Why in the hell did they shut off the damn life support thought Nate.
He had heard the warning and quickly pulled on his breather before the light went out. Getting up he walked around a bit. He didn't need a light, in fact, the dark was more peaceful, that's why he decided to follow that path. People, when they found the true him, always scorned him in his practices. They thought he was evil, but that wasen't true, he didn't even like killing very much, blood and gore didn't apeal to him very much. Suddenly a powerful surge came though in the Force, So it seems I'm not the only one.

After about 15 min. he came across a door that looked promising. He walked inside, it was the Captin's quarter's. Suddenly he heard a noise. Covering himself with dark energy he hid from view. The dark Jedi walked in. He watched him rumage through some junk and slip a data bank of some kind into his belt pouch, then slip out to rejoin Fett. And so the first stage is over, finding the Jewl is over, now the second has begun, getting it back to the slug, Jabba the Hutt

yea, i guess.

I agree, Boba is kind of a neat freak, near the begginning of The Mandalorian Armor he's cleaning the cages himself because he wants do do it himself, even though he has a droid that would do it for him.

When Jango got his head lopped off I said really loud, "You d*** ba****", the lady behind told me not to talk like that and scolded me the rest of the way through the battle, i had to wait until it came out on DVD to see the rest of the battle and half of Anakin and Dokou"s battle. sad


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He's like the comic reliealf in Star Wars.

Same, i guess.


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lol, yea. i think i'll keep mine though


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LOL, wow!


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A clan system wouldn't be that hard.


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Yeah, but isn't there a mission where you kill the Jedi, in the campain mode?

Not to long, but I've always a Fett fan!

Did Anakin and Qui-gon really spend that much time together?


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Cool, didn't you say you had an army?


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Hahahahahaha, that's pretty good!

Finally deciding he didn't want to wait any longer he crept more along the hall. Opening a door he just found more and more halls.
This is hopeless, he thought, I need something to happen, something to point me in the right direction
So, sitting down he meditated, it would come, he could feel it.


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Really? Like what?


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Thats what I play in all the time.


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Cool, how much was it?


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I want to get that, it looks really REALLY cool!


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LOL, kicking babies!

Me to Balancesheet.


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Your obviously not on the same page as we are.


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Yea, thats cool, I think Dengar would be Durge though.