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Dengar is good but Boba Fett is one of the best bounty hunters ever. I think Fett could take down Dengar, but maybe not as easily as some think…But being that Dengar saved Fett’s life I don’t think they would want to fight.


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Halo is a lot harder than Half-Life in my opinion...

Are you talking about the version that runs through Steam? If so, right click on the game in the "my games" list, go to "properties" and click on "set launch options". You see a box you can type in. Type "-console" and click ok. When you start the game, there will be a console you can type your cheats into.

If this doesn't work, or I am rambling on about stuff you already know, I apologize for my stupidity. wink


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While I do admit that cloning could have useful purposes, I personally do not like the idea of eating cloned animals. (Even if there is no difference) If scientists desire to create a giant herd of cloned cattle, go for it. But let’s not slaughter them and put them on supermarket shelves…

I’ll stop before I get angry. wink


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If you listen to the commentary, I'm pretty sure they said that they threw ET in there as a joke. Also, they showed two X-Wings chasing a Tie Fighter in Episode 2...


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I got a nice digital camera and a 'Smokey and the Bandit' t-shirt. YEAH!


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I'm pretty sure it's from The Mandalorian Armor.
I was looking for a good signature, opened the book and happened to stumble upon the page with that quote...I'll look again.

Edit: Yeah, Fett was talking to Bossk. Page 265 of 'The Mandalorian Armor'.


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"Stop whining. Before you really get me irritated."

Thus my signature.


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I don't know. He was only able to kill Mace after he lost his lightsaber. I would think that he didn't want to get scarred but couldn't stop it. But once Windu's lightsaber was no longer absorbing all the energy he was able to throw him out the window.

But it is also possible (perhaps likely) that he did it to persuade Anakin to attack Mace, completing his turn to the dark side.

Even the great Boba Fett would get his noggin lopped off if he went against Yoda. Or perhaps have his own rockets turn around and blow him up instead! wink

I see Batman isn't in there. Perhaps he should be in the probable winners section...

saint_nasty wrote:

what about the T-X?  would her inflatable breasts distract him?  bad *** or not, boba is still a man, and boobs that can do could get any guy a little off topic.

True, but something tells me Boba Fett wouldn't be. But if I knew what the T-X was capable of not even I would be distracted by the way it looked. And I’m sure Boba Fett would do his homework before fighting something as dangerous as a T-X. (and therefore not let himself be distracted by the way things looked)

As for Scorpion, it's close, but I think Boba would win. If it's a close match between Spiderman and Boba Fett, and Spiderman beat Scorpion, Fett should be able to beat him, right?

I don't know, it looks pretty dangerous. But if it failed to stop a pansy like John Connor(J.k.;)), then I don't know how it could stop Boba Fett. And if Fett could beat the T-1000 then he should be able to beat the T-1000000 using thee same tactics.

Of course they do! Um...I just don't remember what...;)
How about "The Death Star plans are not in the main computer." Yeah, that's one...

Didn't George Lucas say that all the Stormtroopers were originally supposed to be clones but not of Jango Fett?(obviously, since this was way before the Jango Fett/Clone Troopers idea) I'm pretty sure I heard that on one of the DVDs.

But no, I don't think they should change the voices.


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Good story, I like it.

Actually, he is.
Upon further research, Fett doesn't stand a chance of beating him. Movie or Comic book version. (in my opinion)


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I'm 19 now! Yeah!!

I never said the movie was good, nor did I say I liked it, but I fail to see how Fett could win. His entire body was made of a nearly indestructible metal. And the FF didn't exactly beat him, he was still alive. He was just unable to move, at least for the moment...

I plead ignorance on this one. If you are referring to the Victor von Doom from the comic books then, yes, Fett could probably win. Unfortunately, I never read comic books and was referring to the Mr. Doom from the Fantastic 4 movie.

I can think of plenty of fictitious characters that could beat Boba Fett and Batman ....probably at the same time….but lets not get into that. I will agree with you on Fett not being able to beat Dr. Doom since he doesn’t have an obvious weakness. Dr. Doom would be hard for most of the superheroes I know of to beat.
But for the sake of preventing a heated argument, perhaps we should just call it a tie.

I don't mean to be rude but....Batman is smarter than Boba Fett?? Batman may be the best detective on earth, but Boba Fett is/was the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy for decades, if not the greatest ever! I don't think Fett would find it too hard out thinking Batman. Not to mention, his weapons are way different than anything on earth and odds are a blaster bolt would fly right through Batman's armor. And as for being hit where there is no armor, I read somewhere that even the cloth of his suit is super strong and could probably stop the majority of cutting 'things'.

And if we decide to bring Slave I into the mix even the infamous Batmobile is toast, along with half of Gotham if Fett so desires…That is my unbiased opinion and breakdown of the situation. And for the record, I think Batman is awesome.

My home made Boba Fett costume. Yeah, I know it's not that geeky but it's all I have.


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.....so true. I believe something kind of like that happened to me once.