"Man," Anasazi said as he, Alastor and the man formerly known as Voidhunter stood outside Andromeda, having found Jericho's car. "I can't believe that worked. I knew these cloakers I made were good, but dang, all three of us sneaking out undetected. Now that's a great escape."

"Yeah, just wonderful." Alastor snapped. "So what now?"

"Well, we do need to find Jericho..." Anasazi retrieved a cell phone from a pocket in his suit that hand't been blown up.

"...Jericho, it's Anasazi. Yeah, we're out here in the parking lot, just jump out a window or something, we'll catch you. ...What? No, just....well, we'll be waiting." Anasazi hung up.

"He'll be out shortly." Anasazi said to his partners in crime.

The three stood there next to the Charger, waiting patiently.




"Hey, wait a minute...?!?" Anasazi called out suddenly, noticing something in the distance. "Is that... Oh, no...Oh, no no no..." Anasazi suddenly jumped into the driver's seat of the Charger.

"Alastor!" He barked. "Hotwire this puppy!"

"Right away, boss man!" Alastor said, sending some bolts of lightning into the car, causing it to start up sans keys.

"You! Hop in!" Anasazi shouted at Terry. Terry did so, surprised by Anasazi's animosity.

In the distance of Mission City, Mr.Anasazi saw a bar where a demolished crater should have been.

Those #$%^&^'s rebuilt it... He thought. Why did they rebuild Double-H's?!?

"Really..." Anasazi was intrigued by the man offering to help finance his...philanthropic activities. "Why I must say I'm fairly surprised. I haven't someone new join my ranks since that little weasel Gerrrx and frankly I don't enjoy laying claim to him."

"He's a cool dude and you know it!" Alastor snapped.

"Ah, yes, Alastor hates it when you bad mouth his friends. Try and remember that when you're cavorting about with us mister..." Anasazi examined the man with the newspaper clipping. "...I know you...VOIDHUNTER!!! You sly dog! I always admired your skill and panache back in the day. Tell me, why are you so...fleshy-colored? I recall you being a bit more...murky in complexion."

"...What?" The former Voidhunter didn't seem to remember his days of debauchery and crime.

Anasazi turned to Dusk, who had just asked a very good question.

"Where is Oni? Why I thought you would never ask." Anasazi replied with a smirk. "See, if you head out into the city and visit the graveyard on Central Park East, you'll see a tombstone for Aleksander Uy."

"Say, I remember that name. 5 years ago, during that bedlam at the bar, Oni said his name was..." Jack interuppted, remembering the chaos from the night so long ago.

"Very good, Jack, seemse you really are capable of coherent thought."

"Not by choice, Asalamo-alakim."

"It's Anasazi." Corrected the supervillain.

"So Oni's six-feet under? Then who exactly are you?" Dusk asked, trying to fit together all the pieces of the Anasazi puzzle.

"Well, in our line of work..." Anasazi began, but as he spoke, he took one hand and began to peel away the skin near where Jack's grenade had revealed his metal exterior. He kept peeling, revealing more metal.

"...people rarely ever..." more peeling skin, Anasazi was working his way to his forehead.

"...know how..." Mr. Anasazi had now peeled away a good portion of his skin, and roughly 75 % percent of his was now visibly metal, except for his cranium, which had a very visible human brain suspended in a clear tank filled with some sort of brain juice.

"...To stay dead." He finally finished his drawn out sentence. In their line of work, people rarely ever know how to stay dead.

"So it is you!" Jack yelled excitedly. "Long time no see, man! Where ya been?"

"He's been hiding with me, running around like a bat outta hell blowing up all those buildings!" Alastor interrupted.

"Thank you, Alastor, because no one would have ever been able to figure it out." Anasazi stated sarcastically.

"So you're really Oni in there, huh?" Dusk asked.

"Yes, and I'd like some royalties, please."

David was in a bar in Singapore drinking heavily with the members of his left-behind crew that he hadn't since killed. There were about 12 in all, counting the former captain.

