I have Boba fett fight to survive and Boba fett pursuit


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can you get me a republic cammando the leader hes orange


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I mean like your picture how did you get it ?


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ohhh! yeah I must have skipped a part thanks!


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how do we get our own picture on the board?


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Well im pretty sure hes not because I went on a website called wookiepedia NOT wikipedia and I looked up boba fett and I was reading it and once I got to the end it said he thought he was ill like you said so he was going to kamino to get one of his legs replaced with a robotic one since his left one was bad.A kaminoin gave him a job (bounty).He accepted since he thought that it would be his last bounty of his career.On his journey for the bounty he finds his ..........daughter!!!!.And at the end it said that boba acomplished 3 things 1:become best bounty hunter. 2:find his daughter. 3:cheat death.


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hi i hear you think boba is dead right?