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Fett_II wrote:

TOR is only 300 years after the end of TSL, but this game is said to cover what would be a KOTOR 3,4,5,6, and so on.



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^ pretty cool, reminds me of Nightwish or Evanescence or something...

as far as Viking bands I don't know many but this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79Lf13u9B5Q is a pretty good song (and they are Scandinavian so close enough tongue)


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Yeah, that's the one thanks a bunch

1) I'd dismiss my second in command's comment as just a joke but put down that line of thought immediately and try to barter with them. I'd do it this way so we wouldn't gain any resentment from the villagers so that they would hopefully be less likely to betray us/maybe even become allies on the inside

2) I'd wait until being ordered into the town but volunteer to be in the first group. I do this because I wouldn't want to compromise the mission in any way by getting caught behind enemy lines.

3) I would just try suggesting to him what our plans of action should be, not trying to hold his hand too much, hoping that he'll learn through experience.

4) I would notify my superiors to advise on the situation. Assuming they know about it and don't change anything I would try to convince the rebel leader that this isn't the best course of action and it may just cause the sith to come down harder on the citizens, but I wouldn't try to put a hard stop to their activities unless ordered to do so.

5) Try to stall them and drag out negotiations, if it looks like the counter offensive isn't happening then try to punch through the lines and make a fighting retreat


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

lol, what is that bottom one??  A Jawa deep sea diver?   tongue

lol where are they gonna go diving on tatooine?

Oh well, a jawa can dream...


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I remember seeing there was a gameplay demo at E3 or something but I never got around to checking out so just now I did a quick search and it could be
this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teEJNvoyuG0 (also lol trooper has the same last name as me)

Honestly it doesn't look too bad but then again it doesn't seem very "next-gen" either if you know what I mean. Also I wouldn't worry about them not making a KOTOR 3, I'm sure it's bound to happen eventually and if the timeframe between the old republic games is that huge then that's even better. I'm curious, though,  about what kinds of things they're going to touch on in TOR from the older games particularly I'm wondering what they'll mention about Revan and the Outcast and what became of them and everything.


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I completely agree with everything you said there, they're taking way too much inspiration from all the other story lines, the 'clone' troopers especially is almost going overboard with the rip offs. IIRC though TOR takes place a couple hundred years after KOTOR 2 so I'm holding on to the hope that they can fit another game into that timeframe or something (although on the Old Republic site they had that historical video series so I'm not sure if they've already covered that time period or not)


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Yeah it's just a cool picture is all, actually though I kinda like the one I'm using now anyway (just some random pic I found on google)

But thanks for the offer anyway if I find something cool I'd like as an avatar I'll let you know

Harrison Ford was one of the best up there along with James Earl Jones as Vader

Ralin Drakus wrote:

Ewan McGregor did a great job as Obi Wan as well.  And who can forget Christopher Lee as Count Dooku?  Liam Neeson and Samuel L. did great jobs as well.  Kinda makes it sad that the prequels sucked so much; there really were some awesome individual performances .

Yeah it was disappointing to have all that talent but completely under utilizing them. Samuel L Jackson didn't get much to act with so I can't say he had a standout performance or anything and IIRC Liam Neeson even said that he didn't try as hard as he could have because of what he had to work with


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^ Oh yeah when I first signed up I was trying to log on to grab one of the TOR avatars (the camouflaged trooper) but I couldn't get my password to work so I didn't end up using it. Any possibility you could get that one for me?


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

We're not a very big gaming forum...which is sort of surprising for me, given that I am a huge Nintendo fangirl. And yes, given what Nintendo has showed so far, I am very, very, excited!

Yeah nintendo had the best conference, 3DS in particular looks crazy and I can finally play MGS3

Terra wrote:

Trailer is really cool. Wish I lived closer to LA. E3 seems like quite THE event for gamers indeed.

Yeah the trailers are pretty cool, but I've really only seen pre-rendered stuff when it comes to TOR so I wonder how the game will play out. Really though, I wish they just made a KOTOR 3 since I'm not interested in MMOs (not like my computer can handle any anyways)


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Pretty straightforward, just post whatever song you're currently listening to

Now Playing: Jay Z - Politics As Usual


Terra wrote:

hey, a fellow canadian! I'm from Montreal, Qc

Oh cool! Montreal's pretty awesome, one of my friends moved there for school last year so I've visited a few times and it's a always fun place to go

Hey don't be so quick to laugh at it, it's been feeling upwards of 40 C for the past week! Luckily it's cooling down now though, and yeah I know I can't complain one of my cousins was in Afghanistan and was telling me about how hot it is.

Me? Toronto, ON

Yeah I only just started reading RC and then I heard that a lot of the canon was changed so the books don't work or something which I hope is not true. Are the changes really that huge?


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Hey everyone what's up

Just created my account after lurking for a while lol. I've always been a huge fan of the movies (and Boba of course) and I remember I came to this site many years ago when I first started to read the Bounty Hunter Wars. I never went much further than that but now I'm getting into a lot more of the books, starting with the Republic Commando series so I came back to this site again to maybe get some recs for some other good reading material and discuss the coolest group of characters in the series!


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18 gonna be 19 in October...but I gotta say I still feel pretty immature for my age lol

I'm on summer break right now so I'll either be playing videogames or basketball or something (although not this week since it got really hot up here)


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ESB > ROTJ > A New Hope >> ROTS >>>>>>>>>> Poo >>>>>> AOTC = TPM

1.Boba Fett
2.Darth Vader
3.Han Solo
5.Jango Fett
6.Canderous Ordo
8.Luke Skywalker
9.Clone Commandos (no one specific yet I only just started reading Hard Contact and they all seem pretty bad***)