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Actually, it was the Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy that made me a Fett fan. After I read them I read the other book, TOTBH. I only had a handful of continuety problems. One being that in Tales from Jabba's Palace it has Boba on board Punishing One (Dengar's ship) and in BHW it has him in a cave. But he could have been moved after he was in Dengar's ship.
And then the other thing is that in Bossk's story in TOTBH it goes way off track and goes off on some other weird adventure altogether where Bossk ends up dying (or was he just captured? It's been a while), whereas in BHW he's hanging around. But you could say that Bossk was able to escape from captvity and didn't die.

There's always ways around continuty errors. And besides, Jeter is no where near as bad as Barbara Hambly is. 0_0

Oh, and on a side note I read another of Jeter's books, some horror one, I forget what it's name is. It was really good, I liked it.

I agree, The Bounty Hunter Wars really made me like Fett more than the other characters. It shows him not only as a warrior and a fighter, but how he can think through any situation and make the best of it. For example he scared Bossk off his own ship without doing amything to it, all in a matter of maybe 5 min.


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Battlefront II is still a awsome game, whether you pick Fett or not!

I agree with u all, I like the Empire the best, but Jango is cool too.

Boba must know a lot about him and must have done some serious planning in "The Mandalorian Armor" to know how to turn him off and then hide and extra cell in the palace, that was really immpersive!


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Oh, ok then I mean newb, sorry.


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I need to get that


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Yea, you can't beat guys with swords!


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Yea, I guess, I guess his past is just not suppose to be fully known!


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Yea, Roy and Marsh (I think) are good too.


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I'm a noobie too, oh well, you have to start somewhere, lol.


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I like Young Link, he has fire arrows intead of regular ones too!


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Yea, but still he escaped, that's what makes him better than all of them. Plus u can't ride someone elses reputation and be the best, you have to make your own.


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Boba's past is really fuzzy, first off was his name really Jaster Meeral, i thought he was the one that helped Jango to become a Mandalorian. Also was Fett a stormtrooper in the Imperial army. There are many things in his past (and possibly future) that need cleared up.

I read that book, I wish I knew more about D'harhan


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Yea, that sounds cool, good job guys!


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lol, yea, there are some people i know who i wish i could just blast away at!


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Really? I didn't know that either, how u figure that out?


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I like Palpatine, he has a plan for everything and can manipulate anyone (except Luke) to serve him

yea, the whole Hoth battle was great,


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Hey, I know what it's like as a noob, my friend had a site like this and I had like 600 posts, but then he redid it and i went down to square 1 again, lol


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I'm not sure, but yea Fett didn't take anything really personal when it came to bounty hunting, I'm not sure if really held any grudges other than against the Jedi, he only was constently after Solo because he had a price on his head, not just because he hated him.


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yea, also with Jedi try to fly as much as u can, learn to shoot while flying because it's harder than u think!


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yea i would say helmet, he has so many things inside of it, heck u could pull up someone's life story inside the helmet to see if he has a bounty. it's like a supercomputar!

wow, that will be cool, how did u find that out?