But, a Boba Fett one (if done right) would be great, I would watch that anyday (of done right that is)

I hated the animated Clone Wars thing. It was like 5 min. for each episode. In my opinion they were terrible!


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I wouldn't think off him as a drinker, besides, he might have taken that sense of wanting alcohal when he had all those nerves and things taken out of him.

Yea, i like the Vong invasion, it's cool!


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It would be nice if they explained how he got Jaster's armor.


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I beat the game, it took me forever to kill Vossa though.

Yea, that would be embarrising, having your organization split in two, being scared off your own ship. Wow, that is a huge grudge to hold!

Oh, cool, I never really learned what happened to Bossk!


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

It's Jodo Kast week, in memory of the gruesome way he bit the bullet and was blown up by a jetpack, poisoned, and crushed

Wait which one? How did he die????

Still, the The Bounty Hunter Wars is still great!


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I like how Jango asked for a clone of himself, he knew he wouldn't live for ever (especially in bounty hunting!) so he wanted someone who could carry on his legecy. Plus, Jango might have hoped Boba would maybe someday reconstruct the Madalorian warriors.


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No, i dont think so, i think he took Jango's armor but painted it different, like a rank that a Mandalorian would use, but im not sure which one. Jodo Kast supposedly picked up his armor off an old Mandalorian battlefield.

Lifting his newly repaired ship into the air Nate took off for space. After clearing the atmosphere he made a quick jump into hyperspace and came out into a sector he had never been too.

This is wierd he thought I've never been here before[i/]

Suddenly a light started blinking on his control base.

"[i]Incoming unknown capsule" it said aloud.

Turning the ship around he sung by and picked up the floating piece of metal.

Down in the cargo bay, his onboard computar had already found a way to plug into the metal. Nate eyed the piece of junk for a second. It was scouced and burned, but, there was something else about the piece that was important, he could feel it.

"Sir," said the voice of his computar,"it seems that the object containes the core memory of the formor craft VeeKayy, owned by the formor Mikel."

"And why do you say formor?"

"Because it says that moments after this was launced the craft was obliterated by an unknown force."

"And what's this unknown force?"

"Well sir," it said in a hesitated tone," the memory core believies it to be the starship known as The Promised Jewl."

"Does it have it's last known cordinates in there," he said, now more intrested in this object.

"Yes sir, I have already sent to your navigatonal system, are you ready to jump now..." but Nate was already half way up the latter to the cockpit.
With a devious smile on his face he puched the final command, the command that would send him on a one way path to the Promised Jewl

Idiots thought Nate, leaning back in his chair.
Jabba's place was almost empty now. He heard the slug talking about some big prize, it didn't matter to him.
Nate thumbed the switch to his saber 1 million credits is a lot though he thought.
Maybe I should get into this and with that he got up and left

A half an hour later he pulled his speeder into the spaceport.
"A, sir, hold up please," a small man came shouldering up to him," the repairs on your ship aren't done yet, it might take us a few more hours," he said.
"Well then what are you doing telling me about it when you could be fixing it!"
"Y-yes sire," and with that he scuddled away.
A few hours, well I guess I'll go vist a cantina, get a drink or two, so, getting back into his speeder he headed off for a pub.

Once at the pub he jumped out, it was dark now and the lights were comming on to light up the street.
Suddenly a hand flew out and grabbed his shoulder.
"Hey punk," the ugly looking alien said to him,"fork over anything good you got on you."
"Yea," said Nate,"you and what army."
"Me and this army," he said, and with those words a gang of about 10 thugs jumped out from the shadows,"so give me what you got."
"Look," said Nate, "you're way out of league here, go back to looting sentient creatures, and stay out of my way."
"You little..." and he pulled out his pistol and fired three shot right at Nate. With lighting fat reflexes he pulled out his saber, it burned a violnet, red glow as all three blasts where blocked clean away from there intended target. With another swift move he shortened the distence between them until finally they were face to face with each other. Another half a second later the brillient, red blade had gone striaght through the thug and had come out the other side.
"I told you you were out of your league," and with that he pulled the blade out from the alien and switched off.
"Who's next," he said in a dark whisper.


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yea, i like people's ideas on how Boba Fett lived his life!

I hope there is a lot of people, the more there is to talk about the better

Yea, more choices the better!


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wow, nice!


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Sabotoging capital ships is the easiest way to get ahead, i just get a marine, fly in, blow up the stuff in there, go back to my ship, grab a pilot, and dogfight the rest off the time, it's so easy!


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Good point.


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Ok cool, I might try it.


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wat ever happened to Montross after Jango died, did Boba kill him?


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Yea, find it, see if we can fly spaceships!

Oh, cool, I hope he shows up more in the open then sometime soon.