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I don't think Fett is evil, it was just his style as a bounty hunter. Tn the New Jedi Order series when he meets up with Han Solo he tells him the bounty hunting was just a job.


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I'd like any kind of trooper costume...(i.e. stormtrooper, scout trooper)


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I remember reading somewhere that when Jango died, he had a book that Boba should take in case he ever found himself alone in the universe, i think its was called the Black Book, or something


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I want to get a Fett hoodie, it sounds pretty cool


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I wish we could live like Mandalorians, have our own clan, we would rule!


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hey thanks alot, thats really cool


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Ok thanks


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I got Palpatine, bow down before me, lol

yea, it's cool how they meet up to, and Boba's new "job"


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Thats cool, I've seen some places on the internet selling them, i wish i had one

IG-88 is really cool, i like it how in the Shadows of the Empire game u get to fight him as Dash Rendar, by the way did he ever survive that crash when the skyhook exploded, ive heard rumors he did...


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can some one get this one down to 60x60

didn't u guys read the end of the NJO series, i better not say anything, might spoil it!

im just glad boba shows up in the NJO series, he actually saves Han's life!


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does anyone else hav good ones?


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He was second rate because he was killed, you can't be good if you get killed, plus he was just riding Fett's reputation, that's how he got known.