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I would like to think that I am, but by Fandalorian standards, since I don't speak any Mando'a yet and I haven't read any of the clone books, I'd say no.


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I like Jar-Jar and think he's cute, but I hate the way he was used.  It's as if he was invented just as a means of reducing the intellectuality of the movie so that it could appeal to people that didn't want to think (and small children in addition, which I think is patronizing and insulting to the children).  Not to mention that he was a vehicle for infantile bathroom humor, because the writers were too lazy or unskilled to write in something better.  Just like in every other movie (i.e. Disney) the humor has seriously been downgraded in the last ten or fifteen years.  (Perhaps the entertainment industry is deevolving.)

Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Stormies are people.

Ditto, giving them all the same voice would dehumanize them (even though I admit that clones are people too).  If they were bred and trained for war, I wouldn't feel as much sympathy for them as if, say, they were Tatooinian farmboys, or guys like Davin Felth.  (And if they ever change "Look Sir, droids!" to Temuera's voice....)

Jango is smarter than the average bear, but since Boba is a super-genius, that makes Jango a moron in comparison.  It's all relative.

Ursula wrote:

He said Kirk, though he'd go through a few shirts in the three way.

How true!  I wouldn't mind seeing Kirk vs. Bossk, or Bossk vs. the Gorn.  wink

I think Star Wars couldn't win in the US because the people who make the decision are elitist and only like "intellectual" films, which means that they have to include some controversial topic and address it in a way that pleases all the liberal film critics.  And movies can't be "intellectual" unless they have a rating of R or worse.  That's why I was so surprised when Return of the King actually won best picture (but I think they allowed that just so that we could no longer point out that "critics hate sci-fi/fantasy films."  It was just to throw us off their scent and confuse us.)

I like how in Ep. 5 Yoda's eyes don't always seem to match up.  He's kind of scary at times.  And yes, although I prefer puppets to CG, I do agree that the PM puppet looks like he's on drugs.  And I strongly dislike his little tufts of white hair.


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draco fett wrote:

He then had the Ajax (I think that is waht it was called) put in his skull.

Oh my, you just gave me a terrible idea to do a Iliad/bounty hunters crossover/parody...do I dare?  Must ponder this a while....

fairyblood wrote:

A lot warmer than it looks.

And strangely effective on rainy days.


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Merry Christmas to everybody...time to break out the Santa Fett wallpaper.  wink


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SWfreak, is your website still running?

He's gorgeous, but come on, I want a poncho!  Guess I'll have to make one myself.


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Ooh, they look great!  The coloring is gorgeous, and your shading is so much better than I could do.  Not to nitpick, but one helpful suggestion would be to lengthen the arms just a little bit.  Try to make the elbows reach a little past the belly button, and the fingertips should reach about half way down the thigh.  Other than that, the proportions are very well done.

Because they were both scary cyborg people, and both were parent figures (the Borg queen was "mother" to all the Borg).
At the moment I agree that Star Wars is number one, but I have been known to go back and forth.

I would like to think that somehow, he managed to survive, but I can safely say that the comic book writers would never, ever bring him back.


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Yay, you're back!  What have you been doing all this time?


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I might be going on another Study Abroad trip this summer, but as Boba likes his privacy, the location will be strictly confidential until I come back.  Suffice it to say that the country I have in mind will be awesome.

One thing that I'm sad I didn't get into this thread was a picture of a pillory (pole where they tie people to beat them) so I could have a caption of "Boba likes justice!" or something along those lines.  There was a pillory in just about every city we visited, but since they were in a center plaza, it was really busy, and I was afraid the second I set Little Boba down a small child would run by and nab him.  Ah well, maybe some other time.

Well, he kinda was in Ep. IV, before the accident....

I'm gonna get shot for this, but I think Ep. 1 Yoda is so much better than Ep. 2 and 3.  It's just not the same unless he's a puppet.  Muppets are cute and cuddly and loveable, but CG Yoda is just a computer picture.  I have no emotional connection with it.

He uses Slave IV in the Young Jedi Knights books (which are 5-10 years before New Jedi Order), and if you're judging by the cover, it looks exactly like Slave 1.  But that's probably just a lazy illustrator.

Dageen Fett wrote:

where do you teach i wanna be one of your students...ill get all a's smile

I'm just a part-time Spanish teacher, K-8...and he was getting an A+ anyway, but this just sealed the deal. wink
By "vinyl" do you mean a record?  And what exactly is on them?


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Yes, never patronize a woman.  It's fine to open doors for her and such, but if it becomes a hassle to her, or you throw a fit when she forgets to wait for you and does it herself, that's no good.  And don't ambush listen, as in not really listening to her conversation but listening for specific points that you can use to change the subject to your own personal endeavors.  And don't keep her up late at night talking about all the things your friends did inside of video games that week.


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Faramir wrote:

Nice job very cool! Boba Fett in Portugal its my country:)
And i thought my country was just shitball(football).

No!  Come on, P-gal is awesome!  You have a great country (and football team I might add).  I'm always rooting for you.


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My favorite spot used to be the downloads section with all the crazy icons and games.  But I have long since downloaded everything there, so I guess it's the boards.  wink


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Boba.  Not only is he the original, but his personality and costume are much better.  Jango just isn't as cool without a cape.

I have mostly the same sorts of geeky things as Draco.  As for homemade, I have a Slave 1 origami which my sister made and I colored, two decorated Boba folders, and two Boba collage binders.  And one of my students gave me the advertisment poster for the Kid Boba books (he's getting an A+).  wink