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Climber, the rebellious clone. Ah,I like him too.


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"Ugly " Jim Goran nodded to his current comrades, "Right, got to inform the missus that I won't be home for supper." He grinned and cut a slab of his steak off with a knife and offered it to the strill, "Cos' yer so pretty, just like me." He gave a smile that was all teeth.

"Sundown then, verda." And with that the big man took what was left of the hunk of meat in hand and tore into it as he strolled for the door. An inventory of necessary tools and weapons going through his head.


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Wizard of cars is that a smoking body? Plain creeptastic dude.

Thylacine, I love Soundwave.LOL.


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Read it and weep my friends. I have the Boba Fett Football jersey, tie dye tee shirt, and electronic talking watch. Plus a couple of Mandalorian lapel pins.....fashionably Fett cool.


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ARC means the thread is dead, shouldn't beat a dead dewback.


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A relationship goes both ways, people seem to forget that. I think one of the reasons me and my boyfriend have been together so long is that we try and treat each other how we want to be treated.

He wants to go hang with the boys,that's fine. Just don't get trashed and crash the car. Same goes for me. We do certain things together, but sometimes we don't.

I pay for things, he pays for things. Like I said if you find someone interesting, take your time and think about what your doing. I actually ended up with a BF when I wasn't looking for one, than when I was.


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Well the easiest thing to do is define evil, and then see if Boba Fett actually fits the bill. Personally I don't  think he is evil, but no he's not a nice guy either.

And M. Assassin brings up a good point, he watched his only parent get beheaded as a boy. tends to skew one's perspective of right and wrong in the universe.


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Jango is a total tough arse, and Boba uses much of the same armor tech as his dad. And if you're going to use comicbooks like "Enemy of the Empire" where Boba goes against Vader...

Then in "Open Seasons" Jango kills twelve Jedi,that's right a dirty dozen. Not to mention he shoots a council member on the balcony in the geonosis battle.

Sure Mace kills Jango in the movies, beheads the poor beggar while he trys to get that damn jetpack working. But Boba gotten eaten by a Sarlacc after being hammered by a blind smuggler. Maybe the Fetts should sue the jetpack company or something.

Jango's cool,because he is one of the main reasons Boba Fett is the way he is.


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Hey greenie, just out of curiousity....how old are you?   yes,yes,I know.....off topic....bad bettie, bad.


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WHAT?!? Jango has his cool shapeshifting honey Zam. He would never trade in his purple suited killing babe for a once was a padawan turned assassin psycho bald headed biker chick.

Be for real..........................LOL!!!!!!!!

Like I said if someone tells me how I can put up a jpg pic I'll show you. Of course I'll be giving away an Imperial trade secret and may be shot on sight. LOL.

And no, Green Helmet. Draco is not my older brother, Infamous is. Me and Draco are just fettfriends,or fellow fett boarders. Just like me and you,buddy.


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Draco is a good guy, he just doesn't want the board to get bogged down with alot of messages in the wrong places.

So since this thread came about because of V-day I wonder if anybody did anything interesting?

Like bought a Mandalorian flowers and a box of chocolates?

Basically I don't think George really cares about Fett, he's a sidebar character. Most folks like ye 'olde Mandalorian because he has a nifty suit (admit that's why we were all attracted to him at first), so I don't think Lucas hates him, but he certainly doesn't harbor any love either.


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I found it via my older brother, who said "he tripped over it" which a suppose means he just found it laying about.

Yup, 501st guys like to make and wear SW armor. They also like to do wierd stuff and send photos to each other.

So I've seen pics of stormtroopers on the tiolet, in swimming pools, royal red guards on excercise machines, and even Boba Fett riding a motorcycle and playing putt-putt golf (curtisy of my older brother).

And yes,they love to terrorize the nieghborhood (but in a fun good humored way).


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No,no,Greenie. He means that we're not serious about SW characters dating each other.

Although Sing is a Jedi killer and so is Maul so at least they have that in common.

Wonder if she gets in any good radio stations with that antenna?


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I like Draco by the way, it means dragon. Did you know that? LOL, Dracula is derived from Draco.

Virtualbettie is an inside joke, aimed at all the wierd guys who try to pick me up online. I usually state, "I ain't your virtual Bettie" before I hit the ignore button.


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Yes,my darling. If you understood what it was you would too. Innocence of spam is a wonderful thing.


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awww, you guys just want Sing and Mual together because they're both bald. Green machine,there is a thread about Boba Fett unmasked on the site...You have to go find it, I think it's in serious geeking.

Someone tell me how to post a pic here and I'll show you,LOL. My brother has pics of him and his buddies doing wierd stuff like that


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Well, I loved Hellboy and he was a demon. I like Ghost Rider too. It more about over coming these forces, although Johnny Blaze did have something of a choice unlike Hellboy.

He made a deal with the devil,and we all know that never goes right. Hellboy was born the way he was,yet they both overcome these things and fight the good fight.

Hey Greenie, some of us actually have to pretend we work for a living (like me,if my boss finds out I'm goofing off.....well there will be a price on my head) so the replies come as they can. Patience,my man,patience.


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Hey Green Helmet,that question really doesn't belong in this thread my friend, but just to satisfy your curiousity....

Ye old Flamethrower (worn on the wrist yet) Fire is just so primative, always good to go low tech sometimes.


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Sibling rivalry goes both ways, and my brother and I got into our fair share of fights . He oddly enough was (and still is)  overly protective as well. He once took pepperspray in the face to clobber a kid who picked on me when we were in school (way back when).

As for the bf/gf situation, I think if you have one good, if you don't good. Your life doesn't depend on it. But don't be totally jaded to it because you may or have been burnt.

As for asking someone out, just ask them and be yourself.

It's a gamble, sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Really the best thing to do is not throw all your money on the table until your sure you've got a good hand. In otherwords, take your time and consider the options.


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Darth Vader was my first love, but I like Han Solo ( the rogue).

Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I have learned not to hold my breath on these things and to be pleasantly surprised when they turn out well.