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Isn't that the Simpsons one? I'll give a quote if I got it right.

...um, it's by a band called Supertramp. You still oughta guess the title.

And Fett_II, yours is Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce.

((Sure. New characters always welcome.))


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"Brick in the wall" by Pink Floyd. (All though the actual lyric is "How can you have any pudding if you sit in your seats?)

Alright, try this one: "Won't you sign up your name, we'd like to feel your respectable, acceptable, presentable, a vegetable!"

"Oh, god. Not you." Anasazi was not in the mood to fight Jack today. He and Jericho continued sprinting down the hall, when Anasazi slowed down.

"Jericho, do your best to get out of here. I'll buy you some time." Anasazi told his partner.

"What about Burnout?" Jericho asked.

"I konked him pretty hard on the head while I was invisible. He'll be out for a little while. All the more reason for you to go NOW."

"Nah, I think I'll stay and fight."

Anasazi didn't feel like arguing. "Fine." He then grabbed his walkie-talkie. "Alastor! Get in here, now! Circle around the building, you should see a window I broke! Fly in, we're somewhere on that floor!"

"Rodger dodger!" Alastor's voice came back.

"Great. Now let's just try and get out alive."

"Think, think, think..." Mr. Anasazi had stopped jiggling the door and massaged his temples, trying to come up with a plan. The whole building was on lockdown. the detention center's doors were locked tight and would probably stay that way until ockdown subsided. Mr. Anasazi needed to undo the lcokdown somehow, but that would be tricky. Unless...

Alastor was incredibly anxious. "Maybe I should just go in there, guns a blazing, and kill everyone except boss and Jericho. Then we wouldn't have to worry about those heroes anymore. That's a good idea, isn't it, Bradburry? Why are you always taking his side? What do you mean 'insecure'? How dare you suggest that I--"

Alastor was interuppted by the buzzing of the black lego Mr. Anasazi had stuck on his neck as negative reinforcement.

Alastor, a voice seemed to speak in Alastor's head. It's me, Anasazi. That black object is synched up with your nervous system. It let's me speak to your mind. Now listen closely--

"So, wait, your psychic now?" Alastor blurted out.

No, you can just hear my voice in your head. I'm actually speaking into walkie-talkie that sends the words to your brain. Now listen--

"Is this the signal?"

.....yes, Alastor, this is the signal. Now, listen, I need you to strike Andromeda HQ and make it lose power.

"But boss, you know this thing has some kind of back-up power, right?"

Yes. In fact, I'm counting on it. Now do as your told, or I'll use that chip's other functions.


Back in Andromeda HQ, Mr. Anasazi waited intently for Alastor to do his thing. After a few seconds, a loud bang could be heard, and all the lights in Andromeda HQ went out. Now only to see if there was auxilary power...

After a few more seconds, the lgihts returned as a back-up generator started up. However, these lgihts were standard fluorescent ones, not red-alert lights.  Mr. Anasazi's gamble that shutting down and rebooting HQ's systems would undo lockdown had worked.

Noticing his cloaker was off, Mr. Anasazi re-cloaked himself, tried the keycard aagain, and when it worked, dashed in the room to try and retrieve Jericho without alerting Burnout.

Mr. Anasazi jiggled the door handle angrily.

"Open!" He hissed. "OPEN!"

Mr. Anasazi made his way through the detention wing, searching each room frantically for Jericho.

"come on, come on..." He huffed under his breath. "Where are you...? There's gotta be a million sensors registering me right now. I swear, Jericho, if it all goes downhill jsut because you had to get your precious Charger, I'll strap you to the Tahjma Hall and let Alstor loose..."

Mr. Anasazi looked in the door window of the next room. The good news was, Jericho was in it. The bad news was, so was Burnout.

"#$%^@!!!" Anasazi groaned, seeing the super in there with his pal. "Better make this quick..." Anasazi took the security card he swiped from the guard and slid it in the slot on the door before pulling the handle. No dice. The lockdown must have super-locked all the doors.


Alastor stood impatiently on the roof of the buidling next to Andromeda HQ, waiting for something to happen.

"Kkzzt, this is Alastor to German guys from "Die Hard", what is your position, over. Kkzzt" Alastor said into an imaginary walkie-talkie. "Kkzzt, this is German guys, we just got finished killing everyone in the buidling without you, and now we're splitting ten billion dollars in cash and sixty pounds of jamaican weed while you freeze your @$$ out there doing nothing important and pretending you have a walkie-talkie, over. Kkzzt. Kkzzt, Alastor to German guys, #$%^&*@#/>*$*< YOU!!! over. Kkzzt." Alastor tossed his imaginary walkie-talkie on the ground in fury.

