one, which is weird (I think it has to do with the fact that she sheds alot, while the others don't shed as much.)


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I like Mandalore's armor from KOTOR personally.


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Okay, time to put up some of my favorite characters (If I didn't all ready...)

Dengar, Jango, Boba, Aurra Sing, Zam Wessell, HK-47, IG-88, Canderous Ordo, Prince Xizor, A'sharad Hett, Padme, Leia, Han Solo, Darth Revan,  I-5YQ (From Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter) Yarna (The fat Dancing Girl in Jabba's Palace) and Oola.

There's more, but I can't remember their names at the moment...


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Masterchief wrote:

I like Greedo, Dengar, 4-lom, zuckuss, jango, boba. etc and This big furry alien with a big fly-like tongue on ep 4

The big furry alien is Muftak the Talz. He's Kabe's (The little bat-like Chadra-Fan Pickpocket) partner in crime.

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Boba is a human actually...Mandalorian isnt a species, but a culture

So is A'sharad. Being raised by Tuskens has to make someone a pretty hardcore fighter, Jedi or not.

Hmm, now that's a hard one. A'sharad is a Tusken (Well, raised by Tuskens actually...) and a Jedi, and Boba is a super smart and strong human.

That would be a pretty close match in my opinion. Now A'sharad all grown up, aka Darth Krayt, could easily kill Boba.