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"Jari'eyc Jim Goran..." the big man introduced himself to  Earon. "...That's Ugly Jim to you non-mando types." Saviin shoved the girl toward the older man stating he was the lucky barve to watch her.

A big gloved hand rested on the stowaway's shoulder, and Goran's dull colored helmet dipped down close. "Now what possessed you to sneak onto a Mando ship?"

"Gutsy, but foolish." He straightened back up, "Stick with me, kiddo. Yah didn't sneak on the Hammer, so we're cool like Hoth." The gray toned warrior leaned back slightly, "But if you try to sabotage this job,or pull any osik...I will shoot you first, and ask questions later. Clear?"

He's also unmasked (and un armored,and going by the name of Hurn) in Unifying Force when Han and Leia first meet him and the Mando warriors. Han sort of reconizes the voice but not the face,so when he asks Fett if they ever met or if they knew each other....

Fett states, "I've one of those faces that used to appear familiar to everyone."

Leia later asks Han, "Did he mean 'familiar' before the Rebellion, or before all the scars?"

So he's definately got scars, and uses his own face as a disguise. But I seriously doubt he would be reconized as a clone, most would be dead of old age or battle by the time Fett is in his prime.

Ain't nothing geeky about Tem Morrison Fettish,he's buku uber sexy. The geekiest thing i own is some of those free toys from fast food joints. Like the flying Fett that balances on his chin,or the jango fett squirt gun.

I take that back,maybe the geekiest thing I own is those cute little playschool Star wars figs of both Fetts and several Clone troopers. Or all my old custom tee shirts from ebay, like the one that says "Got Armor?"


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Oh you know how it is with Trandoshans,they all look alike.


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Fetterthanyou wrote:
Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

9/10 Bullet-Tooth

I'm not sure about mine, Gin Ichimaru if anyone's wondering.

I like it, only because of the face he is making 8.5/10. Reminds me of this guy
http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j49/l … aughin.gif

I love that guy fetterthanyou


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Old my arse dude! I'm about to turn 39 and my older brother is leaning hard on the half a century mark. I've seen him lift up the end of a car, ain't nobody callin' him old,LOL.

Yet again here we go in the Fett vs. Fett thing. You know what I found disappointing about Jango Fett that he didn't get to kick more *** in the movies,the same disappointment I found in Boba Fett. Especially if anybody ever saw Once were warriors,you know T.M. is great in a brawl scene.

By the way,being a clone does not mean that you end up the same weight and build. If you took a guy and trained him to be a runner, he would be lean and sinewy. If you took the same guy and trained him to be a body builder he would be muscular and heavy. If you trained him to be a tri-athelete he would come out somewhere in between.

I've never heard of this so called comic Jango Fett versus the Razor Eaters,not to mention comics are not considered canon. No matter how much some of them are really great, most are crap.

Jango never says Boba is stronger than him,he says he's a better shot than he was as a boy. That's in the AOTC novel,look it up if you don't believe me. Of Course Boba was trained as a warrior from the get go,Jango started as a farmboy (shades of Luke Skywalker).

Jango was never the Mandalore, and Boba Fett became the Mandalore under duress. Both ended up leading mandos out of duty not by choice. By the way,not all the Mandos under Jango command die,because Dooku is interrogating one, also Jango was shot out of the sky and still went back to help his men. He STAYED with them,FOUGHT with them,that is what a commander should do. He is by no means a poor leader. Hell,in the end he even avenged them.

Jango and Boba also have different fighting styles, and that effects the way they are built.

Boba Fett prefers speed,stealth, and distance (his choice of less leg armor, a rifle, and leaner build suggest this).  Jango is a much more physical,in your face,street fighting man (his heavier style armor,short range pistols,and heavier build...not to mention the duke out with Obi-Wan). This part is of course just my speculation.....

Boba and Jango like any other son and father share alot of traits,but just because they are clones does not mean they are exact duplicates. Even the clone troopers start to act differently as they experience different things.

People,Fetts included, are more than the sum of their parts.


This was brought up in another thread, Slave 1. Jango had siesmic detonators, Boba has Ion cannons. Destroy Utterly. Immobilize and Capture. Jango Fett obviously has some anger managment problems.


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Met both Jeremy B. and Temuera M. (Logan would be the only Fett I haven't met), both fellas are the nicest guys. Very friendly,and chatty always willing to talk to fans and sign autographs, do photos.


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Goran's big frame sauntered in their direction dressed in his dull gray armor, a disruptor rifle held loosely in one arm, as if the large man needed such a potent weapon. The helmet tilted slightly, "Hail,hail...the gang's all here."

'Ugly' Jim was obviously looking over the Barabels, as he shifted his weapon into a more usable position. The older Mandalorian didn't take any chances, and he would just as soon disintegrate a sentient as he would buy them a drink. Just because he was a good natured Mando didn't mean he was a stupid one.

He nodded toward Anbu and his group, "See you picked up some extra cargo..." One could practically sense the toothy grin behind the black visor. "Turning a cred,while turning a cred.....How positively mercenary of you."

"Jari'eyc" kept his firearm loosely directed at the security team, while trying to look only mildly threatening. He didn't want any of the lizards to get happy trigger fingers, but he'd "ash" the first one that looked at the group funny....And the short red head with the look that could kill, well...he just preferred she kept her distance.

"So what's this project?" he asked Saviin,who was obviously guarding a newcomer. "This must be your spacebait, can't be too bad. 'Cos yer still here." He grinned behind his helm, but his pale blue eyes remained on the security team and their leader.