"What?" He said out of the blue, turning his head to his sword, sheathed on his hip. "What was that, Bradburry?" Alastor pulled out his sword and looked at it as though it was telling him all the secrets of the universe.

"Yeah, again...I guess we'll just wait til he signals us...no, I don't know what the signal is!...He said I'd know it when I saw it!...Yeas, that's all he told me!...Oh come on, baby, don't be like that, I--....what does that mean?...I don't know why we call him that...I don't know why he does it either, Bradburry, and whenever I ask, he dodges the question... I don't know why he dodges the question..."

Mr. Anasazi groaned in frustration as cliched red lights began to flicker all through the Andromeda building.

"Well, crap." At least he was invisible, right?

Anasazi speedily made his way through the detention hall, searching for his partner in crime, unaware of the various sensors picking up his every movement.

Mr. Anasazi was in one of the detention rooms, handcuffed to a table, his body draped over the back of a chair still feigning unconsciousness. He lazily let one eye fall open to be sure he was alone. He assumed the armored man had left to get someone to interrogate him. He was alone. Perfect.

Standing up, he attempted to break the cuffs, but realized the snapping metal would make too much uneccesary noise. He had a better idea, anyway.

Reaching for his belt buckle, he twisted a knob that made himself invisible. Next, he opened his palm, outstretched his hand, and fired a lazer blast at a window that had a lovely view of the buidling next to Andromeda HQ. The window shattered with a loud crash.

Sure enough, a guard came rushing to the door and peered in the door's window. Seeing a broken window and no prisoner, the guard naturally assumed Mr. Anasazi had jumped out the window. He jerked open the door, and ran in with his stun gun at the ready. He dashed over to the table to inspect the handcuffs, but saw they were intact, and one end was floating in the air.


The guard suddenly doubled over in pain and fell to the floor, as though he had been struck very hard in the stomach. Which he had been. Mr. Anasazi reached back for his belt, turned the knob again, and rematerialized in the room. Stealing the necessary keys from the unconscious guard, Mr. Anasazi unlocked the handcuffs and the door, before re-cloaking himself and tiptoing through the detention hall in search for his comrade.

"Who am I?" Mr. Anasazi asked, examining the man in the armor. "My friend, I am much more interested in who you are. That armor is vaguely...familiar. What does it run on?"

"You're asking some fairly personal questions. I ask again, who are you?"

"It's neuraly-controlled isn't it? Hotwired into your brain? Did you ever figure out how to make it work without binding it to you? Old friend of man once had trouble with that..."

The man in the armor was getting mad. " Who?!? Are?!? You?!?"

"Oh, me?" Mr. Anasazi asked, finally getting around to the question. "I'm one of the guys who hepled slaughter a restaurant full of innocnets earlier yesterday." ((If that's incorrect I'll edit))

Anasazi was met with a armored fist to his face. Feigning unconcsiousness, Anasazi fell to the ground, seemingly out cold.

"Where's the detention center in this place?" He heard the armored man ask.

All according to plan.

The Volkswagon pulled in front of Andromeda HQ.

"So, we gonna run in there and kill everything that moves?" Alastor asked.

"No, we play this smart. We do the last thing they expect." Anasazi corrected his partner. "We turn ourselves in."

"WHAT?!?" Alastor was indingnant.

"Well, not you, just me. I'll get in there, surrender myself, break out of whatever flimflam cell they put me in, get Jericho, then we get out of here, find you hiding safely on those rooftops, cloaked, then we skedaddle to the last whereabouts of a giant blue monster called Atma and live happily ever after."



Mr. Anasazi waltzed right through the Andromeda HQ front door. Provided Alastor behaved, this would all go swimmingly. He marched up to the front desk.

"Hi, I'm looking for an open room, a suite, if you have one, with a King-sized bed all for myself and little mints that magically appear on the pillows each morning, and monogrammed towels that I can steal, along with the inexplicably tiny bottles of shampoo that don't even contain enough to wash my pet teacup chihuahua. Do you have anything like that for me?"

"ah, crap crap crap..." Mr. Anasazi did not like where this was going. Jericho was behind enemy lines. This was not good. Alastor, having got back in the car, sat alongside Aansazi as they sped to Mission City HQ.

"This oughta be good..."

((Go ahead MA. My guys are occupied in a car chase so the boom's all yours.))

