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in order 66 she says that alot of the newer batch where cloned on corruscant.the clones where developing a a strong dislike for the republic and jedi who made them to be slave soldiers.most jedi saw them as cannon fodder.so order 66 would not be one to upset them.also the kaminos said something about them being alterd to be more obediant.


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i heard somewhere that he has a house by a lake.dont remember where i read that.if hed watch television at all hed watch something nice and funny.


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she makes a brief apperance in a Sw novel about a private detective.she turns up in one of the later books too.she was in prison though most of the empire and alliance history arc.she seems to be a vampire.


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id have a gauss rail gun and a light sabe.


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pale grey for me with dark grey leopard spots.

a slave one cake.what a nice idea.


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i think the clones should have more of a role than they do.from clips ive seen they will have more to say

in the travis books hes almost white haird and scarred.hes well over 70 by the latest time in the books.

lol.fett as a God.


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i think hed watch something as unlike work as possible.antique roadshow,the muppets(yes such a good idea),friends,archeology programns,maybe some animes like ah my goddess.and nice music which is relaxing.is slave one his only home or dose he have a chalet somehwere?


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its really good.

according to traviss the madalorians have a zen like concept called mando.they all become part of a collective mandaloian soul.fett seems to be uncaring on the subject.some individualls would come to a conclusion there is more to afterlife that being part of some spirituall soup.


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i liked the new books about jacen solo.boba fett stole the show and seemd more like the old fett.


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like any regular military orginisation they are conditioned to obey any order given.

ill look foreward to the next part.


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a hairspray aerosol can would work nicely.


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hses done woderfull things with the clones and manadlore but not with fett.i admire individuals who stand alone.

his individuality.he stands alone.that is truly admirable.


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i hate families.


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ill have to read the mando civil war comic.ive never heard of it and wondered who all these deathwatch people are.culturally they remind me the most of the spartans.in true colours the kamino scientist said something interesting.that the mandalorians practice genetic manipulation upon themselves by selective breeding.they are very much connected by blood relations but also they adopt alot and bring in people who have the right stuff.they seem to have changed a lot since the glory days of their alliance with the sith.there must be some mandalorians who dont go out shooting people and just have jobs in keldabe.in reall life every military orginisation has a dark past.they are there to do what politicians tell them to do.so if they get told to kill everybody in a village any army would obey the order and has done.


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she turns everybody into fluffy hobbits in armour.oooing over baby waby and bleating about their family.she did not invent fetts family but she did go overboard about his emotional involvment.her fett is so different from jesters hes a totally different person.im writing some fanfics about reall hard case mando mercinaries who dont have families and dont want any either.too long to be put in the creative section here.


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the cover looks good but whats the story?


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miliary people send often t be religious and the religious ones do better in life.traviss does not seem to have much faith so her mandos are not ment to either.there is a suggenstion of a zen like philosphpy where their souls become part of a great mando soul.dosnt sound like much fun.the majority of them dont live in mandalore so they probably have lots of religions amongst the diaspora


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ive heard that george lucas actualy got the idea from the Vrill Society.a reall life mysical secret society originating from a theosophistic splinter group.

do some epic looking wallpaper?