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Thug life!

Ya we don't really have any gang affiliation, don't wanna **** off all you crips out there.


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NAME: Devik Meejen


SEX: Male

AGE: 26

APPEARANCE: Large, vaguely-canine humanoid. Roughly similar to a Bothan or a Shestavan, but for the countless quills covering each Spiner’s body. Spiners are more or less humanoid porcupines, even possessing the ability to eject these needles with considerable force by flexing various muscles. When not agitated, Devik keeps the needles laid flat, flush with his body. In this way the spines are hardly noticeable, instead appearing to be a segmented, glimmering coat. Devik in particular is rather small by Spiner standards.



PERSONALITY: Devik is quiet and brooding, decidedly far too serious for his young age and limited experience. From the day he threw his first spine, he became fascinated and obsessed with mastering his genetic gift. For hours on end he would skewer makeshift dummies and pierce hand-drawn targets, dead-set on utilizing this ability to its fullest potential. After expending his body’s spines, the period of regrowth and waiting (about 1-2 days) were usually met with depression and impatient anxiety to resume his self-imposed, rigorous training. Even after finally being content with his skills, Devik was dismayed by the lack of use for them. Being what the Spiners would go so far as to consider an “expert” marksman, they tended to discourage violent or destructive uses of their god-given talents, fearing that the Galaxy would come to view the rapidly dwindling Spiner population as a virtual band of living weapons (not a very political move for a species lobbying for galactic aid to save their soon-to-be extinct species). Disappointed and a little disgusted with his species’ adoption of pacifism, Devik left the Spiners’ new home-world, Elrood (the original Spiner home planet was destroyed when the system’s sun went super-nova), and wandered the galaxy searching for a way to use and profit from his unique mastery of his species’ gift. Somewhere between then and now work changed from security, to strong-arming, to bounty hunting, and then to assassinating. The Spiner feels himself particularly qualified for the current assignment – Jaylah’s life – due to his ability to remain distanced yet deadly while on a planet that forbade the possession of weaponry.


Devik sat patiently at the open bar set against one wall of the Yellow Crystal Arena’s meeting room. He hunched over his drink, trying to make it less obvious that his gruff, harsh visage had no business being in such an illustrious place as this. Or rather, he certainly did have business here, though none of it good. Or legal, for that matter.

The Spiner’s employer was uncomfortably anonymous on this job. After being given nothing more than a small advance payment as assurance of the sponsor’s legitimacy and a comm channel, Devik had been receiving his orders and details by short, concise text messages, which would then assumedly give him a drop location where he’d receive his payment. The system was unnerving, but the money was unbelievable, and the quill-thrower was willing to take a certain amount of risks in return for such a huge payday.

His plan was brutally simple. Wait for the show, get within striking distance, hurl a spine through her chest, and escape in the ensuing panic. The price of admittance was an unfortunate setback, but hopefully it would be nothing more than a drop in the bucket after his reward. In just the short time he’d been sitting and sipping his drink, he’d noticed a number of interesting events transpire around the meeting room.

Jaylah had been nearby not long ago, and it was all he could do to keep his youth and eagerness in check. She was in sight but not within range of his quills, and her Trandoshan bodyguard would likely feel some kind of way about someone getting up and rushing his employer; and Devik’s needles would be but hail on a rooftop to the reptilian’s thick scales. And so the Spiner waited, checking his chrono in obvious boredom. This show couldn’t start soon enough.

The only other notable occurrence was a tall man in conspicuous Mandalorian that had abruptly stood and thrown a dagger at some small device on the meeting room wall.

Way to be subtle. As if that accomplished anything. Devik had thought, shaking his head at the insignificance of it all, it’s the meeting room of one of the largest theater’s on Alderaan, of course there’d be security devices. All you’re doing is showing everyone on this peaceful planet that you’re armed, and inciting hostilities right out in the open, in broad daylight. Not to mention now whoever was monitoring these cameras before he destroyed it knows his face and that he’s hostile. How stupid.

Just a moment later the same man leapt forward, drew a knife, and slammed a man against the wall, pressing the blade to the surprised man’s throat. Devik thought the man might’ve said something about calling AlderSec, but he couldn’t be sure from this distance. He strained his ears:

“Yes, you can…but you won’t.” The tactless knife-wielder threatened. Everyone in the room couldn’t help but notice the blatant offense taking place, and watched on in horror as the armored figure left the room.

Maybe he won’t, but the dozen or so other bystanders will. Devik scoffed; he had no doubt that the police would catch up to the man with such an obvious description (not many men walk the streets of Alderaan in Mandalorian battle armor) before too long (and indeed they had, though in the end it was Kraddassk who would suffer for it).

Since then not too much had transpired, although the Spiner was sure others would be working to end the Jizz singer before or during the concert. For now he had to have faith that the diva and her escorts would keep her safe until Devik could make his move. He sipped again at his drink and sighed. Waiting was the worst part of his job


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Adeptus, I'm very impressed. It looks like you've not only heard of but love both The Dark Tower and LFG, fantastic.


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In any case...props to Sev for reading LFG.

Mayhap this can finally be locked?


