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Tracyn's eyes narrowed and blazed at Goran, "If by looking at your face is any indicator, I'd say you haven't been doing a good job watching your shebs to begin with.  But no, you don't."

The big Mandalorian gave an ugly smile, "Well not everyone can be as handsome as me,Angel." But he decided teasing the Chiss wouldn't be much fun, so he turned back to the conversation at the table.

"Sundown sounds good, gives me time to send a holo to the little woman and my boy" he stated. He waved the barkeep for a third ale, "And a nerf steak!" he added.

'Ugly' Jim considered what tools he would need, and right after that what weapons.


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"Awwww.....you sunk my Star Destroyer" Goran stated as he swirled his drink in its glass. He smiled mostly to himself,  before he explained. "Sorry, just reminded me of a game my kid likes..."

"My ship's a heavy hauler for salvage, she ain't exactly built for stealth. So I'll go along with whatever the group decides." The big mando trusted his fellow warriors as much as any armored man did, but he knew that Roan wouldn't steer him wrong because of his wife,Vidya.

'Ugly' Jim cast his beady eyed gaze at the Chiss, Tracyn, and asked bluntly. "What about you blue skin, you don't seem too happy with the arrangements. Do I have to watch my shebs around you?"


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"Hey, ain't nothing wrong with droids...some of my best friends are droids." Goran stated as he waved to the barkeep for another ale. "I give the Devorian points for enthusiam. But that and two creds wouldn't buy you a cup of stim-tea."

He rubbed the scar that cut across his face, "Universe jades alot of sentients, things like the Vong war. Some don't learn to adapt afterwards." Goran smiled at the group, "I wear my scars on the outside, but some folks wear em' on  the inside."

"Ugly" Jim scratched at his stubble again. "Brozyna, huh?" he grunted. It sounded like he could do some serious salvaging there.... "And you ladies just want THAT helmet, nothing else?" he gestured to the holo. Hell, he could probably make a nice cred from all those artifacts...And Mandalorian relics?

Well, wouldn't he be something bringing back some of the people's lost culture?

The big red haired man leaned toward Kyr'am, and his Chiss companion. "What are you planning, to have them smuggle us in? Or to have them act as a diversion and cruise on in ourselves?"


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Goran fished around in his satchel, "You know...if there's one thing I can't stand it's a rude sentient." There was a loud snap as he attached a restraining bolt to the droid's backside. A static crackle as the big man activated the caller for it...Giving him control of the droids motor functions.

"Not too smart for a non-mando,eh?" His heavy brow arched upward as he drew out his pistol, and seemed to draw little pictures with the muzzle on the wooden surface of the table. "Didn't your mother ever teach you manners, lil' Devorian?"

"Never insult someone you want to partner up with. Never throw all your cards on the table during a sabacc game...And never insult a Mandalorian on their home turf."

"Ugly" Jim used the controller to spin the droid around in the direction it had come from. And one big size thirteen armored boot hit it in the rear, sending it back to its owner.

"You want to make a deal, come down here yourself. And learn how to speak to a lady!" He barked at the droid as he sent it on its way.

The scarred man snorted loudly, "Younger generation..."


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"No job ever turns out simple..." Goran stated matter of factly. He eyed the blue tinted image thoughtfully, "That's a mighty interesting piece...I specialize in salvage, ships mostly..."

"Ugly" Jim smiled at Saviin, "Fun,eh?" He took a swig of his ale, "Well, Vidya does like surprises..."

He shrugged a pair of big shoulders, "I'm game." The older Mandalorian laughed at Kyr'am comment, and flashed him a disarming yet crooked smile. "Consider it a chance to let an old soldier retell his glory days,ner vod."

"Besides I've been in the black so long, I wouldn't mind hearing what's been going on here at home.


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lloydkristmas wrote:

I would say Delta Force, or maybe the Navy SEALS. Both are highly regarded for their skills, their operations are shrouded in secrecy, and they do a mixture of sneaky stealth operations and good old fashioned combat.

My friend...Delta Force ARE the Navy SEALs,LOL.


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I like Cody, and Bly was great in his comic I wish they went more into their back stories Cody does make a brief appearence in a book).

But I adore Niner,who takes on the mantle of Sarge. Yeah he takes on the mantle of being boss,and likes to do thing basically by the book. But he's a good guy at heart, and he worries about his guys. I was feeling for the big guy when he had to do his wounded soldier act and be bait in the first book.

And am I the only one who thinks "Kad'ika" ("little saber" hint,hint) of Bloodlines is Darman's and Etain's kid?


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Hence if you're good and end up living longer,you're called a "Fossil" by the competition. Jodo Kast's loving nickname for Boba Fett,LOL.