"What am I...what am I gonna do..." David moaned, reeling from such a betrayal.

"Perhaps we could...start fresh, maybe?" One pirate asked.

"I suppose. Get another crew together, and whatnot? But we still need a ship..."

"Perhaps a crew first, then a ship...?" The other pirate, a tall, blonde, french fellow named Lucas Troutman, suggested.

"a crew, then a ship...not a *hic* not a bad idea, Troutman. You *hic* you got a good head on your shoulders, for sure. You'll make a fine first mate."

"A first..." Troutman was speechless.

"Well, seeing as my former first mate stabbed me in the back and ran off with my ship, I think you'll be a worthy, and hopefully *hic* more loyal successor. Whaddya *hic* say?" David spluttered the influence of his sweet brown medicine clearly guiding his thought process.

"I...I supposes so, but sir, you're a bit....drunk...will you feel the same way once you've sobered up?"

"Abso..." David collapsed to the ground before completing his sentence.

"Well," Troutman barked to the other marooned pirates. "You heard 'im! Let's get a recruitment drive a-goin' before 'e wakes up!"

At last, Captain Eccleston and Mauvais Froid had arrived in Singapore, ready to stock up on supplies and then return to the high seas. David and a band of crew members exited off the gangplank while the rest of the crew remained with the ship.

David walked through the cluttered and busy streets of Singapore, filled with street vendors peddling all sorts of oddities, locals arguing with one another in the native tongue, and women looking to make a quick buck in exchange for a partner that evening.

David headed for a certain hut he knew well, which belonged his favorite merchant, an old friend of his named Xing Chu-wzhong.

David walked in and saw Xing tending to various knick-knacks he had on display, polishing them and making sure they were presentable.Xing was a thin and wrinkly old fellow, dressed in loose clothing that seemed to drag behind him in a sort of wake as he moved.

"Xing!" David shouted, alerting the old man of his presence.

"Oh!...Captain Eccleston! How nice of you stop by..." Xing said coming up to David, hand outstretched. David shook the hand firmly. "Oh, just passing through, I figured I may as well restock on my supplies."

"Come in the back. I have what you need..."

David and his helpers exited from Xing's hut roughly an hour later, each pirate carrying a barrel or crate of some sort, except for David. They retraced their steps back to the docks to return to the ship.

Only when they got there, Mauvais Froid was gone. Upon returning to the docks, David's ship was completely gone. Dissappeared. No trace. No sign of it could be seen on the horizon.

"Wilkins...?" David asked one crew member who had gone into town with him.



"It appears to be gone, sir."


"Theyuh wuh whispuhs...of a mutiny, captain. They'd been goin' on fuh some time now. 'm surprised you nevah 'eard of 'em, they'd been plannun' it fuh quite summ tahm now. Ah woulda told ya if I knew when it was gunna happun."

"I appreciate the honesty, Wilkins. Why...didn't you tell me sooner?"

"Ah figyu'd if thuh rest uh thuh crew found out Ah ratted um out, they'd've slit me gullet to groin and tossed me off the shiyup."

"Ah. Self-preservation. I can understand that."

David then whipped out his flintlock pistol, pointed it at Wilkins, and fired.

"Somebody tell me we restocked on rum, because I really need some right now."

Captain Eccleston sat lazily in his quarters while his unimportant and generic pirate crew members tended to the ship as she made her way to Singapore.

David got up out of his chair, poked his head out the door and yelled at the closest crew member. "You!" He yelled.

"Sir?" The crew member asked.

"Are we there yet?"

"No...no sir..."

David said nothing, merely staring at the pirate.

"Well......are we there yet now?"

"No sir."

"Well...tell me when we do get there." David said before returning to his quarters. He resumed his seat at his desk, trolling over a large number of sea charts, wondering whatever he would do after Singapore.

"Funny you should ask all these questions, Jack. Well, first, I'm afraid you're making a slight misconseption about me. You see, I'm not completely robot. I may appear to be a terminator, but there actually is a little flesh and a little blood trickling through this body. And also, I'm here because I want to save the world from World domination."

