Man, this is HARD!

1. Clue
2. Star Trek (particularly I and IV)
3. Star Wars (IV is the best)
4. You've Got Mail
5. Back to the Future (I)


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Masterchief wrote:

3. Whisper of the heart.........It made me cry. sad

Just read the summary on IMDB, sounds very cute....I'll have to check it out.

I would like to hope that everyone has some child in them.

Fett obviously.  After that, Bossk.  After just finishing the Bounty Hunter Wars I love the fact that Bossk tries so hard to be smarter that Fett, and just always come up short.  It's such an endearing quality I think.


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draco fett wrote:

I read the first one. It wasn't great, but it was far from bad.

It's aimed at children, yes?  I'll probably end up buying it at some point, another book (or two) to add to my collection.


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Spirited Away
Howl's Moving Castle - has anyone read the book(s)? 
Kiki's Delivery Service - which was the first one I ever saw, a long time ago on Disney, and would probably have to be my favourite
Princess Mononoke
Porko Roso
Are all the ones I've seen.  Love them all.  There's something about the worlds, all these different times and cultures rolled into one...and the stories are great.  Very complicated and complex at times, but the message is always so simple and just lovely.


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Si Titran wrote:

Wonderwall- Oasis... ( reminds me of not just one but two people)
Barely Breathing- Duncan Sheik... (introduced me to one of my absolute favorite artists)

and to add...
"One Headlight" The Wallflowers
"Semi-Charmed Life" Third Eye Blind
"Criminal" Fiona Apple
"I'm Gonna Be" The Proclaimers
"The Freshman" The Verve Pipe
"Roll to Me" Del Amitri
"Everyday is a Winding Road" Sheryl Crow
and of course people like Alanis Morissette, early Green Day, the Spin Doctors, gah the list could go on forever....

You know it's funny, as a kid growing up in the early nineties, I heard all these songs on the radio and I liked them, but as I've gotten older I've really begun to love these songs.

"But I was going to go to Tashi (sp?) Station to pick up some power converters!" -Luke Skywalker
It's become a family joke that whenever I'm in a bad mood, and I get that really annoying, whiney voice just like Luke, to ask me if I need to go get some power converters.


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I spell it with a 'u,' and I'm an American.....

Anyway, I've always liked the Aethersprite or the Skysprite.  I really like that wedged shape.

SimSocieties.  Which I'll have to for the Mac version, if there is even going to BE a Mac version.  It may be a long wait.....


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First I played piano, then the trombone, and at one time I had a guitar, but never got around to learning it.  I never really mastered any of them though.


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Awwww!!  Look at that cute little patch of orange on the nose....he's just plain adorable!  Good luck to you and little Tequila!


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In short, I have one best friend.  And about five good friends.  The long answer, I don't really get seriously close to a lot of people, but I get along with just about everyone.  Like, my best friend, I consider him one of my 'soul mates,' people that I'm spiritually going to be around till the end of time.  But I have friends that I hang out with, most that I don't see anymore because they've moved/gone to school, but I'm not as close to them as I am with my best friend, that I consider good friends.


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I've got an iPod mini, pink of course.  And my brother has had two of the regular iPods.

I really want to get one with video capability, so I can actually watch the shows that I download from iTMS.....

Jedi Starfighter (Aethersprite) and the Skysprite


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Let's see, I've got a clone trooper, Shock Trooper, Hologram Obi-Wan, and a little tiny Yoda.  Several gargoyles, Piccolo, Freeza, a dragon, Jean-Luc Picard, Steve Irwin, a Borg, a My Little Pony, and my die-cast Boba; who's in his own protective case.  Up on the shelf above my desk, I've got Boba, Obi-Wan, Leia, a Stromie, and my Star Wars Pez dispensers.

I'd say punk.  Though don't ask me why....


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Get a new job and move out of my parents house.


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Hello Mike.

Snape is good I tell you! Good!


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Let's see....
Obi-Wan and Clone Trooper Galactic Heroes
Fett/Slave 1 Transformer
Episodes I and IV on DVD
Season 4 of Monk
Season 1 of Smallville
Superman Returns
City Slickers
Pirates of the Caribbean 2
and a DVD/VCR player

At first, I was a bit disappointed, I mean, when Half-Blood Prince came out, we we're all wondering who it could be, there was tons of speculation and questioning.  But with this, it's not really anything overly mysterious about it.  We know the last book is going to be dark, we know people are going to die, the title doesn't really tell us anything new.  Does that make sense?  It is, however, growing on me, the more I say it, it's starting to sound like a Harry Potter title.

I'm just excited that this means the last book is getting close and I'm going to have to pre-order it....


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"I don't think so," from 'The Mandalorian Armour.'

Personally, I just really like all his inner commentary, it all just seems quite humourous to me....


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Just need to add my two cents:

-StarGate/ SG: Atlantis: let's just say there's a reason StarGate has lasted ten seasons, Atlantis three, and a third series is on the way.  Wholeheartedly these are great sci-Fi shows.  I've even named my cat after one of Atlantis' characters....

-The New Battlestar: Believe me, I've tried to watch the new Battlestar, when I first heard it was coming out, I was excited beyond compare, me being a fan of the original.  I didn't even make it through the first episode (actually, the mini-series).  I must admit, I had gone on the net and found out all the changes that they had made and was quite disappointed, but I still gave it a good chance, and I came out even more disappointed.

-Firefly: One of the greatest Sci-Fi series of my generation.  Yes, it was short lived and not everyone gets it, but you have to give props to a show that can get a major motion picture made, when the show its self didn't even last one season.

-Dr. Who:  Ahhhh!!!!! Don't get me of the best.  Used to watch it really late at night on PBS when I was a kid, scared the living day lights out of me.  So glad they started it back up, got the whole fandom started again, bringing in new people, and some who knew it, but didn't fall in love with it till recently (like me), and even those who have been fans of it for decades.  Gah, it's fantastic! (pun intended of course:D)


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Happy Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

I just bought a 5 piece mini ornament set....all because it had a little tiny Boba Fett.  Who now hangs on my Christmas tree, right next to Vader....