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Maybe it was just a freak accident, like something getting kicked up by a car. Sorry to hear about it anyway, must have scared the osik outta yah.


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Ahhhhh, well there must be a reason for that vengence. Mandos seem to name their kids for anything and everything.


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Je'karta Ka'rta wrote:

I got a question for everyone...
Hey is it possible to change your username in here? I wanted to use one in Mando'a but I figured it would be taken... However, it seems that not a lot of people research Mando'a names on here. Not that that is a bad thing it was just unexpected.

I think you would have to start all over to change your name. So what's it mean anyway? I know ka'rta is heart. I wouldn't be disheartened, vod'ika...I only speak pigeon Mando, it's not so jate.

I'm old so learning a new language is a pain in the ***. Of course I can curse in about twelve of them including Mandoa, LOL.

I was frozen in carbonite for the last couple of years.... Spice mines of Kessel? Imperial labor camp? No?


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EdieKaye wrote:
Infamous wrote:

I still think when someone says RPG they mean rocket propelled grenade and not role playing game.

Me too. I apparently play more shooters than role playing games. smile

LOL, thank god I'm not the only one.

I always liked that Jango and Boba have different personalities, being cloned doesn't make you identical. Events in your life effect you and the way you grow as a person, both Fetts basically lose their fathers at the age of around ten. But where as Jango was then raised by Mandos, Boba was on his own.
Jango had a more social background growing up (although warrior based) than Boba, who is more of a loner because of it. That's why the olc man might seem a lot more personalbe...for a bounty hunter. But Jango did teach Boba what he needed to know to survive for those first years.
You can always reason out why someone does something either as good or bad, it really depends on the eye of the beholder. Why did he shoot Zam? Maybe because it was easier, or maybe because she was about to betray him under duress by use of the Force. Lots of folks don't take to that well,LOL.
Why is his armor silver it's too easy to spot. Maybe Jango doesn't care if you see him coming, he is a bit of a cocky bastard. He knows he's good, maybe a little too overconfident (hell, we've all been guilty of that, admit it).
I like that Boba gets some background from Jango's death because it makes sense that he becomes such a hard *** after his dad gets offed. Like not only did Jango die that day but whatever was human in Boba went with him (little cliche I know).
Or you can just think Lucas is on crack trying to tie up loose ends.
There are days when I think it's both, LOL.

Tony the Tiger? That's kinda cool. I've met  Prowse, who is pretty nice if you bring up that you remember him in Clockwork Orange too. Of course all actors like to be known for their work. And Jeremy B. who is beyond nice, as well as modest. Morrison, who is just fun and is like everyone's drinking buddy (always messing around with a dopey joke). Peter is the nicest guy, way nice, so nice it will make your teeth hurt.
In the non-Star Wars bracket I've also met danny glover, who is a nice guy ....At least when I met him, but at the time I was still in uniform and on duty (I was a cop for anyone not in the know). And recently I met Adam Baldwin (not to be confused with Alec Baldwin), who's a little off beat but really nice, very polite too. I like him because he played SWAT in some tv series he was in, and I was in a unit for about five years. We talked a lot about guns, LOL!


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Janos sent me a couple emails to make sure I was still among the living for a bit, but I always wonder how she is (wow, a girl huh? ). Thanks for clearing up that ICM thing, as soon as I saw it the words Inter-Continental Missle popped up in my head. I still think when someone says RPG they mean rocket propelled grenade and not role playing game.

Congrats on getting married, and I won't hold it against you that you ain't into law enforcement anymore, LOL. Whew, 23...I officially feel old now.

No worries Mandogirl, you'll hear it all soon enough. Welcome to the boards new members, and thanks for the welcome back from the older ones.


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Well, when you're as old as me and lived the kind of life I do that can happen.


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No worries, I'm still the oldest here. I was here back in 2002 with Miba when she was just a youngster (LOL), think she's old enough to buy me a beer now. Anyway, I'm past the half century marker, I'm like granddaddy Fett age.
Howdy to Aaron, Mel, Janos (if he's still here), Bats, and any of the old crew that is still here. (*Glomps* Miba back from the intro posts, lol!)

Hey there to all new and old posters! As you can see I'm still around just older then dirt. Some of you will remember me some of you won't, just wanted to wish both new and old Fett fans happy holidays before we get into that crunch.
-Infamously Yours-