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I would have voted for Kast.


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I'll have to go with Boussh on this one, Greedo was just way to easily dispached by Han in the cantina


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Zam, she is a changling and just a plain good bounty hunter, she beat Jango into Oovo 4 in Bounty Hunter


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I like watching simon say people are terrible.


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Yea, I want to get it, what do you mean it's screwed up???


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Yea, I don't like playing with the Pokemon very much.


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Space balls is awsome, "Ludachris speed"


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Dang, who would buy that for that much money, heck you could buy almost a full Fett armor for that!


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That sucks, you should really get another one.

The Courscant levels, I like when he throws the Sentator off.


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Cool, it would be nice to have Boba fett live on in a clone.

Yeah, I think it's cool he trained a new Madalorian warriors, that's cool!


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What do you need spiked shoes for?


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I hope it's good!

Yea, whats with that.

Dropping out of hyperspace, Nate looked to see a few ships gathered around the ship he figured to be the Promised Jewl.
Well, looks like I'll be having some company with me, but they won't be there for long, even if they already have what I want, I'll pry it from their cold, dead hands.

Linking up with the jewl, he entered the ship. Reaching deep into the force he found there where a couple other hunters inside the Jewl. One he could definetly tell was Fett, the others he couldn't tell so easily. With a devious smirk on his face, he creeped down the hall, they didn't know what they were hunting, but he did, and he would steal it, and the million credit reward right under there noses.


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KudarMubat15 wrote:
Miba wrote:

I had no idea Boba would kill anyone for money, I thought he had a sense of morality about it. Or at least as far as I can remember I can only remember him killing people for money maybe twice?

I am not sure... I always assumed he did... It probably depends on how you think of him. If you think of him as a Mandalorian, he seems very honorable... But as a Bounty Hunter, I don't think so... In the Bounty Hunter Wars he made note that it was best to not ask why the person highering (I think I misspelled that, I am not sure...) him wanted the other person captured. (Or dead.) But I am sure in other sources he is more honorable. Perhaps around the OT time he was less honorable, but he grew more honorable as time passed on... It is difficult to tell...

Boba gets highered for bringing in someone alive because they are worth more. Somewhere in the Bounty Hunter Wars it says that it is easier to leave a blood-soaked body laying on a forgotten planet then to bring them in alive, i don't think the part of being highered to bring someone in alive is about hounerablility


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Something like that, he had a whole bunch of pain nerves and some pleasure nerves removed by the best black market mirosurgens there are.


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It's a good game and you should buy it.

Miba wrote:

smile I know that, that's why I said, "The name 'Coruscant'". I think before it was named that it was just called Imperial Center, I think?

It was called (or renamed) Imperial Center when Palpatine came to power.


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AMEN, lol, but yeah, I guess it's your point of view.


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I have never seen that, so i couldn't really say.


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I have a question, how can you travel at light speed through space without hitting anything, I mean there is a lot of stuff in space to hit, how can you go and not hit anything!

Wow, those are amazing!


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That's pretty cool!