"Who wants to dominate it this time?"


"Ex-squeeze me?" Jack cried out in surprise.

"It's happened countless times throughout history. Caesar, Robespierre, Louis XVI, it's happened to the best of them. Power, you see, corrupts, and absolute power, not super powers, but political power, in this case, corrupts absolutely. And that's whats happening to Andromeda. It's corrupting absolutely. Now, I'm not saying you guys are gonna nuke the White House or anything anytime soon, full-on corruption takes time. But in a few, months...years, maybe, this power, this authority that our government has handed Andromeda, it's gonna drive you guys batty. You'll belive the best way to save the world is to take it over, and rule it with an iron fist, no pun to your fearless leader intended."

"So, wait...you're here to stop us from going power-mad, by, what, frying french restaurant patrons?"

"No, that was purely Alastor's doing. he gets a kick out of that sort of thing. My plan is a bit more...broad in scope. Remember what happened to Lady Liberty?"

"I thought she bit the dust?"

"She was dust."

"So that's your game, eh? You're the guys blowing up monuments? What, izzat some kinda statement about tyranny?"

"Yes, actually. You're smarter than you appear, Jack. I'm impressed."

"Yeah, I'm a regular Renaissance Man."

"So, basically, we're blowing up monuments to get some blood flowing in the world. Heat everyone up. Instill some fighting spirit in the world. It's a sort of indirect call to arms."

"You want to start riots?"

"Global scale."

"That's not resistance to oppression!!" Jack exclaimed, realizing the ramifications of the plan. "That's..."

Mr. Anasazi finished his sentence. "...Anarchy."

"Thank you." Mr. Anasazi said to Dusk who had ceased fire. "Fine, Alastor, cease and desist before I have to shut you down."

"What--? Come on man, why you gotta be such a killjoy?" Alastor was not thrilled by the thought of not fighting.

"Because you kill everytting else. Now stand down."

Alastor raised Bradburry and pointed it at Anasazi.

"....yeah, okay." Alastor dropped his blade.

"Now then..." Mr. Anasazi approached Jack and the two walked off to the side. "What do you want to talk about?"

"I'm a little--agh! Occupied at the moment, Jack." Anasazi was busy dodging blasts from Dusk while trying to get a blow in. "Call him off, and I'll call off Alastor."


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I like cats. Especially with ketchup and some mashed potatoes on the side.  Yum! tongue

Captain Eccleston continued to steer Mauvais Froid through the soupy fog. He had been at it for awhile and was getting hungry.

"Tyler!" He yelled over his shoulder to the crew. "Tyler, fetch me a banana, will you?" A young blonde girl scurried down into the interior of the ship, looking for David's favorite treat. Moments later, she emerged from the barracks empty-handed. "We're out of bananas, captain!" She said.

"Whuh--wha--excuse me?!?" David was indignant. "How did we--arrgh! Out of--are you--gah! Ms.Tyler, you better not be joking here..."

"No sir, see for yourself."

"Fine, I will." David stepped down from the wheel and got a nameless and unimportant crew member to steer the ship.

Moments later, David and his crew had set a course for David's favorite port to stock up: Singapore.

Name: Captain David Eccleston
Gender: Male
Nationality: Irish
Occupation: Pirate
Appearance: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e … Doctor.jpg
Weapons: 4 flintlock pistols, 2 cutlasses, and a dagger he stores in his boot for emergencies.
Ship: Mauvais Froid
Brief History: Was kidnapped by french pirates at a young age, grew up with them, in time took over the ship and crew.
Personality: Calm, jovial, flippant even under severe presure, but when he gets serious, he's dead serious. Brilliant strategist and all-around smart person, a sort of Jack of all trades. Occasionaly speaks in nonsensical technobabble.

