It's the nightsister queen Axkva Min's eternal bodyguard, his name is Gorvo and he is one of the mini bosses before you fight her in the new batch of heroic encounters in game.

There is the tusken invasion of Mos Espa with the Tusken King, Axkva Min and the Chamber of Banishment, and IG-88's Droid Factory (pictured above also). Mando had all three complete the first night before any other guild on the server. Oya!

$14.99 per month
and the complete edition is like $24 or something like that

there is an online free trial available at the website tho

The E'tad Talyc Crusades [Video]:

A series of Guild War crusades on the game Star Wars Galaxies on the Wanderhome Server. Seven planets, seven days. The Mandalorian Brotherhood came out victorious in the end.

Good to have you aboard Vod.


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hopefully beviin will be next in line tho

for security purposes, the new BFFC specific recruitment password will be


just tell either dose or myself that Fenn Shysa sent you and we'll know you're from here. That should keep a few more seedy characters with bad intentions from our enemies out.

Wanderhome server, contact Dose Ordo or Lucas McCoy

by the way the last night of our 3 week crusade was tonight and we did what no other mandalorian army in history has been able to. We won smile Oya!

Aaron, see this is what I was tellin you about a few weeks ago.
We have a link to your site on our guild site. Drop by and check us out sometime bro.
(still want to get an article on all this typed up for ya)

Seems the remnants of the Death Watch heard of our Crusade against the galaxy and tried to beat us at overtaking Theed Palace. Took quite a bit of fighting, but we beat the entire Death Watch army and their commander, a GM (Game Master)

Saturday night we defend the palace from the onslaughts of the entire server. Wanderhome vs Mando

and you get to fly your own one of these....

So do you think SWG is a lame MMORPG? We did too until we formed the Mandalorian Brotherhood. Based on the unique culture of our heroes and boasting a newly invented written and spoken language (thanks to Bloodlines author Karen Traviss) we roleplay the armored warriors in every aspect of our game. We have our own city in Northern Lok (since Mandalore is still under Imperial control at the moment) which is a volcanic/sulfurous and desert planet near Tatooine. It suits our taste. We have our own MandalMotors manufacturing that produces not only products for guild mates but also sells goods to the rest of the server to bring in credits from outsiders. Our leader? The legendary Dose Ordo, "Mandalore the Bold", whose ancestor Mandalore Canderous Ordo fought alongside the sith lord Revan in ancient times.

If you're tired of SWG and are a die hard Mandalorian above anything else in game, come check us out. Wanderhome server.

Oya Vod!
- General Lucas McCoy


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draco fett wrote:

Comics, books, video games, etc. are not one-hundred percent canon, so he may have died.

not all of them are
but some of them have gotten the GL stamp
that makes fetts survival thru the sarlacc canon

BFFC Admin wrote:

KudarMubat15, it was only locked because we had this board in development. No use in registering twice, especially since the accounts didn't carry over.

Having started all this, I'd like to know if anyone remembers the site from the beginning, in 1996. wink The boards, as noted above in the Announcement, were rolled out in 2001.

been here since 97 before it was closed for a year or so
finally started actualy talkin to aaron and eric back in 03 tho

amazing site


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friend of mine in guilds does cartoon mando comics, ill have to email some images, theyre done like they clone wars cartoon series