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Thats why im an Atheist cause here are to many things to believe that they all seem impossible. And no the bible isnt morally right it teaches you to fear your creator and that everybody else is wrong.

Jango Fett then pruned up and became 777,777,777 cheesepuffs

Welcome *salutes* its nice to meet you I bet you'll do fine.

Thats what I asked! Maybe there a group he did say they were working on the Boba Fett Movie.


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Pure amazement!


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That you just old them what to believe after he said not to be forced but to choose in what you belive

Wow alot of these universes are cool espeically the all girls are attractive and if the south had won the civil war! Possibly more wars would of started and led to Americas demise I'm glad im not the only one that wonders "What if?" which was I was originally going to call this Topic. Another good one was if the dinosaurs never went extinct and evolved to the dominant species tell me what you think about that and please tell me what you think of Nazi DeVinci I was planing on writing a short story about it.


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Im With Karson on this one (shocker lol) can't we just leave it at death everything great will end sooner or later.

Hi, Guys (and girls) this is the "Alternate Universe Post" I made this so people can post alternate universes that ever popped into their mind! I'm going to give some that I had came up these past weeks.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
-If Adolf Hitler had been born in the Renaissance era and teamed up with Leonardo DaVincie.
-If Starwars was Steam-punk style (like space trains!).
-Transformers that came to earth in the industrial era instead of a weirdly impossible future.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - -
So yeah comment on any of these ideas or post your own! Have fun!

After that Fett got full of Euphoria, Grew 4 more arms and used the magical power of MC Mike and banished Obikanobe to the nether worlds of eternity were he would suffer under the balance of the Universe!

And boba laid down some fat beats or as he said "Fett Beats"

Karson hopefully you understand the magnitude of what your dealing with, I'm sorry to everyone for ruining this post and Karson sorry I showed you the real world behind the bible. I will not take back the things I said thou I mean them to the heart, the only reason I stopped was I didn't want any more people hating Karson or me. Respect is a great deal and I don't want to loose respect that is something you fail to see Karson. I understand now that people like you will not change your thought cause you are close minded and "God" Fearing I see that now. This is not my fight, this is a fight for someone that could live forever cause I have to many words to fit into a computer screen. But Karson please pick up a theory of evolution book and read it hopefully it will give you knowledge if you had another fight like this it might help you defend your statements with actual facts on evolution. Sorry every one hope this blows over and every one can forgive me and Karson.

Come hit me in the mouth you Jesus Freak my brother is a wonderful person and deserves the best! I will hurt you! Being judgmental is also a sin you have committed so hope you burn in hell to! And there is no racism in evolution the dark skinned are faster jump higher and are leading best at sports so evolution is doing good for them there is only a missing link cause those were the mystery years by the way its chimps not monkeys. Resorting to violence is very christian of you! Is that all you are? Brawns no brain or did your parents just shove that book into your ear?! So why don't you stop hiding those pisses of paper and learn some stuff ok you idiotic white trash!

I would love to see god cause there is no actual proof except for jesus looking burns on toast. and yes I did research it ive been studying religion in geography and history i'm happy to say that cave man markings make more sense then the bible, cause tattoos aren't bad they are a type of art which is connected to the heart which then connects to the soul which links to so called god. The bible doesn't make sense how does it explain evolution which is proven or adam and eve? we would all be mentally disabled cause of the in-breeding. Does this ring a bell or did you use to skip science with football? Let me guess your against gay marriage since its against "god"? Cause my brother is gay i'm sure he would love to hear this.

Karson I repeat  some religions not getting Tattoos it is bad cause it can show marriage, man hood, and many others, but just because its against what your religion is doesn't mean you can say its wrong. These things were done before the bible.

So basically you are on the wrong side, do more research next time.

And some religions not getting Tattoos it is bad cause it can show marriage, man hood, and many others, but just because its against what your religion is doesn't mean you can say its wrong.


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Us? But still welcome to the forums

Obi-won left the premises in hope from redemption

Im pretty sure Formaldehyde is what they use in cigarettes and to preserve dead people. I think Fluoride is in toothpaste. tongue

all I was saying was the rules are almost impossible to do. I'm not talking about tattoos, thats just a "no" answer but what I was trying to get across was to some people who don't believe in it (cough, cough) and might find it rude to say "You can't do that." cause of some one's religion.

And Terra, thank god your not a zombie your children would be terrified and your posts would only be one word (Brains) lol. smile

Miba I don't know any body going against Karson, I hope I didn't sound ignorant.

and he did a backflip

Karson Fett wrote:

The Bible says not to mark up your body

The Bible says a lot of things bro,  but no one can live up to the expectations. An as for you Terra use Formaldehyde keeps the skin rockin! big_smile

The prices sky rocketed

I think tattoos on the face is a bad idea it won't look good applying for school or a job interview, when im of age I will get tattoos but some where secret so  when I'm old it won't be, "Grandpa is that a tattoo of KISS on your arm?" but yeah I think it wont be nice to have a tattoo face hmm

(Some one got the hint! smile )

...and the rest of her Egomaniac friends!