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i know....kinda strange......   sad


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I think he should look more like Temuera Morrison with a whole bunch of scars and long/short black hair.  smile

I love this line from : Boba fett twin engines of destruction.

Boba fett :

"It's called a hologram.

This is called a trap.

And I'm calling you dead."


He is ruthless, relentless , and is very cold and calculating.... but has a sense of justice and honor  big_smile


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i saw one of those Avatars from the SWTOR site that Karson Fett listed....is it alright if I used one of them.....?

lol , i know i sound like a Noob..... big_smile

He doesn't really care actually....he only cares about his credits , bounties, and the hunt


as the cheese puffs/jango ask for help.....

Boba nods his head and says as "as you wish.... father"

Then activates his rocketpack and flyies after windu


aww...too bad the project has been shelved .... well i hope they put boba back in the clone wars .... big_smile

awsome!!!  big_smile

and I hope they can follow through with Bounty Hunter 2

Mace windu tries to attack Boba from behind while he is dealing with his stomach ache and  migraine


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wow...epic very epic indeed  big_smile ....

That looks sooo good   big_smile


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Name: Draven "The shadow" Rax

Sex: male
Age: 24
Height: 1.90 meters

Weight: 175

Weakness: memories of Psychological trauma / flash backs
Species: Human

1372 ABY

Homeworld: Mandalore

Languages: english, Mando'a ,Huttese,

Appearance: tan skin

facial scars : 3 across the right cheek(Vertical /horizontal direction)
one above left side of face , going straight down from forehead , eyebrow, and to cheek

Body type : thin build

hair Sideswept fringe / bang with criminson red color

Weapons: 2x E-11 blaster rifle , 1x DC-15A blaster rifle
2x WESTAR-34 blasters, Mandalorian heavy repeater, Crushgaunts ,Imperial heavy Repeater Rifle, mando dagger made from mandalorian iron and Cortosis

Armor: custom Mandalorian armor (color : black)
Flightsuit : white

Equipment & Other:
rocket pack :A Merr-Sonn JT-12 jetpack and Z-6 jetpack
(color: black)

starship :A Pursuer-class enforcement : "The Ravens claw"

Trained in mandalorian combat and imperial combat

Personality: serious /cool headed and gets to the point
-little anti-social/loner
-honorable and courageous
-loyal to his planet and mandalore
-almost numb, but is shy around the ones he cares about
and loves
-always stands up for the weak and protects the innocent
-never shows his face but when he does ...he wears a mask that only shows his eyes

Likes: The hunt , honor , planet mandalore , justice , lots of credits, sparring , reparing his armor and upgrading weapons, serving Mandalore

Dislikes: His painfull memories , jedi , DEATH WATCH ,
scum who are honorless.

Special Skill: Homing attacks, hand to hand combat, space combat

Occupation: Former: Bounty Hunter / merc

Background/History & Extra Stuff:
Raised on mandalore, draven instantly was brought up in the mandalorian culture. His father was a mandalorian warrior/ mercenary that fought in many wars, collected many bounties, and was a high ranking general of the new mandalore. Because of this , Death watch had sent aassassin to hunt down Draven parents and killed them his. Dravens life was spared out of pity and was left to die. He was saved adopted by an imperial officer. He enlisted him in an secret orphan assassination squad and trained him later to become an imperial shadow comando. After "complications" and corruption in the empire , he disappeared. He returned to mandalore and dawned his fathers armor became a bounty hunter. To have three goals :
1.To protect the innocent and stop criminals.
2. Destroy the death watch.
3. find the man who Hunted down his parents.

very awsome

they realy need to add both the original and the special editions as well....

plus give fett his old voice back as well..... big_smile

count me in !

they realy need to give Boba his own game.... big_smile


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aww...thanks guys  big_smile

-For mandalore! -


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ehhh...its okay.....the visor is a bit too big and the voice for Boba fett for the helmet is a bit stale.....but yea...its okay.... big_smile


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MandalMotors Pursuer-class enforcement ship aka slave 2  big_smile

big_smile  i hope boba returns in clone wars season 3.....and i hope he uses his more of his fathers gear and slave 1 as well

Im Logan Rax  smile

im a huge Fett and Mando fan

*salutes*  -For Mandalore- big_smile

If you had a choice between Boba's ESB or ROTJ blaster,

which one would you choose ?

I choose Boba's ESB blaster  big_smile

you ?

hmmm...its hard to choose.....but heres a list of them :


ee-3 (esb version)





Armor : black..

Flightsuit : white..

Helmet : black and the t-visor's outline is white..

rocket-pack : black