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Ooh, how gorgeous!  But somehow, very creepy.


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Hi Draco!


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Agreed.  There is a line between what's good and what's evil, and that line has nothing to do with personal opinions of the people crossing the line.  (Of course, this is coming from a theological background.)


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Ooh, good theory.  I hadn't thought of that before.  It really makes a lot of sense.


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Well, we're glad to have you here!


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What was wrong with it?  I don't know, just that it was the same kind of thing you'd see in a parody cartoon....  But it was my favorite part of the movie (except for "Master Anakin, we're surrounded, what will we do?!")


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For those of us who like the idea of Fett's morality as described in "The Last One Standing" (i.e. no drinking, drugs, or extramarital affairs), what do you think could be its source?  Who did he learn his moral code from?  Did Jango share it with him, or was Jango more of a free spirit?  Is it the traditional moral code of Concord Dawn, or of Mandalore?  Or perhaps, did Boba get it from someone/somewhere outside of his family?

Personally, I think that Jango didn't share the moral code.  He seems much less uptight, probably due to Temuera Morrison's own personality.


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Well, in that case, the kneepad darts would be nice too.  What's a Romeo?  Is that something that only people more stylish than me wear?

Oh, goodness, I don't know anything about numbers.  All I'm hoping for is that we have more members than before.


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Unfortunately my boyfriend goes to a school four hours away from me, so we're just going to have a phone call.  But still, I'm very excited about it.


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Ooh, I was Miss Chrys.  Is anyone surprised?  wink



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Definitely not evil, considering that he's capable of extreme mercy.  For example, there's the All-Fett Issue of Star Wars Tales where he lets a Twi'lek go after being begged.  And then there's "No Disintegrations, Please" in Tales from the Republic.  A large part of his motivation is Justice, and there's nothing evil about that.


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The poison-tipped boot spikes would be nice.  That way, if anybody made me mad, I could just kick 'em.


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Ooh, have you read Star Wars Tales #28?  One of the stories was about a five-yr-old Darth Maul, which is just wrong on so many levels.  (Hey, we're online at the same time, yet at opposite sides of the country.  One of the few times when we could actually benefit from having a chat room.)

Definitely Dengar.  Not only is he a killing machine, but he's also quite the romantic.  There are few things more interesting than seeing a character go through such a drastic change of heart.


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I like the Original best because of the story, but I do love Darth Maul in the new ones.

Definitely Empire.  Wonderful romance, interesting anti-hero...what more could you ask for?


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It is hard to kill Jedi with him, but he's a good match against Han Solo.  It's great if you play splitscreen against a friend and sniper each other.


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I've never read an Insider before, but I'm excited to see this one.

To be entirely honest, I hate the light gray color.  It's kinda icky looking.

The colors are accurate, but they seem a little bland.  Maybe the two Boba schemes could benefit by having some splashes of yellow or orange.  Or you might add a second, darker shade of green to the Empire scheme (to symbolize both the armor and the gauntlets) and a regular green to the Return scheme (so you would have both the green armor and the red gauntlets.)


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It all sounds good to me.  (But just in case, will Mandalorian Super Commando fit on the page, or will it stretch everything out?)


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I don't think we should use too many clone-type ranks, as that would sound like we supported the Prequel backstory more than the original.  We should have a mixture of the old and the new.

10—2 star--Clone Trooper (I definitely agree that the lowest rank should be some kind of clone.)
50—3 stars--Hired Thug (or something along those lines)
100—4 stars--Assassin (or smuggler, etc.--something less illustrious than a bounty hunter)
300—5 stars--Mercenary (this could be switched with assassin)
500—6 stars--Bounty Hunter
1000—7 stars--Journeyman Protector
2000—8 stars--Mandalorian (or Mandalorian Warrior)
3000—9 stars--whatever the Mandalorians called their officers (squad leaders or something?)

Will we need a rank for 5000 posts?  Obi-Wan Fett has the most posts, and she has less than 3000.  No one else is even close to that.  I think there are only 3 or 4 people who have hit 1000.

A lot of our dedicated users are at the 300-500 level, so we would have a lot of mercenaries and bounty hunters, which makes sense.  And many of the ranks I suggested can be switched around.  Personally, it seems like a Journeyman Protector would be more illustrious than a bounty hunter (seeing as how anyone can become a hunter.)

I think the Mandalore rank should be reserved for the Admin.  After all, there can only be one Mandalore.  wink