Captain Eccleston kept a steady hand as he steered Mauvais Froid through the thick and soupy fog. He didn't exactly know where he was headed, but hey, they'd end up somewhere eventually, right? That's how David lived his life: Making it up as he went along, but doing it brilliantly.

"My.Suit. Isn't. That. BAD!!!" Mr. Anasazi yelled back, breathing a cloud fo fire at Dusk.

"And while your suit isn't a direct knock-off, you certainly didn't come up with the idea all by yourself." The fire had little affect on his enemy. Wonderful. An indestructable goody two-shoes.

Alastor couldn't stand it anymore.

"Anasazi, switch partners!!!" He yelled, leaping at Jack, Bradburry in hand.

"Yeah, I'll get right on that. I'll handle the plagiarist, Jerich you take the girl." Anasazi got up shakily, still trying to recover from not just the grenade, but the girl with amazing strength. Anasazi looked around. Jericho had left.

"Son of a biscuit-eating bulldog!" He exlcaimed. Looks like he'd have to fight Dusk and Desdemona himself...


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Really enjoying all the new characters they added to Brawl. R.O.B. and Meta Knight are my favorites thus far, I look forward to unlocking them all.


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Yeah, it really is a fu ngame. Very addctive and frantic.

I'm loving the Subspace Emissary, so much fanservice, and the cutscenes are really great despite being sans dialogue. My favorite so far is when Captain Falcon tackles the giant R.O.B. and accidently kills all those Pikmin in the process.

"You may have built the suit, but its general idea and design are greatly in dept to a certain...demonic associate of Andromeda who hasn't been seen in a while." Anasazi replied, his metal teeth clicking. He balled his hands into fists, should the fighting restart, and noticed that the skin in each palm had been blown off, revealing the metallic that had been hidden underneath.

"Well, that's great and all, but weren't we in the middle of soemthing, rocketman?" Alastor asked the metal suited hero.

Mr.Anasazi stared at the grenade as time seemed to slow to a crawl.

"Oh %^&$!" Was all he could think to say. Jack was an unpredictable opponent, the only thing one could expect from him was something unexpected.

Anasazi could have thrown the grenade back at Jack, but chances are he'd just deflect with some flashy move or just shoot it in the air. Instead, Anasazi turned away from Jericho and Alastor, who was still battling the man in the metal suit, and hugged the explosive as it went off.

The explosion rattled the detention floor of Andromeda HQ. Everyone who had been occupied in fisticuffs froze momentarily. From the cloud of smoke prodcued by the grenade, Mr. Anasazi stood, his shirt noticably damaged, large holes all over the front.

"Whas the shirt really that bad?" Mr. Anasazi said. His face looked very peculiar. Tiny flecks of gray could be seen all over  the fornt of his face, like chipped paint on a car.  The right side of his lips was missing, and metal teeth suspended in place by steel rods could be seen. A deep gash of silver came accross his right eye, which in itself resembled a red optic lens.

"HOLY SHIZZNITCUSS!!! Are you from the future?!?" Jack blurted randomly. "Did you get sent back in time to ice a hot dog vendor so his son won't grow up to accidently run over you creator's son's pet puppy when he grows up?"

"No, Jack. Afraid not. I'm not from the future. But I am here to save it. Sort of." As Anasazi talked, his metal teeth clicked together oddly. "Oh, and by the by..." The exposed Anasazi turned to the man in armor. "That's a copyright infringement."

Anasazi and the girl had been engaged in a glorified staring contest, neither one making a move out of fear of the other one's unknown abilities. Anasazi was hesitant to engage this girl, and she was hesitant to engage him. So they just stood there, facing eachother, like during the standoff scene in a Western movie, only the viewer had paused the movie during the scene to go use the bathroom or something.

But when Jericho was delt a blow to his manhood, Anasazi threw caution to the wind.

"Jack, you little weasle! Was that really the most glamorous move you could muster?" Anasazi sent an elongated punch into the back of Jack's head, who took the blow but recovered quickly as usual.

