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Jodo Kast: 11
IG-72: 11
Aurra Sing: 13
Zam Wesell: 14


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True Clone Wars contradicts i just mean like it takes off so their are good episodes and the people who did Clone Wars loved star wars and hopefully the tv show gets the same treatment. if not then dark days will be coming.


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i wasnt sure if it was all canon or not because doesnt the little girl he save meet her father in jabbas palace and then they get him mandalorian armor, i didn't find anything that confirmed that so i wasnt sure, didnt want to call it canon if it wasn't thanks for clearing it up though i appreciate it.


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no, i got one and i got vader and a at-st driver


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ic ic, ill post a picture of it in a few then


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Hey i got the picture but how do you post it?

p.s. TW i got your message but ur inbox is full so my reply didn't go through.


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Nice collection, but hav you seen the record by a group called The Force, its casing has Fett on it, very nice i'll add a picture once i find my digital camera.

I agree with Mandalorian i love this new Fett too and the more i think about it, this info had to be canon'd because it adds to Fett's character, he gets hardened by his fathers death and hates jedi from it even more, well he leaves his family and that must eat him away on the inside which just makes him more, i guess the word is rugged, and if he hadn't left his family behind he may not have been even as notorious when we see him in 'Empire'. So to add more pain to Fett just makes him more of the character we love.

4-LOM just because as a kid Boba looked cool but 4-LOM had something else that stuck in my mind as cool. Still not sure what it is though.


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With Traviss continuing the Legacy series and doing a book to follow up Triple Zero the language may evolve even more and hey who knows maybe enough to make a mini language book kind of like the Travel Guide which has quite a few languages in it.


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The lack of Fett history, and the missing links. For instance the gap between Cas.sus and Jango, plus the possibilty of Jango's sister


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I think for Kotor 3 they should maybe add some flashback playables in it that could have been left out of the first 2. Or even add Flashback playability to help progress the story line towards the light or darkside.- I'd definitly want the handmaiden on my team again with her echani abilities.


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You may also want to read the 6 junior novels out there, some of it is non canon but it also explains a lot about Fett and Jabba plus Aurra Sing is in it and thats a good combo for Bounty hunters


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I think the TV show will be awesome hopefully it will take off like clonewars did.

In Wookiepedia it states:
"In an attempt at a normal life, he married her[Sintas Vel]. The two later later conceived a child, Ailyn Vel, who was born in 15 BBY. Fett's job allowed for few attachments, however, and the relationship failed to last long, Fett abandoning his family less than three years later."
Which means he wanted to settle down and raise a family. The only thing that screwed that up was when he was a Journeyman Protector and he killed another which in turn meant he had to leave the planet and family behind causing him to have" ...failed in his attempts to be a regular man, Boba Fett once again fully dedicated himself to the bounty hunting trade." ( from Wookie also) So say he didn't kill a fellow Journeyman, he would not have picked up the bounty hunting trade again or for "fates" sake he would again be a bounty hunter but would mean he stayed with Sintas and raised Ailyn and she would not have grown up hating her father ( and mean she wouldn't impersonate him because noone likes a Boba Fett impersonator) So I think the idea of Boba doing what his father did and clone himself is definitly a no-no. And i agree with BalanceSheet about canonizing tales, it does get screwed up, especially if they were to canonize some of the Darth Maul 1/2 cyborg ones, but also taking into consideration that exravagancy I am still glad Ailyn was canonized before something worse came along.

I agree with your theory of staying away because someone might want to get back at Boba but also disagree with it being ridiculous that she would take it from a Tales comic because a lot of great stuff comes from non-canon material and it is better that she took something already out there then make something new on her own making it conflict with canon and Ailyn at the same time. For all we know she could have decided to make Boba loose his "man hood" in a freak bounty accident and thus had no children, which would in some aspects make him even less of a notorious persona we know. So I like that she canon'd it and made it official before someone else did.

With Karen Traviss' new book 'Bloodlines' released the beginning few pages reinstate the fact that Boba has a daughter, Ailyn Vel, and this to many fans (especially the OT fans) is not who Boba fett is,that being a father. To many it shows weakness, that he showed emotion to another, and that it also changes who his character was (OT). Me being a Boba Fett fan since the ripe age of 7 grew up seeing this bounty hunter as ruthless and uncompasionate. Now with the new trilogy out it showed a new side of Fett, his young side and with that the junior novel's. These books showed a different side of Fett seing as he was young, immature and not as ruthless as we had seen him in 'Empire'. Now knowing this it starts to change the perception we see Fett. When we hear he has a daughter we still imagine seeing the bounty hunter standing next to others such as Bossk and IG-88 while Darth Vader puts the bounty on Han Solo's head. Taking into consideration that this is him as 34 year old it is tough to see him as the 17 year old who would not have the same personality as the 34 year old version of himself. Here is my argument; Boba was 17 when he became a father, at this stage in his life he was going through a tough emotional stage, and thus it seems that in fact Boba having a child doesn't seem as far fetched as every one believes and Ailyn's canon should in essence be accepted amoung "Fett Fans" everywhere.