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A dirty gauntlet reached out to shake Kyr'am's,and in a firm baritone voice stated. "Jim Goran....although most know me as "Jari'eyc" Goran."  The grungy warrior didn't seem to mind the nickname much, as a matter of fact he seemed to enjoy it.

"I knew a verd called Ordo, maybe a relative,eh?" That toothy grin flashed for a moment, most Mandalorians acted like they were related on some level...usually they were. The handshake was hearty without being a test of who had the bigger ego, comraderic even.

He nodded to the Chiss, and scratched at an ear that had a notch missing from it. "Quite the little war party you have here..." He gestured loosely to the five of them, "Something big going down? I mean if you need any more armaments up to snuff,I'm your man." He shrugged his shoulders,making the plates roll with the movement.

Goran raised his ale, and bark out. "K'oyacyi!" Again almost the entire tavern raised their glasses and shouted in response. Then it was back to normal again,"Ugly" Jim scrunched up his nose in amusement, it wasn't a good look for him.  "Don't you just love it when they do that?"


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Wow, my brother has his own Fett suit they can cost you a pretty penny. I think Eric has a suit.

There's info in the archives on suit building and a great site on hints and help belongs to TK-409 of the 501st, which seems really helpful. Welcome to the boards.


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No thank you guys,those were a riot.


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LOL, everybody copies off of someone, look at the Chinese Mauser. My brother says he is suitable impressed by some of the gang's knowledge of munitions. i say maybe I should be scared,LOL.


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Goran smiled, and it made a huge scar running across his face do the same, which did nothing to improve his already impressive good looks. "Vor'e! " and he motioned to the bartender, with the universal  invisible cup motion he wanted a drink.

"Corellian Ale." The order was not at all surprising considering Goran's first name, and  blue eyes. He was obviously either an adoptee or had a parent from the coreworld.

He nodded to each woman, especially Evaar. As a matter of fact he was grinning from ear to ear at the mention that she was Roan's daughter. "Ugly" Jim leaned over the table slightly on one elbow, and informed the warrior women. "Vidya yaihadla, we're hoping for a girl this time."

"But... I have something for you..." He stated getting back into a business frame of mind. He stretched out his long legs under the table and they seemed to take up more space than necessary. His dull grey armor made a clacking sound as he crossed his feet, and pushed a bag with the wrist armaments and a few other devices across the table.

Goran looked around the tavern at the various races and species, although it was mostly Mando. "Been a while since I've been on the planet...things have changed." He rubbed the stubble on his chin with dirty gloved fingers, he kinda missed it. But a fella had to make a living and he had mouths to feed with one more on the way.

He didn't mind doing a favor for his wife's friend in fixing the damaged gauntlets, Nora Roan and her clan had after all saved Vidya's life during the defenses of Mandalore during the war. And that was worth more than credits...


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Kalashnikov is the big name in russian firearms, he designed the AK-47, the AK-74,RPK and RPD machine guns and the notorious Dragunov sniper rifle. I think Boba Fett would assess the job and pick a weapon best  suited for it.


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Tatooine....it's a rimworld and an after dinner treat. Spelling was never my forte .

When I said jango would blend in better in a city scape I was thinking Coruscant ,Corellia, heck even Cloud City.

Anyway this is getting away from the actual topic is it or is it not Jango's silver suit under all that paint?

I've heard it both ways, yes and no. Although it seems to me that Boba wore Jango's suit for a little while (the kid Fett series) and then got his own and put dad's in cold storage for safe and sentimental reasons.

There is a Star Wars tales comic where a guy steals Boba's green armor, and Fett tracks him down and beats his senseless in Jango's armor.Proving that it's the man not the suit that's important.


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Goran was a hard man to miss so he wasn't sure why not one but two off worlders walked into him. The first was extremey rude, and if the Mandalorian mechanic had been in a sour mood there would have been an ugly incident.

The second a Devorian, just seem to be...well...lost.

A sound alerted the tall armored man to the strill lurking under the table, looking ready to jump. Hands rested on blasters and he raised his gloved hands in a non-threatening gesture. "That thing has to be violating every health regulation in this dive" He snorted to the bartender, who just shrugged.

He took off his helmet, not that it helped since neither he nor his client had ever seen each other.But a woman nodded in his direction and it had to be her, because no woman except his wife would ever acknowledge a guy like him.

There was a less than savory group of men , most of which had too much to drink. A greasy looking bruiser with a nose that had clearly been broken more than once looked at Goran and laughed. "Did someone shave a wookie and put him in armor?"

"Ugly" Jim frowned, he had business to attend to....So he ignored the comment. "I'm Vidya's riduur" Goran stated over the heads of several sitting patrons to the table of women. He wasn't going to announce what their business  that was unprofessional,so he made his way over to the table.