Mr. Anasazi and Alastor continued to pursue Jack, barely making through the hellish turn Jack had pulled off. This was only worsened by the fact Anasazi was driving a cherry-red Volkswagon Beetle.

"Alastor go airborne, try and airlift Jeri out of their clutches. Don't kill anyone."

Alastor huffed. "Fine." He jumped out of the car and took to the air, flying low and trying to catch up to the Charger, since Jack seemed to have floored it.

"Some hero!" He yelled. "Obey the #$%^ing SPEED LIMIT!!!" He hurled some bolts at the car, knicking the paint.

"Hey!" Jericho whirled around in the back seat, gun still-pointed at Jack. "What are you doing?!?" He yelled at Alastor.

"Saving you!"

"Well try and be a little gentler!"


Mr. Anasazi tried to maintain control while keeping up the chase. He always hated car chases. He preferred a good ol' fashioned fist fight instead. This was going to be interesting.

"Ah, come on!" Anasazi  groaned as he and Alastor watched Jericho's Charger speed down the road in the opposite direction they were facing, with Jack in the driver's seat. "Looks like Vandal knocked him out."

"So..." Alastor asked, anxiously.

"Yeah, looks like we'll have to fight them."

Alastor and Anasazi then turned around to follow Jericho's Charger.

"Oh, crap." Anasazi sighed, closing his flip-phone that had just rang.

"What?" Aalstor asked, anxious to kill something.

"One of the watchers back at HQ caught some footage of Jeri goin' tete-a-tete with Vandal."

"And that's........bad?"

"Uh, yeah."

"so..why are we coming back down here?" Alastor asked, annoyed. He and Mr. Anasazi were standing atop a roof, looking at a blazing gas station.

"W'ere trying to find Jericho so we can catch the big blue monster and recruit it to our cause."


"Satelite feed caught Jericho pulling out of here before the fire."

"but he's not here anymore, so why are we here?"

"To get on the trail. May aswell start att he beginning. Also, I hoped I'd see an old friend, but I guess I was mistaken. Anyway, Let's go."

And with that, they left.

Alastor was finally free. A little frozen on the inside still, but mostly free. He shook himself thoroughly, drying to dry off from the water all over him. He stood in a large puddle of melted ice.

"I'm back, baby! " He yelled, hovering in the air and casting an electric field over himself which crackled loudly.

Suddenly, the door to the boiler room swung open, and Mr. Anasazi entered.

"Alastor, you've got some 'splaining to do." He walked up to Alastor and backhanded him accross the face.

"Thanks to your loose trigger finger, and that little psycho you call a friend, the heroes know about us FAR too early. They shouldn't have known about us for a LONG time."

He slapped Alastor once more.

"There has to be some restitution, Alastor, you've got to learn. From now on, you're on lockdown except for missions. Which means no free time to run around and kill random people unless I tell you to."



"Also, you and Gerrrx are, how do I put this, breaking up, so to speak. No more hanging around with your drinking buddy anymore. He's a madman and a bad influence!"

"You can't--"


"Yes! Yes I can, Alastor! This is my ship, my rules! Now I know you think I'm being unreasonable, but this is for your own good."

Alastor said nothing.

"Now...I got this for you." Anasazi removed what looked like a small black lego block and jammed it in the back of Alastor's neck.

"What is THAT supposed to be?"

"Negative reinforcement, Alastor."

"Is it a shock collar, you know I'm immune to shock collars."

"no..." Anasazi whispered in Alastor's ear. "It's much much worse."

Anasazi turned around, opened the boiler room door, and motioned for Alastor to come with him.

"Now come on, I've got a mission I need your help on."

Alastor slowly thawed in Leviathan's boiler room.

"How can there be one...when six-hundred and sixy five-O'clockenshpiel is ticking away to midnight...and then the pumpkin will...set on fire, get to the bridge and you'll be safe...a bulwark never failing...never failing...never fail, or boss man will get mad. Boss man wants me to kill, so I gotta kill. Can't let him down, right? Right. So I gotta kill anybody boss man wants me to kill, and maybe some he don't, to prove I'm loyal, right? Right. Good thinkin, Alastor. Good thinkin'. That's sound logic right there. That logic is ultra-sound. That logic is sound, you could view a baby with it."

Alastor was mostly free, only frozen form the waist down. Soon he would be ready.

Star Wars
Pirates of The Carribean
The Spider-man Films
Talladega Nights
Hot Rod
The Tick's opening theme
Mustache Song from The Tick episode "That Mustache Feeling"

All of which are good songs or movies with good soundtracks.

