About two months now I think. but I lurked around for about 5 months before I deicided to join.


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I am just about to finish this book and I love it! Although I like HC better because of their inexperience with wets and working with an inexperienced jedi. It just seemed like a slightly better story to me.


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Venom hands down, he is superstrong, insane, and hates Spiderman.


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I think it would have to depend on the Yautja. Boba may be able to take out an Elder but take out a normal Yautja easily. Dutch did it and Boba is alot better than Dutch was. Even a cop took one out.


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Great Job Daenna! Keep it up!

Bossk and IG-88 all the way.

The normal animated Boba Fett is going to be $80 I dont know yet about the edition or its size. Its going to be released in September.


I thought it was one of the better films outside the actual Star Wars movies. The Boba Fett suit looked very well done and his voice surprizingly wasnt bad.


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That is a great story! You should continue it, I want to figure out what Jango says.


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The movie is very good, alittle short maybe but that is fogiveable.


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I just got done downloading it, it was worth going to Divx's website and downloading the codex (for free) Its one of the best fan films ive seen yet of Boba.

I like Boba's new voice, it fits in better with Jango being his father. His old voice was too rough for my likings.


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Its so cute! I want one now...there goes another $300 -_-'


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wow im not alone in growing up with Star Wars!


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He doesnt wear Jaster's armor, he wears Jango's helmet (note the dent in the helmet that Jango gained in the arena which is exactly in the same spot as Boba's) Boba got the armor resized to fit him and painted it green.


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my Fettish is a family thing. I grew up with pictures of him, watching the movies and listening to stories from my dad. So it was only natural I'd grow up with a Fettish.


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I like Jango better, ONLY because Jango has a full set of Mandalorian armor (armor on legs). but Boba would never look right with full armor so I guess its a draw.


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no I wasnt here 9 months ago, I had just found this site about 5 months ago.

Personally I like George's background of Boba better. Its nice to see he was taught most of his bounty hunting and Mandalorian skills from his father. Its also nice that Jango's backstory shows what happened to the Mandalorians. To me it all fits and makes perfect sence. The jaster story never made much sence to me at all.


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I think this is a great idea. It shows off some great Fett artwork and allows some of the more unknown artists to get there work shown. If this works I'll join in and post my few Fett works.


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Before Attack of the Clones, Boba's real name was Jaster due to Tales of the Bounty Hunters being published. When ATOC was released it was revealed that Boba's real name was Boba after all. This created alot of tension between "Jaster" Boba fans and "Boba" Boba Fett fans. So this was solved by stating that Boba used Jaster's name during his stay on Concord Dawn to fit in better.

So calling Boba Fett, Jaster Mareel isnt so wrong. It's just not his actual name its an alias.


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I am 16 and soon to be 17 in April


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Jango, no Fett wannbe can beat a real Fett, its been proven once.


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Too bad the headscuplt on it, isnt as good as at $15 figure should be. Otherwise is a great figure.


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Bounty Hunter 2

Battlefront 3

Republic Commando 2

and a game about the Bounty Hunter Wars

My favorite is his helmet, but that could count as armor so as an actual weapon I would pick his flamethrower.