I'm sure most of you have heard of the new movie Fanboys due out soon about a group of Star Wars fans that set out to break into Skywalker Ranch to view a copy of EpI prior to it's release as one of then has terminal cancer and wont see it at the movies.
  Kyle Newman (dedicated Star Wars fan) was the original director has been taken of the project and Steve Brill, (director of such classics as Without a Paddle, Little Nicky), has taken over.
  The re-cut version now has no mention of cancer (giving it no plot apart from a bunch of Star Wars nerds break into Skywalker Ranch), nudity, swearing (so no taking your kids), and generally mocks us as Star Wars fans.
Jek Porkins, is leading the push to get the original cancer plot version released (the one that got standing ovations at CIV and CE), check out the websits and lend your support.
  And check the articles at TFN:
  Fanboys To Be Re-Edited?
  More Fanboys Drama

Has this film come out yet, I've search the net to no avail. sad

Pre-ordered mine today woohoo. big_smile


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With Master Replicas and Lucasfilm Licencing parting ways it may be the last time we'll see anything like this for a while. It's a shame realy.


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Leia cake. big_smile (layer cake)
Oh and of cause Ham Solo sandwich or Ham Solo in Carbonite sandwich (toasted). tongue


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I dont know if anyone has mentioned this already but why dont you go to petitiononline.com and create a petition, then post links to it on various othe SW sites then others could post there and spread the word a lot faster. And people could keep there e-mail address private aswell.:D


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I'm a (JAT) Jedi Academy Trainer (Jade Jedi) at www.thejediacademy.net, you guys should check it out. it's a great community with a great bunch of people, it's free to join and the classes are free and a lot of fun. I'm also the leader of out TFFA/CTF team the 'Jedi Academy Aurochs' |JAA|, we usually compete in the ESL but are going through a rebuilding stage at the moment. One of our Council members Virtue has just released a new map, some of you my have heard of him, he made the map the_academy_v2.


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Corvette of course, haven't you heard the song, 'Fett's Vett'. tongue

Miba wrote:

It's awful. sad


I just came across this pic thought you might find it interesting especialy the bottom part. wink


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First look at "True Colors"


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There's also tinypic.com, filefront.com, putfile.com and many others out there just google to find one you like.:D


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I have a Gentle Giant 1/6 Boba Fett scale on the left of my screen with a Kotobukiya Episode III Clone Trooper on the right and a personalized signed photo fron Jeremy Bulloch on the wall next to me.


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In "Jango Fett: Open Season" his armour starts off green with yellow shoulder armour, red gauntlets and T visor. Then silver/blue with red gauntlets, shoulder armour, cape and around the T visor after he takes over the Mandalorians.
After the Jedi kill all the Mandalorians except for Jango they hand him to the Governor of Galidraan who sold him to slavers. After he escaped he returned to Galidraan to take back his armour form the Governor, who had spent thousands on restoring it. Now his armour is silver with blue around the T visor, just like in EP II.
As for Boba's, I always thought it was Jaster's, in Open Season Jasters does have the skull on his shoulder like Boba's but I don't know how to confirm that. smile


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Ah yeah, my bad sory dude I was talking about the unleashed,:P which one are you talking about a 3 3/4 or something?


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I just looked at my Pit of Carkoon Fett and it's pretty much the same as the ROTJ jetpack apart from the lower half of the rocket is silver not red. The one I have was the first edition to come out and stands about 10" tall, although I live in Australia and was probably not made in the same place as yours which may explain the difference, could also just be a lack of attention to detail by the manufacturers. All the same an awesome figure. big_smile


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He wore a green one in ESB and one similar if not the same as Jango's in ROTJ. Hope this helps. smile

Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

I don't trust Wookiepedia anymore than the rest of the internet but I have read the book it sites as a source. It does mention that the Slave 3 was Firespray somewhere in there.

Here's the article on Slave III I'm not sure how accurate it is.:)

Well its not going to happen, the live action TV series is set between Ep 3-4 and the animated during the clone wars.


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Already pre-ordered.big_smile


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Pimp-my-profile has a good myspace profile layout editor, if you want to snaz up the front page.:D


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Added, mines  http://www.myspace.com/obiwanfan


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Supershadow is the biggest fraud on the Internet regarding Star Wars. GL has refuted Supershadow's claims many times. DO NOT BELIEVE HIM, DO NOT EVEN VISIT HIS SITE. There have even been efforts to shut down the site. And yes there are no more EP after 6, GL has stated this many times.


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Shoud be geting it around the end of the month.:D


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If you read Enemy of the Empire, throughout the book there is no dent, then where Fett and Vader are fighting, on one page you see Fett with no dent on the next you see Vader deflect the shot, the shot hits his helmet and you see smoke coming from a distinct dent. If I had a scaner I'd show you, I'll see what I can find on the net.