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For those curious, this is what I look like, this is a pic of me doing karaoke



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I'm not asking for a request, just saying I am willing to help out with avatars as best as I can, you can check out my current one for an example of quality, I may not be on a lot, but I will help out when I am around smile


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Sorry for the double post (If anyone's even watching) it's been a long time and I have been single for a while now, but it's fine, because I have learned some valuable lessons:

1.) If you can't move on and forget the ex's, you're not ready for a new relationship yet.

2.) If you can't respect and appreciate the one you end up with, you don't deserve them.

3.) If you hide your emotions, especially from your intended, they will feel like you don't trust them or love them, which will
     ultimately kill the relationship.

If only I had learned this sooner, I wouldn't have lost a lot of very good friends over my inevitable downfall, but I'm not worried, I'm just glad I can still live to have another chance, I hope for you all to have the best.



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Don't worry, we all have trouble, the best thing you can do is break the chains that bind you and move on, your life is better spent happy and without regret, look for someone who will respect your heart better smile


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I have not posted on this site in a while, but I am now in a relationship, have been since March of last year, I have been busy, and when I finally got time, my PC quit on me, so I had to go back to my old Pentium III backup, which is very limited, I hope the rest of you are faring well, there is one thing that I have learned to accept, the past is the past, you can't really do much about it, accept it and move on to a better life, living in regrets of love or mistakes only takes those precious moments away and makes you bitter and cold, I have had many ex's, but I shouldn't hold on to them, I should focus on the one I am with : )


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I'm back and this time by choice, funny this is the first topic I post in when I return XD

That aside I'm single and I'm actually kind of proud of it, relationships for me haven't been very promising, if you wish to know how, just private message me, I'd be glad to tell you smile

I want to apologize in public to Terra that (A.) I disappeared for so long, I had to find myself as she said and (B.) For not being fair to her and some of the others here when I started...

You all deserve better respect than what I gave for being so kind to me, and I'm very sorry not just to her, but to all of you


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Not a problem, I understand, it works now, and that's what counts XD


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I made a new avatar, but now I can't get it to upload, it's the right size and filesize, it just keeps reverting back to my old avatar

*Edit* Disregard that, it's up XD


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He did indeed go away, but only to find his respect for himself, and now... HE'S BACK!

Excail has come back, and I'm going to be making a new avatar soon, that will be matching my new image

One more thing, I'm single, and I don't know if it will change or not, but either way, I'm going to be happier now big_smile


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I doubt anyone would pay much attention to it, but maybe one of these days, I could help code a game that may make people talk, but as I said, still learning, got a lot to fix before I take a step like that...

And I don't expect it to be easy...


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Nothing is wrong with making your own soap or doing things the way that you feel you must do them, he's basing his "ideals" upon his own lifestyle which is wrong

(I have done the same so I should definitely know he is... -.-)

If anything he like I did, needs a lesson of the real world, he needs humility wink

I also am sorry I don't post as often, for one I've been busy with working, and two I am starting to go back to learning programming in my spare time again, maybe if I learn that, I could actually make something fun and interesting to mess with big_smile


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I never gathered enough courage to ask someone til recently (not saying who, could be anyone wink ), and the moment I did, I got sicker than hell, I was over the toilet almost half the night, and could hardly breathe...

Also an apology to Terra, last night she was trying to contact me on MSN, and I couldn't respond due to that sickness sad

I thought a wagon was for supplies or transport of multiple people, but I guess I could be wrong...

Maybe it's for shipping goods over the desert?


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Terra wrote:
Excail wrote:

My avatar isn't really that good, I could have done better...

Nah it's ok, and the guy on it is hot smile

Karson Fett wrote:


I find this funny as hell tongue


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I can cook Mac & Cheese and call it shrimp tongue


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I did cook last night, it was just not enough to keep me full, since I suck at cooking lol


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No drama intended, but God am I hungry


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My avatar isn't really that good, I could have done better...

Welcome Fettamatic, and I don't know, don't you need more than one person for a wagon? tongue


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Right now, I'm unsure if I even want love or not, so far it's given me more pain than happiness, and that alone is making me lean towards no...

People always seem to walk all over me, but somehow I just can't seem to hate them, but right now, love is something that has lost it's fun and luster to me...

idk anymore

Boba was only a bounty hunter because it was suited to him, but he did his job well, and always tried to be prepared

Money was the least of his worries til the job was done, it was about staying alive


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I guess we're all complicated, but at least some of us can find peace with themselves within it, and that makes it worth all the trouble...

I often wonder what love will bring, but I no longer fear it, it's something I find intriguing now


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Terra wrote:

Kind of you. Cool new av you got anyway, don't need me. tongue

Don't say that, I re-pixelated the avatar I have now... It still sucks lol


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My biggest issue is, trust, Terra has my trust, but I rarely trust anymore because it's not just in love I find bad blood, I find it when I'm minding my own business too XD

I don't see what is so threatening about someone who plays games and minds their own business, but apparently a lot of people do

Terra wrote:
Karson Fett wrote:
SlashandBurn wrote:

Hello all. Big fan of Fett and Vader. The Dark Side rules.

As long as the pay is good, who cares.

LOL. Money isn't everything. Far from that.

Money = Greed Nuff said'