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I live in a big city, not all it's cracked up to be in my opinion. I always preferred the woods, as a kid I loved running around and climbing things, playing capture the flag and all that, it just seems more open and peaceful....not to mention safer.

My younger brother and sister's school bus got a window shot out on the way to school, and I've had a stabbing happen about 10 ft away in the middle of the school cafeteria (the guy who got stabbed beat the **** out of the guy with the knife, pretty BA), not to mention gotten a shank pulled on me. Civilization comes with a risk, xD


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I've seen all of em, really good stuff.

However, my one beef is the gunshot effects in #3, dunno what happened there.


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I wonder if in Star Trek they could just "beam" the baby out....


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I know a guy who, no lie, legit, named his kid Mara Jade. That's Star Wars dedication right there.

ya Im around, just lookin for a good RPG to get addicted to, kinda disappointed when the second battledome seemed to fall through.


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That's a huge cake for your 6th birthday.


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You can buy schoolgirl's underwear in Japanese vending machines, no lie.

Hey man, if alcohol was so evil, Jesus wouldn't have made it poof from water right? Right.

^ Pssst, it's a joke, not turnin this into another god vs. evolution thread.


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Highly motivating, I like how you roll.


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Hmm, I disagree entirely.

People underestimate the youth of society, thinking if they can drink they'll just all get plastered and get themselves and their friends killed. There are some like that, true, but I write that off as natural selection. If you've got good friends to have a good time with, then the chances of anything detrimental happening are very slim. One of my boys drove down the block once after having a couple drinks, and I beat the hell out of him. It's friendly moral support like that that keeps you safe.


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I'm all in for bashing the drinking age, not like most high school kids from 15 -18 don't do it anyway, so what's the point really? It's really not doing much to stop it, what with all the gandi-marts you can just hit up, it just means kids have to get out or go to a party, when maybe all they wanted to do was knock a few back with their friends at home. In some ways the laws just make it more dangerous, getting people out of the house where drunk driving can become a problem, making it seem more cool and risky and thusly much more appealing, or maybe even making kids get fake ID's and getting floored in a liquor store robbery like McLovin, you just can't know anymore.


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Damn Alo, be gettin mad Fett girls. Bout to give you the Semi-Annual SciFi BFFC Pimp Award - it's very prestigious, you should be proud.


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Cool McCoy, I know a guy that goes to film school in New York, regular child prodigy.


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Seco Fett wrote:

Cool! I might be a cop, in America or otherwise. I hate it when people drive even a mile over the speed limit. After all, it's called the speed limit!

Not gonna lie, I really don't share that kind of enthusiasm. I typically drive considerably faster than the "speed limit", I mean honestly going that slow gets you passed out and looked at funny. I really can't see myself pulling people over for doing over the speed limit, when it's really not something I'm against, so I'd rather not be a regular street cop; thinking about trying for the U.S. Marshals or a similar, somewhat less menial job.


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For those of you guys in college, what's your major?

I'm going for Criminal Justice, planning on going law enforcement after my Marine Corps enlistment.


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A man goes into an interview to join the NSA. After going through strenuous background checks and reviewing his considerable resume, the agent conducting the examination tells him that there's just one more test for him to complete. The agent hands the man a pistol.

"This is your final test of loyalty to the agency." The man says, "In the room over there, you will find your wife sitting in a chair. We want you to kill her."

Nodding solemnly, the man proceeds into the room and closes the door. Seconds later the agent hears several gunshots, screaming, smashing, and cursing. Soon after the man walks back out, speckled with blood and wiping sweat from his brow.

"What in the hell just happened?" The agent asked, bewildered.

"Well, you see, the gun you gave me was loaded with blanks, so I had to beat her to death with the chair."


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You think your college blows, try mine out for a couple days. Recruit SciFi at the Military College of Vermont, Norwich University. 4 hours from home, frozen tundra, and hell 24/7/365 rather than just weekdays.  : )

I dramatize it but you get desensitized to getting screamed at and messed with after awhile. Just waiting to get recognized as actual people at this point. If we're lucky, it'll be sometime next month.


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Takin away my guns before I hit 21, this is MADNESS!!!


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I suppose World of Warcraft could go here, not that I can play it for another couple of months.

But aside from my beloved world of gaming, I do a bit of reading here and there. Most notably, the 7-book epic saga of The Dark Tower, by Stephen King. Undoubtedly the greatest series of books I have ever read.


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I've actually taken up my ancient Pokemon Blue Version when I get bored enough. I haven't played it in about 8 years, and I'm concerned how much I remember and how easily I can identify pokemon by the sound they make. Guess some things just stick in your head when you used to play it like it was your day job.


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3 Doors down is good; Kryptonite was my favorite song until the latest album came out, then "It's Not My Time" took the title - that's some epic **** right there.

Staind is pretty good too. I usually listen to them when I'm not feeling so hot; they just seem to have a darker mood to most of their songs.


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I haven't really learned to drive stick yet, but I should be getting a new car relatively soon that's gonna be stick shift, so it's sink or swim I guess. I'd really at least like to learn just to know, but as of now my experience is limited to my automatic Pathfinder, endearingly dubbed "The Noble Green Beast". Ya, y'know what it's from.


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Mozilla, not even a contest.