some good pictures

order 66 was very good and it had a couple of reall love to see a mandalore book written by david like to read the legacy books when i can afford them as the mandalorians feature alot in them.some graphic novels would be good.

i would imagine hed look just like the actor who playes his father.

mostly he invests in retirement funds.i did not know he donated to the latest books he spent a fair bit on developing mandalore.


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karem traviss does rather hog the mando culture.maybe we can start talking in mando here?


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i don think anybody can be called good or evil as people are a mix of both.fett is pragmatical and has little ideology but i dont think that is evil

ive only found one episode on youtube


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ive not seen dark knight or indiana jones yet.

the movies alwats came as something of a surprise.esp the first three.but due to the EU we know what will happen he would have to go beyond the timelenes now revealed .but he says he wont.a new mandalore movie would be great.

i got to see episode one on youtube.otherwise it would be years before id see it.very funny.the clones have become australian


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is it out in england?


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5.56 calibar is not much.why not make it a manly 338 caliber with armour piercing heads to penetrate modern body armour.7.62 nato rounds is amlost as good.for pistols the 44 magnum is much better than tiny 9 mil ammo.
occupied palestine makes a wonderfull pistol called the desert eagle which fires 50 caliber ammo.wowwwww.

would kamiro have a trick or treating tradition?


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in a way its started 23 years ago with the trade federation blockade of naboo.


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looks like kurohimes pistol.


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im dislepsic,so writing is hard for me.i could not read till i was just presenting an concept.what if boba fett got on the falcon with everybody else and found himself a part of the rebellion,wanted as a rebell with evrybody else.hed have to take the ball and run with it.hes so much smarter than all the other hed end up running the show and taking over.


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han solo sared in horror as storm troopers burst into hanger bay 8."cheweie,lets get this crate into orbit fast"he yelled.
oh great he thought as he laid on covering fire,a bounghty from jabba and now really red hot that momant he heard a jet back and looked up to see somebody he really did not want to see flying in.Boba Fett.Now my day is perfect thought han solo and turned to return fire on fett but a stray blaster bolt caught fetts back back and he crashed head first onto the ladder of the falcon.the kidd in work clothes ran down and hauled fett into the falcon.
Later in hyperspace the millenium falcons was a place with a bad atmosphere.boba fett and the old man sat and stared grimly at each other and the kid looked like he wanted to hide in a corner.han solo felt abit inclined to do the same.
"you jedi killed my father."growled fett.
"it was an act of war and your father was trying to shoor mace windu at the time."
"is that supposed to make me feel better?it does not.who is your new padawan then?"
there was a lomg silence as the two locked eyes.
"the boys name is luke skywalker.his father was killed by the dark lord of the sith vader.there,you know who he is.the son of a jedi and my padawan."
fett sat back and stared at kenobi through his helmet in silence.
"the son of a jedi then."
kenobi let out a breath tat the kid did not see but han solo did.
"i hate to break this up"said han solo but we are about to arrive at alderbannan."
"dont forget ive still got a bounty on you solo."
"your bounty is now meanigless"said old man kenobi"fate has put you in common cause with us."
The Emperor of the Galaxy sat down at the meeting table and stared at his advisors as they came in.Admirals Thrawn and Paelleon bowed low and Jedi Master skywalker nodded gravely,along with the ex rebellion politicians of the new senate.
"tell me your views on this new enemy the vong."said Emperor Fett.

you will let fett win wont you? ill feel so depressed if those republicans win again.

i hope it will work out.will it come out on dvd only?

it would prob be two years before id get to see a vid of it.not havinga tv and all.maybe somebody will copy it and post the series on youtube and then id get to watch it.


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shes kind of taken over fett and made him into the image she wants and also all the mandalorians.ive just been reading the original trilogy and his fett is so different.more like the fett we know from the actuall movies.
i could not learn elvish so i wont try to learn mandalorian though shes done very well with her invented language


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oh there is one!


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how about a female mando who looks really cute?


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it would be great if the fett fan club had an image gallery