Hello, everyone! I trust that you are having an awesome 2012 so far? I haven't posted here in a long time and wanted to give you a heads up that I have 20 new Star Wars personal sketch cards up on ebay until Monday, 2/20! All cards have been completed in Ink, Copic markers, colored pencils and acrylic. I started all bidding at only 99 cents and worldwide shipping is available! So come on, browse the store, and enjoy!! Thank you for your support! http://stores.ebay.com/captivetiger

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Okay, you want feedback? Here's some feedback! WHOO HOO!!   smile  smile  smile
Three HAPPY FETTS for you!! They're mind blowing!!


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Nope, Jango don't suck. He beat the crap out of Obi-Wan, then chased him the hell through an asteroid field and nearly killed him. He don't suck. And he probably paid a lot of money to keep that armor clean, too.

Thank you! I appreciate your compliments!



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I became a fan right after he popped out from behind that wall and took those shots at Luke in ESB. Back then, my friends and I were wondering if Boba could be "the OTHER".


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Hola, Fett fans! My name is Anthony, I'm new to these parts and I'm an artist who loves drawing Fett! You'll see my avatar soon!!