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Well as far as staying away from the spotlight it was easy; I mean you could have the principle mention your birthday on the morning announcements, but on 9/11 it was always "Today is the X anniversary of the horrible...." etc etc, and he'd always forget, so I could kind of just fade away. Or would have been able to, if I didn't have friends who'd go down to the office and be like "Listen G, our boy's got a birthday, get your **** together!"  Ever since I joined in this fellowship of mischievous deviants I love and call "my boys" (so if I say that, it does NOT mean I got some girl pregnant and am now a father of 2+ kids), it's become impossible to ignore. They're just crazy like that.


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Definitely hot, as hot as I can without it being uncomfortable. I hate the cold.


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((Good to go. I've played all of them, but WoW's the only one I've stuck with. Ironically my newest favorite character is a priest...))


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Congratulations on what I consider surpassing the limits of male endurance.


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I guess I can get that Miba, I generally hate being in the middle of the spotlight too. That said, it IS your birthday, I mean I guess you earned it being....born, and everything. Enjoy it while you can before all of us start being afraid of adding one more number instead of looking forward to it.

However, my birthday usually ensures that people pay as little attention to me as possible, and may even trump Seco's concessions stand for Worst Birthday Occurrence Ever:

My b-day is 9/11.


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Mountains. I like running, and running on beaches is hard, freakin sand.

That and I love climbing, like, a lot. Seriously, rock walls, cliff faces, anything I can get on and up since I was about 5, it's like a glorious, heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping addiction.....ya I'm a wee bit  passionate about this.

Alright, I haven't let the gamer-nerd in me out in a bit, so how bout an MMO

World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, Lord of the Rings Online, or Guild Wars?


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Half life 2 fo sho. I mean Im all for classic games, but once you experience a technology gap between games that big, it's hard not to go for the newer, shinier one. Really there is an enormous difference between the Doom-like Half Life 1 and the nigh-graphical perfection of the sequel. Changes between sequels, like the halo series, can be more subtle, but in this case I really don't see any other option.

McDonald's, Wendy's, or Burger King?


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Snowy - means they probably put us in ACUs instead of winter B uniforms and cancel formations.

....that and it's real pretty.


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Being a very masculine, burly, and manly man, I shall provide insight.

Obviously it's the presence of another man in your life - Boba's a hard person to measure up to. Most guys are probably just intimidated.


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It's the "Adam's race" thing, Eve totally doesn't get enough credit ....even if she did kind of screw over humanity by gettin us kicked from Eden....man why did Adam have to be whipped?

As for superiority, every race has their BAMFs, so it's nigh impossible to tell who's better. I mean Americans have Chuck Norris, Asians have Jet Li, african americans have Vin Rames, Will Smith, AND Morgan Freeman, austrians have the Governator, the list just goes on and on. In fact...each one of those names should probably have been mentioned in the Geneva Convention, pretty sure they count as weapons of mass destruction.


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Always happens whenever anyone mentions evolution: someone disagrees and it turns into a shit-show.

No one's condemning a perfectly intelligent-sounding threat, quite the contrary it's an enormously mature and complex subject, but if anyone is going to keep going at it, it has to be calm and rational. Caps and exclamation marks being launched back and forth are a quick way to get a threat locked.


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You guys should hit the beach tanning or somethin, and lay off the black eyeliner.


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Hence: FWB and hook ups are the righteous path!

jk, it's not for everyone.

As far as the age thing goes, I will give Seco this: it is a hell of a lot easier to look cool when you can drive yourself, with out a doubt. Thinking back on the parent-driven date days....gives me the heebly jeeblies.


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I dunno, I could imagine Boba like kicking down the door instead of knocking and going:

"Knock knock motherf***er. Better not plan on giving me any of that fun-size garbage."

I beat both Halos on legendary coop with one of my boys, but anyone with persistence and an immunity for boredom can do that. Recently I've fallen out of videogaming so I'd have to go back a ways.....

My best gaming years were actually for the N64. I was an absolute beast at Paper Mario XD, at this game called Gauntlet Legends my brother and I reached maximum level and pretty much owned everything. But above all...I was a demi-god at the original Super Smash Brothers. I'd play with three lvl 9's teamed against me just for fun, virtually rape my boys even when they started gangin up on me like hood rats....those were good times.

The secret? Kirby, my bff.


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Good for you, I hope you enjoy your freedom - I definitely do. Maybe I just don't like being tied down....oh well, I'll save philosophizin' for another time.

And just a random observation...is that last part of your sig from HK-50 in KOTOR II?


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My friend is unfortunately moving to California in a few days, and I'm all the way on the east coast, so it's kind of a downer. As a result I was looking at some old pictures to remember the good old days, and came across a few rather choice ones I would like to share with you.


This one was from our senior prom, and don't tell me that vest don't look fly.


...wow.....this one is actually from the military academy. We were required to do a skit-type-deal for halloween utilizing only items we've been issued. The stache and tats were drawn with boot polish.


This is quite possibly my favorite picture ever taken by mortal men. This was my last summer with the boys, when we went down to Florida for a week. From right to left; Me, Swimming Friend, Yautja, and Car-Obsessed Friend. You'll never beat us.....


Graduation....I never thought I'd miss that school. From right to left one of my brothers, Football Friend, and then me. ....We're just close, that's all.


Sorry I'm bored today but this is the last one I promise. Was taken at the Regimental Ball up here at the MCV, mid-way through the night. Standing next to me is one of my Rook Brothers, looking only slightly out of it.


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Damn, MossNoth's back on the market,  heart-breaker and life taker of the BFFC.

I've kind of given up on relationships for the time being, they never seem to really work out for me, so I've been keepin things on a semi-strictly hook-up/friends with benefits basis.


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I'd go with the cold-blooded hottie, on account of my raging and boundless passion. Plus needy and whiny will **** me off in no time.


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I believe in Fettism, wherein the Universe was created in only 3 days because the almighty Boba Fett needed a bigger hunting ground. It's sweepin the nation, keep an eye out for our advertisements.


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A hispanic Fett? Hmm, that'd be somethin.

Merciless is right about Jason Statham, now that I think about it the voice would fit nigh perfectly.


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I have recently discovered the musical wonder that is Hollywood Undead, it's some good stuff. In addition, you know that rap song Lollipop? Well look up that same song covered by the band Framing Hanley, its a rock remix and actually really, really good. Last thing, if you want a laugh, look up the music video for Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3.


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Hell you could take some of mine, I've had enough of it.


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I love all you , merry Christmas you filthy animals.


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One day the world will look up and shout "Save us!", and I'll whisper, "No."

Watchmen baby, hell ya.