((Well, my team is villains, your team is villains...ya see what I'm driving at here? wink ))

"Just stick him in the engine room for a while, he'll be fine." Mr. Anasazi snapped to one of his workers when asked what to do with Alastor's frozen body.

"Devil went down to Georgia...no, north of Georgia, middle of the earth...when the king looked down, the jester stole his throne...that's how it goes...?" Alastor mumbled inanely.

"What was that?" Mr. Anasazi knelt down to here what he had said.

"Someone left a cake in the rain..."

"Yeah, just stick him in the engine room."

The worker complied, and without a word, got a group of three other identical workers to come over and lift Alastor's frozen form, leaving a puddle of water where he had been. They crabwalked away in unison.

"So...now what?" Jericho asked. "My car's back down there. And Gerrx..."

"We got lucky with Gerrx. Hopefully the brainfreeze will make Alastor forget about him. As for your car, I'll hook you up with a red button and send yo uback down to get it later."

"Why the red button?"

"Eh, it's a classic design. I figured why not. It doesn't set off nukes or anything, I just think it's kind of...whimsical. "

"Whatever, man. Your toys."

Suddenly, a computer began to buzz loudly and flash bright lights.

"What's going on there?" Anasazi yelled to the worker.

"Amateur home video just uploaded to the internet." The worker said in a montone voice.

"If it's another damn rap song remix, I don't want to see it."

"No, you want to see this."

Anasazi knelt down to view the video. It was only 17 seconds long, and depicted a large blue monster dashing through a forest. The beast was going so fast it was barely visible. The Andromeda buidling could be seen from far away, stretching to the sky, indicating this video was from Mission City.

"Well that's interesting. Jericho, grab some guns, let's go monster hunting."

((That blue monster's your guy, JustDave. If you've got a prob, I'll edit.))

"Oh, for Gog's sake!" Anasazi yelled as he watched his lackey frozen solid. "Cheap tricks, all of you! You guys really are one-trick ponies, aren't you?"

Anasazi sprinted away from Chraze, coughing up a fireball aimed at Alastor's noggin, which melted just enough for the villain to be conscious, if a little woozy.

"So then, if war is hell, and hell is hell, then hell is war, too, right? So, war is war? No, hell is war--no, but then there's the o--ro--roni--beefaroni? Yes I'll have some..." Alastor babbled uselessly.

"Oh, dear. This is gonna be harder than I thought." Anasazi mused, fiddling with his shirt pocket and ducking down as Jack attempted to tackle him. He pulled out a small black square with a tiny speaker in the middle and a small switch on the top. He flipped the switch, tossed the device on the ground,and a high-pitched squealing was emitted. Everyone, except Anasazi, doubled over on the ground, including Jericho, who fell off the roof suddenly, along with another super. Alastor could not doulbe over, being mostly frozen but still cringed.

"That's what I like to call a Brown Note. Its a special pulse that simply tells your brain to switch off. One of my favorite toys, I hate to use it this early. Hate to cut this short, but I have places to be." Anasazi reached over with his long hands, picked up Jericho from where he'd fallen, once again reached for his red button, and, while holding Jericho in one arm, and swinging his elbow around Alastor, pressed the button.


Back on Leviathan

Anasazi, Jerihco, and Alastor, appeared in the ship's main chamber.

"Damn, boss, what was that?" Jericho asked, unhappy about being exposed to the brown note.

"Oh, just a toy. Now I'l have to make another one."

Probably Your Finest Work.

"Jeez. How many a'you punks do I have to take?" Alastor swung Bradburry at the super, who conjured a blade of ice to block his blow.

"Oh, God, you're worse than Quicksilver over there." Alastor lamented. This one was going to be tougher. Time to cheat.

Alastor feigned left and moved right, elbowing Frost in the cheek before kneeing him in the chin and leaping into the air by springing off of him. He outstretched his hand , pointing at the fluorescent light bulbs all over the ceiling, and drained the electricity from them from his position in the sky, reenergizing him and slightly darkening the estaurant, although the lack of doors or windows allowed light to pour in from outside.

"Oh, I needed that." Alastor crowed, feeling good as new.


When Haze psychically shoved the ice cubes at Alastor, Anasazi saw his chance. While Chraze was distracted, he activated his energy blaster in his palm that was tuck to his foe's face. As silver goo splattered on the floor, Anasazi pulled his arm back, not surprised as the wound on Chraze's face healed itself almost instantaneously.

"Round two, then?"