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from britian
judge dredd
nicolai dante
kellys eye
the spider
old one eye
mach zero
strontium dog
from america-
black bolt
shang chi
from japan-
battle angel alita
shadow lady
dark shneider
all the knight sabers
sailor moon
card captor sakura
from france-


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the one who plays bond or the one who was lurts in LOTR.hes a maouri like the one who plays jango.actually,how about the one who plays jango?

it should be 5 but the star wars franchaise says three.which seems a very short time for a society to change so dramatically


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what we all need is a fett tv series.people should write to george lucas about it.whats his address?


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a fett vs predator story is something DH really should have thought of


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how very interesting.i suppose the empire would have clone regiemts though its never been mentioned.the mandalorians as i understand them are mercinaries with no ideology so id imagine them just going to mandalore.

very good


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I Want a Girlfriend.


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luke skywalker.i never liked him.


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too abstract for me.whan is it all supposed to mean?


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its such an awsome series

id find in an antique shop and not know where it came from
id be madalorian
my ship would be specially made by my secutity company.


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i want to date auran sing.shes a sex goddess.


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the WPC wrestelers are a show.they dont really fight.fett would have mandalorian unarmed training form his father and then more as a journeyman protector.he preferes weapons.

what awsome costumes


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thats so awsome!!!

his individuality.mosy people are slaves of the heard but fett is a true individuall.

it made me feel sad when he lost and was killed by one of those smug jedi goons.


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it would have to be fast manuevarable well shielded and well armed.but also innocous in appearance.


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all twillecks are hot exept the fat one who looked like she wanted to pick up anakin in a bar.auran sigh is prob my fave one.it made me feel so happy when she turned up in the books.lieya did look good in the slave outfit.padme is better built though.


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i dont know.he might if there was nothing else for sake on conveniance.i think food is just fuell to him.


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he talks very quietly.ive never heard him shout in the films.i think he would have abit of an accent from the planet where he spent his formative years and became a policeman briefly.

he would not care too much about it.as far as i can tell there is no hmosexualls in the star wars universe.


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i loved the clone books.shes very girly and wants to make characters to be family oriented,or she would not want to write about them.she has reinvented boba fett to some degree.jesters fett did show abit of protectiveness to the girl who travelled with him.its very understated though.

i think mace was pretty dark in the force.he tried a coup de at . he was lucky with jango who was badly injured by the toad-rhino thingey.count dooku semed to be inclined to keep him around as a bodyguard and used him as an assissin.so he prob would have continued in that role.if he survived the war boba would have grown up a conventional mando.