"The most glamorous....well, actually, my most glamourous move is drowning my enemy in a pool of sequins, but since you guys caught me decided to fight me here, and not in my totally manly lair of awesomeness, that was the best I could do."

"Same old Jack." Anasazi moved in to engage the loudmouth.

Alastor did not expect the magnesium flare.

"Makin' me fly blind, huh? Fine, this'll be just like drivin' at night without headlights. Just go really fast and try to hit everything."

Alastor dropped Bradburry for a moment, a built up a charge in his chest before releasing it. A  radial sphere erupted from the epicenter in his chest, knocking the metal man back.

"I can do this all day."

"Grounded, huh?" Alastor replied, getting to his feet. "You sound just like my old man. And your gonna end up like him too." Alastor charged his sword again, and charged for another strike. This punk was hiding behind a suit of armor, just like that girl in the cafe he almost pan-fried. He could take this chump.

Alastor struck the man in the metal suit from behind, driving Bradburry into his armored shoulderblade. The blade did not penetrate the suit, but a shower of sparks was produced by the metal clashing.

"What the--?!?" The armored man was shocked (pardon the pun) by the omini=ous newcomer.

"Need an oil can, Tin Man?"

Mr. Anasazi wasn't exactly 100% on fighting this strange woman, whom he didn't really know much about. She seemed familiar, but he couldn't place a finger on it. He'd have to be careful with this wildcard. He hated it when unexpected players got involved. They made planning for the future so difficult.

((Time to call in the evil cavalry))

Alastor inspected the building, looking for the window his boss had talked about. Upon locating it, he entered the room and found an unconscious security guy, completely defenseless. Why not.

When Alastor finished, he ripped one of the ears of the deceased security guard. Not that he'd need it. It was fairly crispy, but the fleshy taste was still incredibly pleasing for Alastor. Like bacon with a hint of vanilla.

That reminded Alastor, he still had Jack's finger in his pocket from the cafe incident. Checking his pocket, Alastor saw the still frozen and pungent pinkie ifnger, having adopted a sickly purplish hue. Alastor stuck it in his mouth, making it appear as though he was smoking a cigarette, even though it was more like a lollipop for him. He busted through the door to see the entire floor erupting in chaos.

"Oh, yeah, baby! I am in my element!" He flitted around the halls looking for Anasazi, indulging in frying an ocassional person, super-villain or security. Alastor was most definitely not descriminatory; he killed all kinds of people from all walks of life.

"And this is for your mother! And this is for her mother! And this is for Marilyn! And this is for Fay! Not even calling back, leaving me for that freakin' ape!" He ranted, flying around zapping random people.

"Look, whatever, let's just go, we can work this out later, I don't feel like fighting with you." Anasazi was taken aback by Jericho's behavior.

"Then why are you still arguing with me?" Was Jericho's repsonse.

"Oh, for--just--aagh! What are trying to do here?!?"

"I'm trying to--"

Jericho was interuppted by Jack, who was wobbily getting to his feet, trying to push out all the bullets, and help out his girl, who was likewise healing fairly well.

"You...shot her..." Jack spulttered, coughing up blood, incredibly serious for once.

"Oh, crap. Fine, Jericho, you handle jack, I'll take the lady."

Anasazi and Jericho tried to get out of the HQ when Jack and a lady friend of his appeared around a corner right in front of them.

"Oh, sweet Magog..." Anasazi groaned. There was no running away from this one.

"You, who would dare disobey a direct order from the mighty and illustrious Jack, now you shall fall!" Jack crowed with his usual bravado.

"Oh, come on, Jack, is that any way to treat a guest? You didn't even introduce your lady friend, there."

"Hey, there, cowpoke, don't get any funny ideas. Right now, you're just a wanted supervillain who's killed who knows how many people. If you hit on her, you'll be a jerk, and in Jack-land, that's punishable by being beaten with a pool cue while being forced to watch American Idol until you die. The punishment then carries over to any living family members you have."

"Well the, let's go." Anasazi said assuming a fighting stance. "Jericho, think you can handle the lady?"