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i think Boba is the last of the Fetts...
thought they covered that in with the metaphors of "legacy" of the force hehe


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i kindof agree with the replacing 'ask jeremy' and 'humor' on the homepage with some other resource


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thanks guys
and Novall is welcome to advertise anytime! he works hard on that mercs site heh

a bit more of my progress...



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Fett_II wrote:

there's already a topic on it.. in dialogue section

reiterated for a new bffc feature

Be sure if you have a Facebook or Myspace account you add the Boba Fett Fan Club site to your friends list! There will be a new feature coming soon!


http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?re … 243?ref=ts


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ya i have to still attach the sides
i basically snapped all the tops of my plates on and ran to take a pic haha
its got curve to it but i need to fasten the sides and bottoms of all the plates in place to hold it hehe

plus im missing all the arms armor, collar plate, kneepades and back still
lots left to do!


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no worries mate!

the pvc you are talking about is called Sintra
its what im using, 6mm
theres all different sizes tho
its basically sheets of pvc that you can put into an oven after you cut and kinda mold around
heres some more of my progress...



feel free to check out the mercs link i have given and look around for any costuming questions, or the dented helmet is a great resource also!


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starting to look really familiar...




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posted some updates
heres a preview of the build so far...






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found this beauty. original 1980 print



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posted a bunch of pics on the merc forums, you dont need an account to view em
check it out! ill update as i go smile



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gonna go monday to a sign shop and get a few sheets of sintra

definintely when my best friend and i beat halo (first time through ever). we did it all in one day just stayed up all night, about 6am the sun was coming up and we were racing thru the last level with him on the gun in the warthhog and me driving

we get to the jump and we're both yelling going HOLY **** and then at the end of the level we jump out and start running to the exit
i had zero ammo and he had like 6 rounds in a shotgun
so literally i hauled *** for the blue triangle to end the game, and he covered me a few strides back
the countdown timer was already at 20sec when we got there
we ended the level just as it recycled down bast 1 second
it was amazing
we hollered at the top of our lungs and woke everyone up in the house lol


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her vacation to the beach was a month or two before mine! =P
lol im not quite as ghostly at the moment

thatd be the point
the current lucas mccoy isnt supposed to remember anything
since technically he has no memories since he's a clone

the same phenomenon was documented a few times in the clone army (especially in the early batches) in which individuals would begin to recall experiences or mimic jango fett himself


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the only guy that would be any trouble is Supes, sadly
i mean batman is the man, but against anyone from sw? sry batsy


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made a bunch of avatars over in this thread if anyone is interested


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as long as george let other people direct it...

Pheonix023 wrote:

Wow, I just read this...its fantastic!

vor'e, vod


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Miba wrote:

Actually, my "rumor" comes from her very own blog itself.

the production company that put out the catwoman movie is a different production company than dark knight.
therefore the copyright to catwoman in the film medium would need to be sold/purchased and i dont think they would want to beat that dead horse anymore


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soon as i can find a good & inexpensive kit im gonna put my swg suit together irl
long live the green & black smile



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revan07 wrote:

mine are-
1. Revenge of the Sith
2. The Empire Strikes Back
3. The Phantom Menace
4. Return of the Jedi
5. Star Wars(a.k.a A New Hope)
6. Attack of the Clones
7. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
8. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
9. Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl
10. HP and the Goblet of Fire



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Sharra Fett wrote:

You both make a good looking couple. Thanks for sharing Therealmcoy!

and you can just call me McCoy wink


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solved hehe