Edee followed close on his heels and he scowled at the strill as he stopped next to Roan's group. "You don't back off, I'm calling my wife...." He stated to the creature, "She'll turn you into a bag."


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Man,you are one tough barve, Draco. Girl like me would be a puddle on Tatooine right about now,of course the city I'm in right at the moment looks like Hoth. I think I even saw a Wampa and some Taun Tauns.

Good then Mandos have climate control in their armor, metal conducts heat and cold real well (even on fabric). As I have discovered with my Naruto baseball cap, the metal plate on the front give me a headache when it's too cold or hot.

Oh I forgot, in one of the Star Wars Insiders there's an article on Mando culture it suggests that certain colors represent certain things too. Like black (Jaster Mereel's one set of armor) represents justice, and gold represents vengence.

Gold Mandalorian armor? Now that sounds tacky,LOL.


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Hi Fettish, I'm new too (sort of) but I know you and a few others via my older brother aka Infamous. Everyone here seems real nice and very passionate about Mandalorians,especially the Fettster (of course).

LOL,oh look I've gone renegade,obviously I need to post more so I can be a true rogue.


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I have a Boba Fett escaping the Salacc figure lots of fire and tentacles. And a Deathstroke the Terminator (also known as Slade from Teen Titans), I tend to like the mercenary bad boy types.


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It is smart in the fact that it uses the fear factor on one's opponent. Who would you be more worried about a guy on a suit or a guy in a clear cut uniform?

The guy in a uniform,right?  You can see him from a mile away, but you know he's been trianed,you know he'll be a handful. Same thought process with trooper armor being white,it's the message it sends. Playing on other peoples' fear is a very smart thing.

And in Jango's era everything is shiny...ships...buildings...etc. He would probably blend in pretty well. More than, Boba in jungle green on a dessert planet like Tatooine (say that five times fast). Sure a bounty hunter needs stealth sometimes, but fear is a way better weapon.
Hence Jodo Kast often going out impersonating Boba Fett, a Mandalorian is pretty scary. But that particular Mandalorian makes everyone nervous.


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Boba Fett survives on pure will power, he's not enhanced he's just tough as nails. He does feel pain because in both the Tales of the Bounty Hunter,Bounty Hunters Wars,and Bloodlines he makes mention of ignoring it. I'm sure he probably has nerve damage from the Sarlacc however, among other problems.


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"Ugly" Jim made a mental note that one of the ships in a bay near his was having some trouble, maybe he could make a few creds from the owner on his way back. Probably not, since he was already docked and the Hammer's specialty was hauling...Those oversized engines weren't just for show, Goran could tractor the Death Star into orbit if he wanted.

The tall Mando held up a flimsi with hastily scratched out directions to the tavern, and sauntered down the street at a brisk pace. "OYA!" He barked as he entered the tavern, a rousing chorus of voices and raised mugs answered him back. Scanning the establishment for .... "Nora Roan!"


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Okay, so Infamous let me read his comicbooks and this is how it goes....Comicbooks are NOT canon, but anyway.

Boba Fett is spit out by the Sarlacc, totally KOed and found by Jawas (they think he's a droid or borg,Jawas appenrently don't see Mandalorians too often). They stick him in the Sandcrawler, Han Solo arrives and finds Fett,who oddly enough can't remember anything that's happened to him. He helps Han out, oddly getting his memory back right before the crawler takes a dive in the pit (it was messed up by a tusken attack btw).

This is Marvel's Jawas of Doom which is terrible. Mostly there was a big scream to bring Boba back so they did,rather badly, and sent him right back to the pit again.

Fett reappears in Dark Horse comic's in Dark Empire 1 only saying that the Sarlacc found him undigestable leaving it to the reader's imagination on how exactly he got out (Dengar is with him btw). He also shows up in Dark Empire 2.

Tales of Jabba's Palace a book of short stories has Fett basically grenading the Sarlacc and crawling his way out. He gets out on his own,but is pretty messed up. Dengar finds him, apparently doesn't hold a grudge and you're off the the Bounty Hunter Wars novel series. A side note Fett shows up in several of the "Tales of" books.

He gets his own miniseries in dark horse collected together now, called "Death,lies and trechery" and a few other comicbook oneshots.

Fett doesn't reappear again in book form until the NJO novel Unified Force where he helps Han out of a jam with the Vong. And most currently in Bloodlines and the ebook Practical man.

I might have missed some, but that's basically it.


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Hello Miba, yep I know old Infamous alright, he's my older brother. He wants to know if you're still interested in law enforcement, he remembers you , Jonas, Ursula and Clone Trooper (he mentioned a few others) and knows a few newbies like myself and Fettish.

I'm sure what you really want to know is how he 's doing. Went through all his cancer treatments like the old trooper he is,and he's fine, cranky as ever. He sends his best regards to all his Mando buddies old and new.