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The official (movie) version can be found here in the form of a tattoo:  BFFC Manual.


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There aren't enough comic shops anywhere.  I have to drive over to the next state, on a bad street, in the scary part of town, to get a wide selection of comics.  Otherwise I go to the bookstore (also very far away and often in another state) and cross my fingers that what I want happens to be one of the 20 or so new comics (half of which are Archie) they're carrying at any given moment.  Maybe there just aren't enough people reading comics anymore.

Draco, for shame!  Why are you always so bitter about Jango?  wink


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Mind telling us which issue that's in?


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I use Evil Anakin a lot more than Boba, if that's what you mean.

Because he's funny.  All his complaints about "that old fossil," plus his utter egomania, are endearing to many fans.  He's a memorable character.


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Miba wrote:

I guess it can be discredited seeing as how it makes no sense to me and I made it.

I seem to remember there being some discussion of this at some point (WAY back in the day), and many of us agreeing with your date because the novelizations of TPM and AotC say that both were born in early summer.  Not that we have to go with that date, but you shouldn't feel "discredited."  Draco, good point on the astrology.  It seems so obvious now that you say it.  smile

fettsvette wrote:

Whew--that makes me feel better about wanting it.

Don't feel bad; it's an awesome sweater--super warm and comfortable, very soft on the inside.  The colors don't bother me a bit.  (One warning I would give is that it runs big, but that could be because it's sized for guys.)

Sadriel_Fett wrote:

I believe it's because it's a signed litho.

Ah, I hadn't noticed that yet.  It certainly makes more sense now.

But an amusing and almost loveable poser.


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fettsvette wrote:

I'm reading the "Bounty Hunter Wars" trilogy now and Dengar comes out as a bleeding heart compared to Boba Fett. Quite a change from how he was portrayed in "Tales in the Bounty Hunters".

Partly I think that was Manaroo's influence.  But also I think it was because of the perspective we were supposed to have as readers.  The Bounty Hunter Wars, if you ask me, is from Dengar's perspective half the time (though I haven't read it in a while).  Kinda like how Frodo is the hero of LOTR but Sam is the character we're supposed to associate with.  Since Dengar was the more personal character in the BHW, we got to see more of his true feelings, while in Tales of the Bounty Hunters he only told us what he wanted us to see, because he was trying to keep up an image.  (Sure it's not a first-person story, but it follows one character, whom the narrator is almost constantly with.)

Perhaps Boba, being the crazy guy he is, wasn't accessible enough as a story-telling character, so Dengar was used as the sane eyes we could see Fett through.  Someone who, like us, was amazed at what Fett could do.  If we had seen things through Fett's eyes instead, we might not have understood his motivation because he's such an "alien" being to us.  Plus he might have become excessively human.

Then again, I could be overanalyzing this.  wink

Bossk is a goofy dinosaur but he's no idiot, and neither was Kast, or Dr. Evazan, or any of the other people Boba took out.  And in general, just the way he finds people and tracks them down is sort of Sherlockian.  Think of how smart Han is (in my opinion, at least) and how many times Boba has managed to find him.  Plus there are several times in the Bounty Hunter wars (i.e. the many space battles) in which he demonstrates his intellectuality.  (Sorry I can't offer more specific examples, but it's too early in the morning for me.)


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I think I understand most of the grammatical points, so I could do it with a dictionary in front of me...but that doesn't count as speaking a language.


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wizardofcars wrote:

Here in the U.S. it is available on all the platforms and on pc.

Are you sure?  Last time I checked you could only get it on PS2.
The worst glitch is the one where you're rolling/crawling through the air ducts on the prison level (right before you see Zam) and somehow fall through the metal floor and to your doom.


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My brother played as Solo on Kamino while I was Fett...and he kept planting mines and then tricking me into running over them.  Then he would dance over my corpse.  I think he must have killed me twenty times that day, before I figured out that I should use the jetpack more often.  wink


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Yes, it's ironic that he was the one who called for Palpatine to be given more power.  I always laugh hysterically at that part...that and, "I love Democracy.  I love the Republic."  But sadly, I don't think George meant us to laugh there.


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You can get all the instructions by clicking the green "BBCode:" link at the bottom of the screen.


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Miba wrote:

It has Anakin in the middle of April and Boba in the middle of May.

*Sigh* I guess they didn't check their astrology charts when they made that decision.  I was ready to believe he was an OCD Virgo.


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Welcome to The Cloner, Fett21, and wizardofcars!  Hope you enjoy the BFFC!


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Is it just me, or is that three separate images photoshopped together?  Shame they couldn't actually pose at the same time.

Yes art's expensive, especially when you consider that it's just a reprint and shouldn't cost anything to make.  Is it just because a lithograph has more detail than a poster?


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I think it's purposefully washed-out because everything from Hot Topic is supposed to look all artsy and punkish and old-school....  As if it's been through the laundry way too many times because you bought it vintage.  Or something like that.


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ARC Fett wrote:


It's on theforce.net, along with lots of other Christmasy wallpapers.

I disagree that they're all ugly...

But if it were true, it would be because George Lucas is trying to present the message to children that evil=bad, which is why he has Zam turn into a wrinkly hag when she dies (and if you listen to the DVD commentary, you'll see that he admits it himself--"all bounty hunters are ugly monsters" or something like that.)

I would say that lots of evil characters (i.e. pre-lava Anakin) are not ugly because evil is supposed to be seductive.  That's a much better message to give to children.  (As Ann Coulter says, "Satan really looks like Julia Roberts.")


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Sharra Fett wrote:

The entertainment industry devolving, how depressing that is. What is it going to take to turn the situation around?

Maybe we could just stop laughing at bad jokes.  Yeah right.
If you compare the humor in Empire versus Phantom Menace, or for a Disney slant, that in the Jungle Book versus any of the post-1998 cartoons, it's obvious that many writers of today just don't know what they're doing.  They're trying to dumb us down or something, and unfortunately it spread to Star Wars too.  (Am I right in saying that George wrote the scripts for the prequels, but hired Irvin Kershner and others to do the originals?  That could also have something to do with it, not to attack the poor man.  He's a victim of society.)