Thank you all for the welcome, and I've recently come across some things that caused me to spiritually go back about 15-16 years, so sorry if I seem either too calm or too wild lol

As for Slash, Welcome to the board


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Thank you, but you don't have to do that, you've already done so much for me smile


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Na, we're just friends, I'm putting relationships on hold atm, not quite sure what I want in a woman anymore, for one there was too much drama for the 2 weeks before I joined this board (Gone now thank God!), for two I have had so many bad relationships due to bad choices in women, I loved, honored, and respected them, and  I got cheated on by them, I was told by everyone else I did nothing wrong, that I just kept picking up "Village Bicycles" and I got sick of trying to date locals, and so far the net hasn't been much better...

Anyways, that aside, I'm working on making myself a better man, so that the woman that does eventually get me, will feel lucky and happy to have me big_smile

(Doesn't mean I may or may not find love anytime, love is very random, you never know!)


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That's fine then *looks away* tongue

Not really, anyways what's up?


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I wonder why I feel like I have a lot more than I expected to have, Maybe I'm a bit too happy? big_smile

Either way, I am glad I was introduced to this board, it's very calm and pleasant smile


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Thank you, you are very much appreciated big_smile


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I warned you I would tease back big_smile

Well, I guess I will go sit down at the park, and enjoy the moment, take care tongue


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She found one person who isn't going to ditch her, no matter what big_smile


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I plan to tease you properly too tongue

Anyways, you're gonna have to step it up a notch to keep up with me now, I have my energy back big_smile

Sorry this wasn't my first post, and hopefully not my last big_smile

My name is Excail, and I was introduced by Terra, as a referral, I became a fan of Star Wars while playing the Masters of Teras Kasi and Dark Forces games, and I still play Masters of Teras Kasi and Dark Forces today...

My favorite Character's on Teras Kasi were Boba Fett and Arden Lin (Don't know if I spelled her name right) and I only barely know about the movies because I didn't get to watch them all til late in my years, and I watched other stuff since...

I have always been a fan of the Ewoks, Chewbacca, and Boba Fett since I saw them in their original movies long ago

I hope that I can maybe get to know this community, and I will work hard to try and keep up even though I'm busy lol


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Well, this Brandon you speak of, he's here now, and he doesn't care who knows it...

He's been through hell and back to keep himself alive, and has been struggling for his own happiness for almost his whole life, because people kept taking it away.

And whether it be Boyfriend, Best Friend, or even Just A Friend, he isn't going to forget about you and leave your side... He has had too many friends do the same thing to him, and so many bad relationships due to others not listening and expecting him to listen one sided, and even after all that and this, he trusts you, because you helped him realize something that has been killing all the pain and drama in his life, that he has a worth, and he is also human...

That GF you were talking about btw, she was making stories about going somewhere and he believed them like an idiot, and then on July 4th, she said she got back from those places, and broke up with him randomly, this is why he tried not to make it serious, because he figured something like this would happen and waited, and instead of keeping a secret to the bitter end like any other guy who had something like this going on in their life, he came to you because he believed you were special and he told you way before his GF randomly dumped him, because he expected it to happen, due to it happening the same way so many times before

Finally, he always hated his first name, but unlike everyone else he knew, he didn't mind you calling him by that name, because he not only trusted you, he wanted to let you know, you always have somebody, and no matter how much you hate them or love them, they will be there for you...

And with that being said, he will now bid you a friendly adièu, and hopes that you will be happier next time he sees you big_smile