Hi, My names Mando316, and Im a Mando-Holic.

ONE of my secrets is that I wear Star Wars Boxers.  I have two pairs.  If I had more I would wear them everyday.  The worst part is that I have to shop for them in the BOYS section because thats the only dept that has the REALLY cool stuff...  Hey, Ive accepted the fact that Im a Mando-Holic and also the fact that  I wear a BOYS 18 HUSKY!!


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draco fett wrote:

You do not need to post in color.

I know I dont need to; I just want to.


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Back in the day when ESB was FIRST released...'79.  Fett caught my eye and I knew there was just something about him.. something I identified with.  At 8yrs old, I wasnt able to put my finger on it but I just knew I liked something about him.. then as the years went by and I started finding my own place in this strange world we live in.. and after many viewings of the GREATEST SCI FI MOVIE OF ALL TIME.. I realized the reason I liked Boba Fett SOOOO much.  He was self reliant, a loner, a renegade, a mystery.  He was his own man.. He made himself who he was,  Now mind you , this was LOONG before the whole CLONE storyline.  Boba Fett was one of a kind.  Not a Rebel, nor an Imperial. He made his own way in the universe being loyal to only himself.  He went where the money took him.  He never played favorites and never made his marks personal.  He was always STRICTLY business when it came to his job.  I realized over my 35yrs that I have acquired many of these traits in my own life.  Boba Fett is more than just a character in a movie to me.. He IS me...

Hey there, FettFan79!!  Hows my favorite Boba Femme?  I miss hangin with you babygirl!!  Any site that I can shoot the poodo with you is fine with me..


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Yeah, I feel right at home here.  This place is pretty sweeeeeet!  Nothing like bein with Mando'ade!!!


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Vode an!!

Sh*t!!  You aint seen my leg.. I need to get a good pic of it!!  Glad you like 'em.

I didnt see any other threads for this so I thought I would start one..

Post any and all your SW and Fett-ish Tattoos here.. Share your pain!!!!

These are a couple of mine...


I picked mine up last Friday at WaldenBooks!!  Im a slow reader, I like to play it over and over in my head to get it just right.  1/2 way through chapt 5.  Fett storyline is friggin insane. *drool*  Love the caption at the beginning of chapter 3.  (FettFan79 knows why)


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Draco,  Looks like you figured it out..   Mandos Rule-Ladies Drool!!  Nothing hotter than a chick in beskar'gam (FettFan79)

Ph34r:  I found ya this morning.. added ya. Oya Manda!!!

psst.. I got a pic that i usually use on my other boards, can somebody shrink it down to fit here??

A few pics of my Mando Ink.   CLICK HERE


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Hey.. Im new to the site.. browsed around forever, but never reg'd.  My friend FettFan79 told me I should.  So I did.  I've been Mand'ade for friggin ever..Just never really flaunted it too much.. now I say what the hell!!!  I got Fett ink and tons of Fett poodoo all over my house...  FF79 can vouch for me.. Im the real deal!!!  IF anyone wants to check out some of my stuff.. Im on mySpace   http://www.myspace.com/mandalorian316.. ask and I will add you..  I also run a Mandalorian page on MySpace, too  http://www.myspace.com/mandoforlife