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300  (the movie) is based off of a Frank Miller (Mr.Sin City) comic depecting the tale. So the movie is done to look much like the graphics of the book,much like Sin City was. Lots of darks and lights, and monotone colors and what not.

I think the two societies have alot in common. They certainly are both stubborn as hell.


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Katarn came up on the Obdurate Hammer's screens and "Jari'eyc" Jim Goran leaned back in his seat. "Cute" he grunted outloud, as he read down the specs of the big ship. Hell it even made the Hammer look like a shuttle.

He and his ship still tagged along behind the Nineveh, always at what he considered a safe distance. Didn't want to crowd a pack of female warriors, his mama taught him to mind his manners. And his father said it was just plain common sense.

A big hand activated the comm on the old consule. "Ugly Jim here, I take it things have worked out onboard. Haven't seen anyone taking a spacewalk without a suit."  The big man grinned and it twisted his scar into a mockery of the expression as always.

"So what's our next move? Shaakback <piggyback> a ride, or slip through their defenses?" He asked, either way Goran knew he would have to hide the Hammer. She was too big for such things, this kind of thing wasn't her speciality.


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The Obdurate Hammer lifted off behind the Nineveh, following at a safe distance. The big engines rumbled the ship along and "Ugly" Jim reached for his commlink. "Goran here, if you don't mind I'll just tail you gals out." 

Hell,should have just come aboard and slaved the Hammer to their ship. Ah well,sometimes you come up with a good idea five minutes too late,old man. He reminded himself to be more on top of things once the job was under way and not to fall behind.

"Vidya sends her love,Roan." Actually his  wife was happy to hear he was working with her old friend, she said something like Nora could keep him out of trouble. He smiled widely as he looked fondly at the holo display on his ship's front consule of his wife and son. "Said you should stop by and see her sometime,yah know...bring the girls."

Their marriage had started as a business arrangement, he knew better than to think his looks attracted Vidya to him. He was a fine enough warrior, but there were certainly more that were fiercer. And she was a good woman,tough and loving, and well connected in the Mando community...certainly better than he deserved.

He have to ask Roan how she come to know Vidya at some point on the job,he was sure it was most likely an interesting story. One thing about Vidya,there was never a dull moment....and she often said her friend Nora was like a lost twin sister.


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Rotten kids and old farts, can't forget the old farts. LOL.


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SD_Chick wrote:

Haflinger (breed of small horse from Austria)

I find this funny because I work with Belgian Draft horses, and one day a guy insisted that this huge mare I was driving was a "Haflinger". He dead out refused to hear otherwise, so finally I gave in and told him it was a "Fullinger". LOL.


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Goran kicked up his heels onto an empty spot of the Hammer's control consule, and crossed his legs at the ankles. A wide gruesome smile crooked his mouth, the talk with his wife was brief and to the point as it usually was. She was a practical woman and didn't believe in wasting words or time, which of course was one of the reasons he married her.

The Obdurate Hammer was in the midst of fueling, a long boring process for the transport. Ugly Jim leaned forward to examine a ship docked next to his and he repressed a snorting boastful laugh. The ship was only as big as one of the Hammer's huge engines. A tug like his was a rare sight on a planet were most of the inhabitants owned warcraft and  all purpose freighters.

The half Corellian sat in thought for a moment, before he  picked up a rifle and began to give it a once over to make sure it would be ready. Afterall someone might take a bit of offense that their little war party was about to drop by....


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LOL,well I'm a girl...BUT my older brother also sometimes put his two cents in with mine. So my ID some times has a dual personality, although I'm pretty tomboyish. I've gotten into plenty of fights, I'm as opinionated as they get, and worse I can be vindictive. My motto is usually don't get angry get even.


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LOL, "fire plug" because most people call them hydrants and plug is an old term from like the old,old days. "Plug ugly" actually comes from guys who use to try and hide the hydrants from other fire companies, back when they made money from shaking folks down to put out their houses.


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LOL, pink wouldn't be so bad. Maybe some big lacy bows and ribbons to spruce it up?


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I always hate these who's better, Jango or Boba Fett, since I love both Mandalorians. But to put it simply, in the "Attack of the Clones" novel when good old papa Jango is training his cute lil  sociopathic cloned son Boba. He notes mentally to himself that Boba is better at a pistol or somesuch than he was at Boba's age. Which of course is how Jango wants it, he wants his kid to be the best.

Course at ten Jango was working on a farm with his dad when the Deathwatch and the True Mandalorians came into his life. Boba at ten was training with his Mandalorian bounty hunter dad when a noisey Jedi knight, one Obi Wan Kenobi, came into the picture. Who knows what would have happened if Boba got picked up by one of the Mandalorian instrutors after geonosis,maybe he would have turned out exactly like his old man?

As for a combat situation, never would happen. Jango loved his rotten kid way too much,and Boba idolized that old fart like nobody's business. They would rather stand back to back and go down fighting the entire universe than go against each other.


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CAn't I pick them all? LOL


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Hey Meeb,how'd you'd get a nickname like amoeba?

That's a riot, and yet.....hmmmmmmmmm......*wonders what happens to all those dead Imperial officers*


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Everybody love a thousand year old Mandalore apparently.....Me TOO!


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ROTFL, I have one of those. Worse it gets dressed up the holidays, the best being Christmas. Santa hat and lights everywhere.


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I've got an alligator handbag that Bossk can date, LOL.