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Sev Fett wrote:

Are there tusks on Mythosaur skeleton?  In the comic?  Or are they covered by the spaceship?

Sadly enough, no, I don't think there are.  I doubt it was originally supposed to be the same animal on Boba's shoulder pad, so they don't line up exactly.


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Dravage wrote:

Unfortunatly Karen Traviss only writes like two other books in that whole series. I don't know how I'll get through the others.

You could do like I'm planning and only read the ones with Boba in them....  Authors usually do enough recapping that I can sort of figure out what happened in between, at least as much as I care to know.


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Gummi Bears...and not much else.  The rest you can get on DVD (usually).  Except for the Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, which I'm still fuming over.  (Come on, if you only show it once a week, at 1 AM on a Sunday morning, of course no one will watch it!)  And then there's that old Conan the Barbarian cartoon from when I was a little kid.  And Peter Pan and the Pirates!


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Welcome to the BFFC!


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The craziest thing I've ever seen at school was a guy wearing a Naruto headband...and this is college.


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I'm fluent in Spanish, and have been academically studying Arabic for 6 months, Russian for one year, and Portuguese while on study abroad.  (And if anyone wants to practice any of the above with me, please PM me!)  I can sing in Hebrew, Japanese, Swahili, Romanian, and so on...


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I love Phantom as well (but unfortunately have only seen the new movie).  My all time favorite will always be The King and I with Yul Brynner.


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Various Anime DVD's, dolls, manga, etc.
My Little Ponies  smile


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My belated congratulations!


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Breeding new species of Dog. Fido sure looks cute, but he's a sin against humanity, goodbye.

That's not a new species.  All dogs (chihuahas to Great Danes) are the same species; they can all interbreed.  As are all chickens and other domesticated animals.  As far as I know we've never made new species of plants.  We just splice plants together, which is a completely different matter.

I have no opinion about animal cloning at the present time, but as for humans, that would create a whole new class of people that would have identity issues and could be viewed as second-class.  Even if we cloned with good intentions, it's human nature to find a scapegoat, someone to look down upon and mistreat.  The problem is not that the act of cloning is necessarily morally wrong, but that human beings aren't responsible enough to do it.


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Or if you ever needed anything translated into really bad Portuguese, private message me.


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Ditto.  I wouldn't be a Fettie today if it weren't for this site and all of Aaron's hard work.


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Aha, thanks.  I'll keep my eyes open for that one.


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I would also try used games on Amazon; lots of times it's cheaper than E-bay.


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Sigh, everything's overpriced at my comic store.  The cheapest I ever got was Twin Engines for $4.

So, back to Return of the Jedi...


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Winners of the 2001 Holiday Contest.  There are at least three of these that are Fettie, including Santa Fett.

Winners of the 2002 Contest

Winners of the 2000 Contest

Christmas and Holiday Themed Star Wars Wallpapers.  This is a selection of the best wallpapers from each contest.

ALL the TFN Christmas wallpapers ever submitted.  I would suggest running through this because I have some favorites that don't seem to have won any contests (such as "Christmas Chase" which shows Jango chasing Obi through a Christmas tree.

It's hard to know how smart/talented Jango is considering that all we have is the Ep. II novelization, Open Seasons, the Jango/Zam duology, and various Star Wars Tales.  One can probably assume from Open Seasons, since he was Mandalore at some point (unless I misunderstood the comic) he must have been a seasoned strategist and warrior, and thus a good bounty hunter and intelligent fellow.  But we can't say that he's as good or as smart as Boba because Boba is the original, has much more info about him for us to draw from, and lived longer.  Jango's name was infamous while he lived, but I don't think it was as well-known as Boba's. (i.e. Families probably weren't discussing Jango's fearsomeness over dinner.)

Good job, very nice.  "Harrll hurgle heenn..." the best groaning ever in a comic book.  wink

Isn't this racial discrimination?  (But I'll go with Mandalorians anyway, though Gands are my second choice.)

maphestus wrote:

Wasn't the Boba Fett in the Young Jedi Knights books actually Ailyn Vel masquerading as Boba with Alpha's armor and ship?

Okay, I read Abel Pena's explanation of why he changed that, and sure, I'll agree that it's now Ailyn.  So that point was void.


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Me and my sis are planning to see the movie a)for the dragon, and b)to make fun of the film.  She loves the book and is very bummed out because you can tell how bad it is from the trailers.  It's like they think that by giving all the characters a British accent it will make everything more professional.  (I'm trying to read the book myself, but flew into a rage after the first two pages, which were of a terrible quality and made me jealous of young writers who have publishers for parents.  I have no doubt that it gets better after the prologue, but being a writer myself, I think my bitterness is going to be too great to let me enjoy the story.)


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It's really warm in the Midwest.  We got a Christmas tree yesterday and it wasn't even necessary to wear a jacket.  *hoping for snow by Christmas*


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I have the small puzzle in a carboard box with a Boba and Jango (prequel and originals) collage.  I also have the larger Bounty Hunter puzzles in a fancy tin.


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Congratulations everybody!