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dude thats realy funnie. nice one.
makes me feel like a little kid that i like it so much.


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thats is odd why are the lazerrs slower. one would think that they would be faster. and the sand people have slug guns dont they.?

you like the vanilla coke. i tatsed like old rootbeer flots to me.
did any of guys like the blue pepsi i thought it was alsome.


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ill take laser over bullits any day. there clener.


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you know what just restently i found out that im going back to my home town. which is great but im not going to be staying with my mom im going to be with my other sister. which sucks so much and im going to summer school so im not going to hang out with my freiends at all un till like  2 weeks tell summer end. that makes me mad.


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hey chrys forget about that one. the right guy is just around the corner.

if was up to me i would say the ps2 it has all of the sme games as the xbox plus a beter wesling game. and i think its cheper.


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thanx you so much miba. this will be the last one youll have to make for me. thank you.


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hey is there any way that spaners could be punshed.? like a 3day ban or something like that


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i want that flame thower. i wish i had a cridet card.
if one buys it for me i send you the cash lol

wow this thried is longer than i would have thought.
but any ways i just herd that one of the ingretants in code red makes you lose your hair is that ture. cuse if it is im going to stop drinking that stuff, im too young to go bolad (16)


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:


be cause i love to play video games. and why not?


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no rush. just rest, you are doing all of us favors.take as long as you want.


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Chewie would win he is just two storg for han to handle. chewie would not have a hard time. like tw said they would never fight.


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he slepps at a hilton and orders room serves all night.


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im goin to get them all in this order
1 ps3 the 599.99 one
2 wii 3months l8ter
3 xb360 6 months after the wii


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i have yet to bye it. but when i get the chance i will.


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yes plese just the top part with snke plese.


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Skippy the Jedi Droid he is alsome that comics was funnie. but for real i like the obi-wan


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SLAVE 1   welecome to the boards
hope that you enjoy your stay and were all friendly so ask questions whenever you want.


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i just thought of something both boba and jango die of jetpack malfuntions. thats odd.
and jango is soo cool the way i see jango is the best of his time and boba is the best of his time.


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the other is a antress she is in the frist scary movie


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hey i was wondering if you could make this into an avatar
http://media.ps3.ign.com/media/714/7140 … 92916.html
if you cant its ok.


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what about there ships i think that would be a point for boba.

since when you a pimp tw.
any way i dont realy like amp i drink rockstar for my energey needs but code red rocks like ac/dc.