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Not to mention in the junior novels Jango leaves him the black book that helps steer boba in the right direction.


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it does have the ability to divide cells as seenw hen he attaches himself to spidey i mean it as like there wasnt anything left at the site so maybe connor will be the new venom but that would just make the next movie awful


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well along with the fact that a bomb blew up and totally destroyed everything its safe to say he is dead. Besides the symbiots dead so his character role is no longer needed so im sure he got fried.


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I thought it was a major let down. If they dont shape up for the rest of the movie series its going to ruin the entire movie franchise. Besides that badness of the movie i loved Stan Lee's cameo.

i wish i was going but to be honest i think its gross looking. Maybe a different color tone?


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It looks pretty sweet. yet at the same time i wish i could get my hands on a prototype one too just for like collecting brags ya know?


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Though i'd liek to know that the season opened the blonde chick whose name escapes me that used to have a thing with Ben, was holding a stephen king book so its a nice tie in even if it isnt really stephen king like, i think a few things are but not much.


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I saw on some magazine cover while i was checking out at walgreens a glimpse of shrek and fionas baby...ugly as hell...but what did we really expect?


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7th isnt bad it just means a quick 7 bounties smile and whats 7 bounties to boba?


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All these years i never connected may the fourth with may the force...ima have to use that now...and happy belated may the fourth


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So i have a lot of friends who work at Hot Topic and they informed me today that Hot Topic will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary with new and cool merchandise and a good portion of it revolving around Boba. So start saving up cuz im sure there will be a few good ones.


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If you need an 11th opinion just give me a call ; ) and other then that i look forward to seeing the feature. seems cool.


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What i usually ignore is the bulletins involving ont he homepage that seem as if they willb e discussed on the boards ( I.E. celebration and signing) what i like to see im not sure. I liked most of the old layout though.

There very expensive, i found apair a month ago and cost me 60$ but there so worth it. i wish i were small soi could wear them.


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yea  ive seen a spoof on a comic convention on that show and their were a few starwars in their so a full episode of it would b great


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if i were to take a guess it would be a Geonosian Electro-Staff or The Staff of Logray and i think Lograys is very close looking but obviously it isn't lograys but maybe the same type? The geonosian staff is very close and maybe thats why lucas chose that for one of thier weapons...as like a homage to his masacre.


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heres a better question...what will the coin look like? i hope its not a copy of the concept figure.


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i got a bootleg dvd off ebay a year or so ago and it the most horrid thing i have ever watched. Hopefully if shrek is just as bad it can divert some holiday baddies away from sw and onto shrek.


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in an article i read on comingsoon.net it discusses shrek 4 and this...

We did manage however to find out a little more about another project called "Shrek the Halls," which is a half-hour Christmas special that will air on ABC. Art director Peter Zaslav told us that while there will be a couple of new characters, it will primarily consist of ones that we are already familiar with.

"We're visiting some old environments and all the core groups of characters. It really integrates seamlessly, I think, with taking place where 'Shrek the Third' left off," Zaslay said.

We couldn't help but ask if it was going to be anything like the "Star Wars Christmas Special."

Zaslay laughed, "Hopefully not, unless it's cult classic kind of status. It's actually going to be on for fifteen years every Christmas. That's the plan. So it has to be visually and story-wise up with all the 'Shrek' films in terms of quality. So far it's looking really good."

i personally think it will suck since shrek was great but the second 1 fell so short and the 3rd i think will bj ustr as bad. what do you people think?


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oops sry 4 the ol dnews then everyone. musta missed that 1.


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OK so i was watching FUSE and the jamie kennedy video came on for Circle Circle Dot Dot and i dont know if anybody has seen it but its an entire music video with legos. In the middle of the video there top halfs change and the white lego character is plainly wearing a Boba Fett chest piece. The colors are a lil off but there is the dash on the left breast and the fett crest on the right breast. Made me giggle so i thought id share.


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i have thew same problem with the rocket on mine but some super glue fixed it. they look promising but i wish the had a better picture.

it doesnt look much different then the Riddel one i have. Hmm looks nice tho.


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umm...when does boba ever look happy? lol thats a cool picture though


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Its in the complete visual dictionary with Yoda on front. its in the far back right before Boba.