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I'm extremely excited for these movies now. Not to mention I've heard Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher might be coming back to reprise their roles.

They posted the date today, it goes free to play on November 15! … 15-6399697

That would be a cool cameo! I'm curious to see what direction they go in with the movie, whether it'll follow the EU or just be an original story.

I'm just hoping if they choose to do it after the OT that they can get the original cast to reprise their roles (assuming they use the same characters) rather than using new people. Still, between movies like Iron Man and The Avengers I have faith that they can make something entertaining.

Also fingers crossed that they run the video game department better (Battlefield 3 anyone?)

Sadriel_Fett wrote:

The Jedi Covenant Server (east coast PvE).

Oh all of mine are on The Shadowlands.

It's also an east coast PvE server...though since I don't really play MMOs I don't know what that means or what the difference between that and a PvP server is.

Episode 7 is apparently planned for release in 2015.

In any case I'm kind of excited to see what happens here, it might re-energize the franchise a bit. … 00740.html

Cool! I already hit the level cap with like 4 characters in the trial so far waiting for the game to become free.

What server do you play on, assuming you've already started some characters?

Not sure if anyone's posted anything about this yet but thought I'd let people know.

It hasn't been implemented yet but I've been hearing it should happen around November sometime.

I just downloaded the trial for now since I can't wait for it to be free. Anyone else play currently?

BFFC Admin wrote:

Anyone planning on picking up the Star Wars Blu-Ray set?

I picked it up, looks amazing!

Only thing I don't like is the cover, I find the discs difficult to remove...

That's kinda interesting, I'm not sure if I'd necessarily want a Boba Fett movie though, they'd have to go about it really well. On the other hand though I haven't seen Captain America yet but it's supposed to be pretty solid so the director could do a pretty good job of it, and just having a new Star Wars movie in general would be pretty cool.

^ Yeah it's been confirmed now ( … -speak-out) 60 devs, 25 external production and QA gone.

Fett_II wrote:

wrong section to post it in, this would go in the fans section.

Oh ok I wasn't sure so I assumed all media related stuff went in here is there a way I can move the topic?

Ralin Drakus wrote:

Ahhh, I see.  Makes sense.

The older info that I'd heard was that he shyed away from taking that level of responcibility; he didn't see himself as big enough to fill the role, and that the Mandalorians were pretty much leaderless between Jango and Boba *not counting the clone that led Fenn and the others against the Republic during the Clone Wars - and it's actually after Him that Fenn would have taken over right?  or has that piece of the EU been thrown out now as well?  I've honestly lost all track of where most of this stuff now stands...*sigh**

Yeah after Spar gives up the position Fenn tries to convince Fi, and Sull to fill the role but they refuse so Fenn takes the role temporarily until Boba is older or something

and to answer the topic I'd say for sure he's worthy, aside from the dumb death in the movie he still had some impressive accomplishments

"The force is with you young skywalker...but you are not a jedi yet." … developers

So basically it looks like they're laying off a bunch of the team that developed TFU and restricting the Lucasarts IPs to in house.

That last part is kinda worrying since third parties have made what seems like the majority of good games for Lucasarts (like KOTOR, Battlefront, and Rogue Squadron) and TOR looks like it'll be the last game developed outside. I guess that means there's no more hope of a console Old Republic game from Bioware now but who knows maybe there'll be some good that comes from this and they can make a new Commando game or something but for the most part these changes seem to be for the worse imo

lol awesome

Yeah they're in Triple Zero and True Colours...unless you're meaning that they're not in any of the ones after that.

Also when does season 3 take place? The last level was something like >2 years after Geonosis so is season 3 before or after that?

So just beat Republic Commando today, gotta say it was a pretty fun game, lots of good action. I wish it was a bit longer though or had a few more diverse levels, granted the ones it had were pretty well made and each was a pretty unique experience. It really sucks what happened to Sev at the end but I'm hoping there was some chance of him surviving and maybe coming back in the books or something (currently at True Colours). Anyway good game but I definitely think it needs a sequel.

I don't mind too much, I think it was only a bit more expensive than if I had bought the one on amazon anyway with shipping and everything so that + being able to play it right away was worth it imo

ZiviReywes wrote:
Fett_II wrote:

republic commando isn't really likely to be found in any up-to-date store, your best bet is to look online.

Republic commando can be found on Steam for $9.99

I ended up finding it at this store that I checked last month and I just happened to be in the area and when I went in they had it so I got it for xbox for 20 bucks, my computer would have a hard time handling it too. Anyway I'm like 2/3 done it now, pretty great game so far.


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Anyone seen the space combat trailer?

damn that looks great sad


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@ Karson

Yeah that's some BS right there, so did he coach any other teams or just football? And what's gonna happen with your team are they gonna try and find a temporary replacement or anything for now?


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lol great interview

^ Yeah I'm thinking of buying Bounty Hunter off amazon or something now since I never got a chance to play it either but I agree with your second point too - I'd much rather take nothing over a second rate story. Same goes for the upcoming appearance in The Force Unleashed 2 I'm hoping that it's not just some cheap way to try and draw in fans.


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NP: Justin Bieber - U Smile


Now before you start judging me this version of the song was slowed down by 800% and amazingly it's actually a good ambient track … 800-slower

Karson Fett wrote:

Just don't read Order 66 before you play the game

Thanks for the heads up,  I'm on True Colours now so I'll probably order it off amazon or something (along with SW: Bounty Hunter since I also missed out on that) and get it done before I move on. I also need to catch up on the clone wars series I guess now, though I'm not too enthused about it


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That's some awesome artwork thanks for posting it sadriel