im teling he(jango) only had them because of the two holsters

boba dose not have the shen gard becase he dose not have two holsters to keep from hiting his leg


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i ued to love digmon i was kid not to long ago


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i think that mace is in tune with the dark side. But jango new that boba would be an orphin that was the last part of boba's tarning to be a great bounty hunter the ablity to be on your own. and to deal with loss.


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i think that the are both cool. but to see who would beter is hard.they lived during two very diffent times. the only way i can see is who was the richest of the two.(bounties pay ceridts)


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i would take the chest plate it looks warm. i live in alska were its cold smile


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dam so many girls thats cool and like those other places were guys petend to be girls. hey ikew mel was a girl she said it on the old bored


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thank you so much i could never find one 60x60 thanks agean if your ever in ankrige alaska give me ring.


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thanks and that origamithing just sounds soo cool


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hey can you guys make a bantha skull avater


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hi. i just wanted to know if any you are like me and have star wars decorations
on your stuff like i have a bantha skull on my binder.


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im a boy .cant call myself a man yet

ok then but you get what i mean

they should only make the show if its going to be on HBO.becaue feet is not going to be able to do the things that we want to do FOX or NBC CBS ABC they dont care bout volece or what it takes to get some to talk they just care bout sappy love or comdy. boba in comidy with a cheesy thime song. make s me get mad.

                                   got to calm down

oh and yea greedo forgot bout that dime store fett. his was good.


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16 that age were you can do anything and blame it on your parents.

hey you should just go and have fun it wont be that bad. noting is that bad once yyou do it. and if you dont go youll kick your self for not going.

the one that is the best for me is the younglines geting killed it is the dark side at its best.

hi mine is that when episod two came out i shout nooo when they kiled jango which was a bad thing thing tow do since it was the midnight showing and some one tossed a empty coke at me .lolol


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cool that i did not know (call myself a fan)


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hey you guys who like the old trlogy which do you like the ones that came out in the 70s and 80s or the remade ones of the 90s.if you dont know what im talking about dose greedo shot frist or dose he get blow away by han in that cantna in Episode V.


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thats realy cool. i would love to buy one but i dont have the cash. and even if i had it mom would not let mne have it .


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helo thats one nice picture