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Jango is suppose to be in his mid to earlier forties by AOTC back in one of the really old threads we figured it out using the SW timeline and the graphic novel "Open Seasons" more or less his age. In one of the Bounty Hunter novels Boba Fett says he older than the average hunter and it's right after ROTJ, so he's like in his mid thirties.

So by AOTC, Jango is an "old fart" as far as bounty hunter standards, in Mandalorian standards definately not. They just seem to keep on going, and going, and going.......

Well,strictly using only movie characters ....

1. Darth Vader (because he was my first love in 1977, not Anakin whiney begger that he is)
2. Han Solo ( I know I have blasphemed)
3. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan and Alec)
4. Boba Fett (he needed more movie time and Jeremy B. rocks)
5. Jango Fett (because Temeura M. is the man!)
6. Princess Leia
7. Chewbacca
8. Grand Moff Tarkin (because I'm a Peter C. Fan, and now it gets tough)
9. Qui-Gon Jin
10. Count Dooku aka Darth Tyrannus (only because I'm a Christopher Lee fan too)

If I when for books and games it would be different and I would need a longer list. I would have tossed Commader Cody on there but that would be for the same reason as Jango (I love Temuera Morrison).


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Really it has very little to do with old Jango and more to do with George Lucas, you'll notice he likes everything clean and shiny in the prequels. It's suppose to symbolize the era, even the bounty hunter apparently.

And let it never be said that I don't give Boba Fett his due, he lives in a much harsher realm than his old dad did. So it shows on the outside as much as it does on the inside.


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I have a boyfriend, he's alot of fun and has been putting up with my geekiness for almost twenty years. We met in our first year of college and our first impressions were interesting. I was punching out a guy in the cafeteria and he was totally rude,obnoxious punker boy,who loved it.


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I'm a whopping 38, and Infamous (to know him is to love him) will be a old bounty hunter of 49 in November. I'm an Aries, he's a scorpio. Year of the monkey, year of the dog.

Enjoy the skin you're in while you're in it folks!


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Nice to see you on the boards, my vod sends his regards.


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Name: "Jari'eyc"  Jim Goran
Age: 49
Species: Human ( Corellian/Mandalorian)
Home: Mandalore
Ship : "Obdurate Hammer " modified Mandalorian heavy transport ship
Armor: Gunmetal grey
Description: 6'2,about 205 pounds, a bit hard looking , blue eyes, reddish blonde (turning gray) hair.
Weapons: Mando armor, Tenloss DXR-6 Disrupter rifle, BlasTech DH-17 Blaster Pistol, Vibro-blades, etc...

"Ugly" Jim is one of those been there,done that kind of Mandalorians.Rumor has it he was born ready to fight right out of his mother's womb. Considered a somewhat unhandsome man, Goran married late in life . His wife Vidya ,and son and yet to be born child live on Mandalore.

Having served as a mercenary for must of his life he now spends his time as an armorer and mechanic in quasi-retirement. But everyone knows that old Mandalorians never die they just go to hell and regroup...


"Ugly" Jim Goran wasn't what most people expected a Mandalorian to look like, long legged and sinewy with muscles that were well used, but not overly developed. He wasn't sure when mercenaries suddenly crossed over from hired gun, to the cover of a romance holo.

Must have been the Vong war, you go out to save your people's collective tail and suddenly your heroes...not armored killers. People sure got funny ideas in their heads sometimes...Goran would just as soon shoot a man for being annoying as he would rescue one for a few creds.

At least his wife thought it was funny. Course she found humor in everything, why else would she have married him? Certainly not for his good looks...

He inspected the fine wiring of a pair of wrist gaunlets that had been left in his care, a favor to a friend of his wife. Otherwise he wouldn't have traveled so far back home to deliver armor...Alright, so he wanted to come back,he was a little homesick and missed his wife's good cooking.

Jim stepped out of the Obdurate Hammer and set its security systems, he remained under the shadow of one of the ship's massive engines. He contemplated taking a jetpack, but fueling those things were costly and time consuming . Besides he wasn't out to impress anyone.

Body armor and his general looks were enough to make the average citizen think twice about approaching him with idle chatter. After all Goran wasn't called ugly just because of his features...

Now what was the name of that cantina?

The Dirty Dewback?

The Mangy Mynock?

No...Drunken Strill...that was it.



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Really I think the better question would be could you imagine the damage they could do if they teamed up?
"Oh crap,there's two of them!"


