Yeah I heard about this, sounds pretty cool except that it's the updated versions, personally I think they should've included the originals and in that case I'd probably get it


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I'd take a DC-17m for its adaptability, and a DC-15s as a backup

Karson Fett wrote:

You haven't played it?

Nah I just never got around to it, but now since I started reading the Republic Commando books (finished the first two so far) I have a renewed interest in playing it, I just can't seem to find a copy anywhere

I really need to get around to playing Republic Commando now


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fairyblood wrote:

Better yet, WHAT IF:

wow chewie seems to be everywhere in history

Yeah there are the slug throwers, the Verpine SR and shatter guns are also projectile weapons and there are a few more iirc


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I have yet to finish watching the HS, I managed to sit through the first bit until I saw Boba Fett and shortly after that I had to turn it off lol

^ Yeah there is a lot of text that was omitted I believe they're called the apocryphal texts. Also just to quickly address two more points it's not a matter of black people being less evolved, rather people all adapted to their environments in different ways, but we're all equally evolved;second being homosexual doesn't really mean there's anything wrong with you, you were born like that and it's not something that's harmful to anyone so I don't think it's like some problem that needs to be fixed.

Anyway though I agree we should just drop all this now since we're way off topic now lol, so on topic: I'm almost done my summer courses now but my school gym is gonna be closed until September soon and so I'll have to go back to working out at home now, it sucks because I just started too and I'm getting all into it and now I'm gonna have to wait and lose a lot of my progress.

Karson I think something you need to understand is that the bible has tons of rules that are outdated by the standards of society today, the rules may have made more sense in those times and that's what they were written for but as the times change it's important to take a less literal interpretation of it.


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That sucks man, are there any other sports teams you could join? (Assuming you still wanna play something else that is)

Fett_II wrote:

what's so bad about a little formaldehyde? it's in toothpaste.

Is it really? You sure you don't mean fluoride or something?

lol I'm takin it back!

anyway though it just came off that way to me for example stuff like: "You've grown too...grown more beautiful that is", "You're breaking my heart!", "I HATE YOU!", "Only a sith deals in absolutes..." etc. really just showed bad writing on Lucas' part I'm not saying the movies are horrible or anything (well maybe 1 and 2 were, not to say they didn't have any redeeming features) but imo there was a lot of dumb stuff in them

Karson Fett wrote:

Yeah, but I was born after the OT so they were pretty good to me. They still busted the block...however episode 3 was the best as far as acting goes and writing goes.

You mean the best in the prequel trilogy right?

Ralin Drakus wrote:

It's kinda weird.  As BAD Bad badbadbad as the writing was for 'Annie,' I always thought McGregor's line's and delivery were pretty darn good.  It was as if each actor in the prequals had their own writer, and they just mashed it all together for each scene.  For instance, everybody's lines were actually pretty decent in Ep. I, but you've got Anikan doing his own creepy little 'I'm 8 and I'm in love with a 14 year old,' and then you've got all the Gungans seemingly being written for by the Barney the Purple Dinosaur team.  Kinda weird looking back on it...

I dunno man, I'd agree with the delivery but the writing all seemed pretty terribad/cheesy in the prequels

damn that's hardcore lol why not just get it done somewhere? And what's it gonna be?

What kind of website are you building?

Lately I've been going to summer school, it sucks but w/e I've been off since April so I guess two months isn't SO bad to take out of my summer and I have a pretty light course load next semester anyways. I've also started weight lifting at the gym in my school

Yeah, Ewan McGregor is an awesome actor but the writing was just so horrible in the prequels and the fact that it was all green screen and everything etc. The movies had the potential to be so much better with so many great people


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Wow that doesn't sound like a very good relationship, does she like not trust him at all or something or is she just controlling (or both)? Anyways if you called does she always answer the phone first or something or maybe would it be possible to catch him when he's home or something? Heck how far are they would it be possible to just drop in sometime? Best of luck whatever you decide to do though


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
Karson Fett wrote:

Classic Rock!!!! AC/DC

Wow, somebody besides Fettmatic, Terra, or me posted on this thread.  lolz

I've been too freekin busy to listen to ANYTHING....  and my CD player is broken in the car so I can't even liten to anything on my way to or back from work   :.(...       It sux

it's 2010 man get an mp3 player lol!


NP: The Roots - Section

^This is from one of my favorite albums, Illadelph Halflife


Karson Fett wrote:

What is your second favorite droid? Because everybody knows HK is at the top of everybodys list


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Good that you managed to get back into contact with him, especially if you guys were close like that, must've been really hard to just stop talking all of sudden but hopefully everything goes well and you guys can pick up where you left off


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I tan, I only remember being burned once when I was little


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I'd be a hell of a lot more productive that's for sure, no more getting sidetracked as easily when I'm supposed to be doing work


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Yeah I stopped paying attention to new GnR, they'll never be as good as they used to be when they had slash and everything. Rage Against the Machine is great though, I love their guitarist his riffs are always really cool.

NP: Blackstar - Respiration


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@ Terra: When I was a little kid I used to have the Mortal Kombat soundtracks (I loved those movies) and one of my favorite songs on it was Rammstein - Engel, I had no idea what they were saying but I listened to it over and over

@ Ralin: That was a good viking song my bad about the confusion for what you meant lol, but yeah I like those types of songs (chants etc) a lot. Bad Company was cool too, do you have the album it's on and would you recommend it?

NP: Iron Maiden - Wasted Years