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thats is very true, lets say they fight in a small hallway, most likely maul would win.
but in a biger place whith space fett wins.


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yea i know its some toong that my friend told me once. it dosent make all that much sence.


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boba would win this one. but it would be a hard fight on both of them.


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there is no boba the guy who fell i9n the sarlac was jango. under a diffent name with clones he could live forever


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that sucks
for you with xboxs have you dowlodded the new maps for bf2


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not this time going back to my home town. yea!!!!!
sorry off topic


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i wound why they just dont get the real people to voice, would the actors charge alot to voice them.
maybe they should make it part of the contract, that if your in this move you have to vioce your likeness in the game.


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yea i guess, looks like look for girls back in EL Paso.(thats were im going)

true, bossk would only make it ezer on boba.


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man this one girl just told me she liked me was cool but i leave like in a couble of days so its like pnotless that she told me that.


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thats gross i haveing nightmares,
but i like jangos, his is like a 69 shlby corba, bought in 1969
bobas is like if it was bought in 1999.
you get it.


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True Warrior wrote:

Yes, Darth Maul is SOOO awesome, but I'd have to say Boba. You have to scale it all out, ya know? OK....

In PM, Obi-Wan killed Darth Maul, and Obi-Wan was still a Padawan. In AOTC, Obi-Wan could'nt defeat Jango, Obi-Wan was almost a knight at the time and he tried to kill Jango 2 TIMES! And Boba is a little better than Jango. If Boba can defeat Obi-Wan and Obi-Wan can defeat Darth Maul, then would'nt ya think Boba could beat Darth Maul? hmm So I say Boba wins. big_smile Ya see?

                                                                {MW} TW cool

dude that make alot of sence.


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well my new avatar (thanks miba) is from mgs3 i love that game and i cant whait for mgs4


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i think that hitler was the worst, he all most elmanted a hole culture of people. all stlen did was kill those who oposed him. he had a more logical reson.
(i hope that no gets mad just my opinen.)


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i think that boba would win he would get him like he got all the other jedi/sith.


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well they both very good, janog is a good gun slinger,
but boba has been thiought more.
my point to jango, his was a real mandolaran thats alsome alone.


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got to give it to Han Solo,
heres a thought solo with chewy and Dash with ig-88


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dude that stinks that you had canserous temor. hey dose it feel wried with all the meatal.
welcome back.


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i think that cloning full humans is hopefuy never going to happen, but the cloning of organs could and might be right around the coner. i hope that the whating list for kindey could be shortend for years to just days.


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Ursula wrote:

I get the impression Boba's a big ebay / net kind of shopper.  If he does direct commerce, I imagine it at some kind of open market like in Cairo, or, a dark alley.  And as always, he gets the best deal going.  Or else....

yea that makes sence. he dosent seam like a sunday mall trip kinda guy.


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hey jango's a mando, im sure that he has delt with things much worice than a dorid.


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i hate tusedays. every thing bad sems to happen on that day. all my grilfriends broke up with on tuseday. i moved on tuseday, i faill all my test on tuseday, its just a bad happit.

nice one. how long did it take to make.


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i hate when you go to the doctor and you in the wating room then they call you up. and then they send me to anther whating room. thten after 3hours of wating they say im fine.


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what if jango got one than one clone and had like ten that he had to use like decoys