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bats wrote:

Sheesh!!! Sadriel_Fett ,,where do you get those photos of Boba Fett
love the one with the Storm Troopers but the one with Boba with
a builded up Body not keen and as you I love the Darth Vader and
Boba Fett
You are stationed at Korea !!!! lucky Guy I love their Movies their
films seem to have Guts in their stories ,,in Aussie we get some of
their Movies on SBS Friday nights it's either from Korea or China
Bats cool




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it's the same rifle he just mods it in between the movies
but ya, it looks awesome in rotj before luke cuts it up


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Boba Fett is most definitely not really big into family for a large portion of his life. Maybe pre-Jango's death but that's it. Even at the end of the Legacy of The Force novels he's still very much an outsider.


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they already fired the majority of TFU team, the sequel has basically an entirely new team

ah i thought deltas werent in the books
i was thinking the rc books were only omega

season 3 is after geonosis

delta squad isn't in the books at all

they return in season 3 of the clone wars, so it can be assumed that all 4 live (sev included)


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since Boba Fett's 2nd in command, Goran Beviin, is married to another man then I think the question in the title is easily answered....


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I think I did a fan girl squeal afterward


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As you wish...

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/abo … my-bulloch


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Karson Fett wrote:

I would like to say that this thread is about the christian religion honestly, questions and comments about Christianity go here, anything about the Bible goes here. Thats the hole reason why I created this thread.

And my role as a moderator, sir, is to moderate threads which have devolved into flames and forum drama in order to better facilitate fan discussion between forum members. I fail to see any real value from anything in this thread other than you expressing your opinions and beliefs, but this is not your blog, nor your own personal site, this is the Boba Fett Fan Club.

I am asking Aaron to review this thread and it's possible lock/deletion, take it up with him.


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I'm not sure why we have this topic since this is a Boba Fett Fan Club and the topic has nothing to do with that, but if it is going to be about slavery or constantly off topic there's no reason for it at all.

right but his addition to the story will surely draw in huge $$


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Karson Fett wrote:

And frankly slavery isn't as bad as it is blow up to be.

Except it is. Any part of owning another human being is repulsive sir


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Unfortunately this project has been shelved. Lucasfilm and their broadcast partners say it is impossible to film because it will be too expensive. Damn shame.


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Maybe it won't be if the Force Unleashed II fans realize that Boba Fett being added to the story makes it more interesting and thus finally spin off into Bounty Hunter II


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Updates from Celebration V


then maybe they'll realize what fans really wanted and finally do Bounty Hunter II


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how about a BFFC exclusive interview with Jeremy Bulloch?  wink


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Karson Fett wrote:

Thats one cool helmet

if you say so  tongue


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i have decided bats is like BFFC's own yoda, but instead of poetic wisdom there's just a random stream of thoughts hehe

PS2 version had that level too, it was awesome


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ewan, though Liam was pretty awesome

my favorite actor through the whole series was Harrison though


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I will be there, along with many members of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. Everyone from the forums here feel free to stop by the table, hopefully we'll have some BFFC stuff up as well.

It's so close, can't wait!


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Gustavo_Perez wrote:

I am interested in what you have yo say about Van Cleef, if you know anything about him.

The movie character?