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Jango Fett's a pretty tough old fart,considering he loses his entire family to the Deathwatch as a boy,then his mentor Jaster Mereel to Montross' cowardice (he left Jaster behind),and the loss of his unit to the Jedi after they were framed.Being enslaved,freeing himself,freeing his armor and then taking on the Deathwatch,and eventually doing the whole bounty hunter thing.
He gives Zam the Amidala job because he doesn't do assassinations,and she owes him one as well.
He's arrogant,cocky(as his gun twirling moment is meant to show),and likes to get into the thick of things.He likes a good honest fight,and he's very "in your face" or he wouldn't ge so up close to both Obi-Wan and Mace.
Sure Boba Fett exceeds him (except in social skills),that's what every good father wants.Really if you get a chance read the AOTC novel,there are scenes there that were cut from the movie and the script.
What I like best about Jango and Boba is dispite their armor, weapons,and sometimes unusual background...They're human,basic average joes.No super human powers just their two hands and some clever thinking.


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Ironically Bob Falfa of American Graffiti that Boba Fett's name is inspired by,was played by Harrison Ford. Fett's favorite bounty.


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Just so you guys know Jango Fett's armour is unpainted except for it's blue trim, the metal is in it's natural state. Hence Boba Fett's armor which is losing parts of its paint job has exposed silver underneath.
Jaster Mereel had the black and red armor,and a green suit. Jango also changed colors during the passage of time. Supposedly the colors represents units or clans.
BTW someone said in one thread that Jango should have repainted his armor that it wasn't stealthy to have silver.I think Jango didn't care if you you he was coming, most mandalorians seem to have that attitude...Almost like they're daring you to try something.


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My brothers and I went to see every Star Wars film together since they started coming out,so it's pretty much a family affair. Sure I like SW but I still have my feet firmly planted on terra firma and the masses are @SSeS as the saying goes. You just gotta be yourself.

Definately SEAL. Rangers tend to go in and adapt the populace into a fighting force,SEALs just go in and make you wish you were somewhere else.

I'd hire Fett to kill off boy bands,and he'd probably do it for free (or at least damn cheap).I think as far as Fett is concerned there is two kinds of music in the universe...

Music he tolerates,and music he does not. And I believe there is a great deal more of the latter.


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I suppose....that is if you drag your feet. I think most bounty hunters try to steer away from that habit.


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Okay,my older brother who use to be a cop( some of you know him as Infamous) said that a K-bar would definately be the blade of choice.  SIG Sauer for a handgun,CAR-15( a shortie version of the M-16),and a MP5 machine pistol.They are light weight,sturdy and workman like...

Then you would add on body armor and visual and audio aids,and demolitions according to the job,and perhaps a little hazmat gear.He said Fett would want to be efficient not over burdened with unnecessary gear.Think SWAT team or Navy SEAL.


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My Star Wars secret?
I like to use the team of Boba Fett and Han Solo when I play Star Wars lego game.And I like to shoot the ewoks and jawas for no reason.


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My name comes from virtual reality and Bettie Page,and a really bad IM conversation with a creepy dude.Which ended with,"I ain't your Virtual Bettie".

Infamous found it rather funny and started referring to me as Virtual Bettie on the net,and now it's stuck.I actually like it,what's a girl to do?

My brother got his nickname because when he was a cop,he was a very bad boy.Everyone said he would be infamous one day.And so he is....

No avatar for me yet.Alas....


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Hey guys,this is a joint message from me and Infamous(because he's too lazy to get off his can and register properly,or even type these days).Fett actually has extendable boot spikes,if he stomps his foot the spikes extend(there are movies with a knife in the shoe done the same way...one of which is Dust 'til Dawn 3,hangman's Daughter which oddly stars T.Morrison).

They are not poisoned,you might be thinking of his knee darts which are loaded with different toxins.I think the spikes are a last ditch surprise if Boba Fett is in a serious physical fight,and can be used for climbing assistance(much like Jango's wrist blade).

I don't think it gets too much action,but I'm sure Fett knows how to put them to good use when they do.Anyone who has played Soul Calibur 3 and used the grieves(boot knives),knows what a good kick to the head will do.Or the back of the knees,or the midsection,or a vital tendon.....

You get the drift,I'm sure.Now what if it was jetpack assisted?

Hey new girl on the boards,but not a total stranger.
Thanks for the review,I went out and bought the book because of it.It was definately a good read,not just for the Fettyness,but for the Solos as well.
Anyway,I heard alot of good things about this club and you ,Ursula,from my older brother.You old heads will remember him best as Infamous,he speaks highly of you all(and sends his warmest greetings).
Thanks again for the review.