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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

That's actually pretty cool.  Did you get a copy of the card yourself?

They're a one of a kind, random find in a Topps pack of these cards. Whoever bought mine did in fact put it on ebay and I was able to outbid 6 other people for the card, thankfully.

BFFC Admin wrote:

McCoy, she's a fan of yours, huh?

haha yes, we're good friends


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My custom, hand-made costume for my membership in the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. Originally built in 2008, updated over the years since on on its way to becoming on of the few fan-made canon characters. More information and photos can be found via my facebook fan page or my Mercs Wiki.





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Official Topps "Star Wars Galaxy Series 6" Sketch Card of the character I created, Lucas McCoy by LFL artist Shea Standefer.



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Today is Jeremy Bulloch's birthday. Let's hope it's a good one!  smile


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There's way more than one. I can see I'm going to just have to avoid the Fans section from now on. Damn shame.


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Just because it's friendly doesn't mean that fans and long term members of the community seeking an escape from reality in their favorite form of escape (Star Wars) should be forced to subject themselves right back into the same bs we see everywhere else in the world.

Can we just go back to talking about crap that doesn't matter. I realize the importance of a lot of the brought up here, but this is supposed to be fun for crying out loud.


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I'm not attacking your beliefs, nor do i want to sway them. I just want you to stop bringing them up here. I'm asking you not with the BFFC tag here, but as a fellow member of this community, take the religion and political talk to a religious or politics forum and leave this forum for discussing Star Wars and science fiction. This is stupid that we're even having this conversation. I'm not telling you to censor yourself, or to leave, I'm just saying please take this discussion and your views to a medium and forum more appropriate. I have no idea why you thought this would be a good place for it.

I'm floored. This is incredible work!  big_smile


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heh, don't try and justify what you're doing, when you're doing is taking advantage of the forum to spread your nonsense


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maybe we'll have lots of new cool stuff to talk about this year  smile  here's hoping!


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oh how weary I grow of seeing one user's misguided political and religious views all over a science fiction character fan forum...

if boba let him live, people would lose respect for him (in universe)

BFFC Manji wrote:

I'm assuming that's Boba's RC voice actor? big_smile That'd be pretty sweet, I'd like to know if he's a Fett fan...

ya hehe, he's a big fett fan so he might go for it


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I'm not surprised at all with the poster of this topic and their reaction to the topic lol

sad day

I really want to get Breckin Meyer to do an interview for us. I do have a mutual acquaintance I might have to tap to make this happen.


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Was Boba's first reappearance in the EU after he fell into the Sarlaac in the "Dark Empire" series, or was he revealed to be alive before then?

it was

ee-3 wrote:

Hey how come nobody ever includes Neelah in Boba's rescue? I mean she found him first. tongue

finding has nothing to do with rescuing tongue


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grats jess


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such sad news

wacko jacko wrote:

i like temeura morrison only because he played jango fett

but he was a terrible actor lol


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in that case it seems like a lot of mortal men put their words and opinions into a book supposedly dictated by god

haha if only i knew who you were!

I'll just say that it effectively unified Fett with modern Mandalorian culture

Boba Fett was going to have another novel that Traviss had only outlined (which luckily I was able to read) before she left Lucasfilm.


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never had one done myself, but my mother has. hope all goes well and wish you a speedy recovery  smile