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True Warrior wrote:

Its seems to me that this screamin Fett statue is pretty rare! I cant find it anywhere but ebay!


Yep thats the case.... from what i know this model is now out of production, as are most of the Screamin kits. They do a good Stromtrooper 1/4 scale as well as boba and stromtroopers in 1/6, but all OOP. I think what i managed to get was lucky. They are few and far between with the rare one in a model shop commanding $100 plus.

As for the ebay kitbuilders auction..... Its too expensive for me as i live in the UK and postage is very high due to the weight of several mags. Its not worth it as i only want the one article from the one mag.


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If anybody has a scan of this particular article any chance they could email me it? Its all i want in that mag. Annoying thing is i used to have a copy and threw it out bout a month back thinking i'd never get the model...now i have the model but no mag.... sad


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Thanks for the mail about that auction....trying to find out if he ships to the UK.

Thats exactly the issue i need just for the boba article. Its realy great!! Shows how to convert the standard figure into something more impresive and i wanna try!!!.

I think out of all the Fett models i've seen the 2 by screamin' are the best. The one i've got is 1/4 scale and the other they do is 1/6 scale both are in different poses to each other (gun held out ready to shoot, gun held across chest in ready stance).

The new one mentioned before in this thread (Kyobotai?) really isnt a model but more of a action figure in my view...It snaps togther and is posable i think while models normaly glue togther require painting and arent posable.


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Nope the kit is definatley by Screamin' models. Its no longer in production i believe, tho if you search models shops you can still find the odd one or 2. Its around 18" tall or so in 1/4 scale and looks good. I've included a link to a shop that has an image of one for sale.


and heres the cover of the mag i'm looking for with the article in it... just noticed its a Kaiyodo Fett model they used but the principles the same.



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I've found instructions on the net for building the standard model as produced by screamin'. However what i wanted was the actual article from kitbuilders #22 that shows how to improve on this making it slightly more realistic, its does things like use guitar strings for the wires and tubes on Boba's arms and replaces the wookie braids with real braids made from wool (or summat similar).
As an aside from this, when i found the online instructions it made me aware that my model was missing some parts, so i've contacted the supplier about this, but with the articel i want i may be able to forgoe the parts and use other materials to make them (things like bobas cape is missing in my kit, could be replaced with real cloth cape if i knew the shape of it).

Thanks anyway.

Hi fellas,

I just got the 1/4 scale Boba Fett vinyl model produced by Screamin. However it came with no box and very badly photocopied instructions (was cheap but due to this). I know that Kit builders magazine did an article on how to "improve" this kit and was wondering if anyone had a copy of it lying around they could scan in for me? I cant get the issue on back order and but know it was issue #22 kitbuilders. Any help would be great.