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Boba kills Jedi. They have mind powers AND lightsabers. Plus, they are the good guys, meaning they are favored by the book/script writers.

Case closed.


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It's true. For all of you who haven't heard, DoW2 is coming out in a year.
It's almost too damn long for me. I'm considering hibernation...

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Boba Fett would kill this little anime girl. They're so frail. Even with her mind powers.
Jedi have mind powers and Boba kills them.


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I mean I like Bossk, but Boba Fett would kill him so badly. I can only think of one time when Bossk came close, but he lost his ship in the process.

The first Half-Life is on Steam. It's only 15$ for Half life, Blue shift and Opposing forces.


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The Argonian is named Sindri, after Sindri Myr in Dawn of War.
He is level 38, and the armor he uses is the assassin's creed style armor. (mod of course)
He also wears a ninja like mask, as in this picture:
http://img264.imageshack.us/img264/4064 … t52ot0.png

I am the user 'Secret ninja Stamos' on the Bethesda official forums. When I get my computer fixed up, I will have more pictures.

Oh geez. Ouch. big_smile
What an embarrassing thing to say.

Well, for all of you who are familiar to the Half life games, here is a actual fan fiction made into a cartoon.
Youtube gold in my opinion.

Errr.. That's a hard one. I would go with.... Gordan Freeman.


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Just a quick picture of my character:
http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/4915 … t63ai3.png


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I actually mod Dawn of war. Quite a good game.
My first mod can be under the title 'The Emperor's Finest' in DoW files.

You kidding? Boba can kill Jedi with his fists. C'mon it's no match.

I have some **** phone worth like 10$. I don't really talk on the phone a whole lot so I'm ok with it.


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Karson, now lets not start a flame war, it's just my modest opinion.


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His signature says it all. :l
I don't like when people complain all the time. Just live with it.


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I am a Republican, but I live in the North East US, which is mainly full of Democrats. Personally, I think if guns are baned, you might as well cut off our hands too. Bank robbers and terrorists would get weapons anyway, even if they were illegal.


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Name: Boba Fett
Games: Counter strike source and Garry's mod
I also play Half life 2 but on X-Box.

Battlefront 3
Dawn of War 2
Assassin's Creed
Half life Ep2
Elder scrolls 5


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That's scary. Luckily most cops are not killers.
Still, sends a chill up my spine.


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Hilary is scary.
I don't like her at all.

You could write a story about humans discovering alien life. Then, they have to escape before they get run over. By a bus. With people in it. In space. In the future.


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meet is good namatter what you guis say no mattter what i eat no vegies frozen or unfrozen i still like meet.
big_smile (yes I talked'd badly for fun)


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Sindri blasted through the door of the warehouse with his shotgun. Soon, two guards were already attacking him. Discarding his shotgun, he drew both his pistols and shot the remaining guards. His target had already been killed in the gunfight.
He then turned around and made his way back to his apartment. Things were almost too easy.


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Jumping down from a small ledge, Sindri raised his shotgun. He shot a zombie clear off it's feet. He was hired to kill a refugee who had caused the city much pain during the zombie uprising. His target had taken advantage of the people and had caused much damage. There was a large sum of money for his death.
He had about a half mile before he reached the waterfront. The man would be in a warehouse with a few guards. Shouldn't be a problem.
He sprinted ahead, towards the waterfront.

That's pretty easy. I have several guns in my house. I would use my 20 gauge pump. (12 gauge is a little to strong for me)
Of course, science could prove that a zombie invasion could never happen, and they would all poof away in a puff of smoke.

But no one likes science anyway.


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How does one's armor change is space so much anyway? Kind of creepy.
Anyway, it looks like a great game.